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However, many people claim the amount is usually in the teens. So hours are all over the place. Work might be exciting, but all your hands will be tied to perform your job. I have noticed a bit of a change within the last year to the At Home Advisor positions. It sounds like a good paying at-home job, regardless. Apple offers different kinds of at-home roles.

That’s what you’ll do every day as an Apple At Home Advisor. And with each customer conversation you have, it becomes clear: You’re not just supporting technology. All At Home Advisors — even those who work part-time — receive a robust benefits package, including product discounts and paid time away. Apple has been recognized.

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In some other posts, people stated they received information that the equipment is for work use only. Thanks for the info! When working directly with Apple, I believe they offer a chat position as well.

I completed my online i-9 forms on Sunday and on Monday I received a call from Kelly Services going over the info for the new employee orientation. The recruiter said my background check is still currently pending.

Did you go through this process also? So Im happy about that. Everything I read though I feel as though my process was done a little different, I got a call took the over the phone assessment, then got a second call and I dont know if that was an assessment or not because we really only talked about getting these forms filled out and the day after my I9 was completed they called with an offer, and the orientation email.

Ive googled and googled till my eyes are blood shot I dont have much else info on time periods for background checks because the one thread I found was from I believe they are faster now but who knows.. Would they make am official offer if it was still pending? I submitted my I-9 forms on Sunday evening and on Monday afternoon I received the phone call discussing a contingent offer. I would think that if you received an Official offer, you are good. Yes, I have been reading forums since I began the Kelly process lol.

I keep searching just to see if anything new comes up and that is how I found this post. I also submitted proof of my telephone and internet. I see that some people have mentioned in other forums receiving a final offer letter via email. For now, I am just anxious to start the training.

On the 22nd my orientation is taking place and the 26th we will set up the equipment and then on the 28th is my first day. Have you guys got a land line set up or VoIP? I called into the staffing hotline today to check the status on my paperwork, proof of internet, background check.

I do not believe they will be sending a new offer letter to me, she just asked if I still have the contingent letter. Laura, so far I sent in my info for BasicTalk, which is on their list.

I did read the fine print and this company does state that they will suspend your service should you get to about a month. I am thinking that since BasicTalk was suggested to us, we may not be approaching the minute mark per month.

If you are using a Voip, which one are you selecting? It takes about two weeks. If you pass they will call you to discuss getting all of your paperwork submitted. Make sure you submit paperwork on time or you will not get a formal job offer. I applied over a month ago thru Kelly Connect, had all testing, then phone interview, she said I had an excellent chance.

I was very disappointed, as I thought they would be an excellent company to work for. Hello Guys I filled out and application with KElly Connect and i have went through the phone interview and after that they sent me a more detailed application to do online that has been a week ago what should i expect next…how long does it take after the phone interview and the detailed application and background check. I want to know the same thing because its been like a week and a half since I completed the info for the background check.

I just completed my telephone interview with Kelly Connect. They are hiring Customer Service Reps for Apple! I have passed the interview and after my background check, I will start my training. Apparently, the background check is the final stage in the interview process.. How are you liking it? I will be a tier 1 advisor for Apple. I got to my third interview with them — I have years of customer service experience with them as well as technical experience and a high level of experience with Apple products in particular.

My first two interviews were over the phone but the third was face-time. I thought it went extremely well as far as my answers but for some reason I was told shortly thereafter they did not choose me. Yahoo did WAH, but sent their folks back to the brick and mortar sites since productivity and Cust Sat dropped.

Apple has a high standard and keeps it high so WAH is growing. This is so great. I have been interested in these job leads for a long time. Thanks for taking the time to research them and share! This post may contain affiliate links. Regardless, I only recommend products and services I trust. Share 40 Tweet Pin shares. Comments Are there any chances for people applying out of U. I have my second interview with apple via skype on Monday!

SDot- yes, its paid training. Even on the 22nd and the 27th will be paid. Hi Destiny, I completed my online i-9 forms on Sunday and on Monday I received a call from Kelly Services going over the info for the new employee orientation.

Good store, good people. I enjoyed working at Apple for many reasons - mainly, my co-workers. It was great to work with intelligent people, though, the management could be a bit pedantic.

I enjoyed it, but I don't think I drank the koolaid as much as a lot of the staff expected me to. It was just a retail job - albeit a very good one. Was this review helpful? Apple over the phone technical support was a fast paced teach as you go environment with little room for advancement.

Apple over the phone technical support was a fast paced teach as you go environment with little room to advance. I learned how to handle stressful situations with ease and comfort.

Apple likes to sell you a dream. They only care for certain individuals as far as promotions and hours go. Work-life balance is nonexistent, mangement is a complete joke. They will blatantly lie to your face just to get you to stop coming forth about your concerns.

I eventually put in my two weeks under pressure but quickly took it back. Mind you, I performed very well and had a lot of customers who loved to come to me only. I later found out that you have until the end of your two weeks to change your mind but that was not the case for me. Hard work always pays off. Huge company so its easy to be forgotten but keep your head up and never stop thinking of all the possibilities that you can have at a place like this.

Exciting with lots of challenges and opportunities. Apple is an exciting place to work at, though it is also very demanding. In a manufacturing support position travel is frequent, and involves long hours.

Most individuals are open and willing to help if you ask. Great company to work for and can definitely help broaden your horizons. They really take care of their employees and had a great time working for them. Great balance between work and off time. Analyze data to work on large projects with a team and use research combined with communication to facilitate protocol and guidelines compliance in a fun upbeat atmosphere.

This is an excellent job if this is your first job. However, if you are coming over from a different corporate job, it is much of the same but with less pay. The stores are usually busy and crowded and most customers are friendly, but some stores are poorly managed. Getting a straight answer is often difficult and you won't receive help if you need it. Managers are extremely over worked and have little patience.

They advise you to "use your resources", which is usually your peers whom may know even less than you. They do offer benefits that some jobs do not offer, like competitive insurance, K, company stocks options, and retail discounts. Being retail, you usually have to work the holidays. But most stores offer free lunches on those days.

Overall, the company tries to cultivate a community atmosphere and encourages employees to volunteer. They offer company match if you volunteer your time or money to charities. Bottom line, if management was treated better, the employees would be treated better.

It's too large of a company for any person to actually matter. And it's hard to understand how a company is worth over a trillion dollars has employees who can barely afford rent with roommates in New York.

After clocking to start my day I check my work's email for any news, updates ,meetings. Then I began to take a call and assistant customers on what they need. The environment each day was ok everyone seemed nice I didn't really talk to a lot of people. The must enjoyable part was completing a call and the customer is happy.

The bucket list job that proved to be all that I figured it would. Nothing bad to say about Apple. All thumbs up to the people that are there, along with those to come. Whether it be in the form of a customers experience while in-store , onto simply achieving my own personal goals. Could definitely see myself returning to the company sometime in the future. Very talented and creative people.

What is an Apple At Home Advisor?

Apple is an Equal Opportunity Employer that is committed to inclusion and diversity. We take affirmative action to ensure equal opportunity for all applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran status, or . What is an Apple At Home Advisor? The Apple At Home Advisor position is part of AppleCare, Apple’s customer service group. This job gives you an opportunity . Contact Apple support by phone or chat, set up a repair, or make a Genius Bar appointment for iPhone, iPad, Mac and more.