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Asurion Work From Home Call Center Jobs

The training is virtual so it will be at home on your computer. I will post more after the interview. The next day I got an email for a virtual interview. This is such a great place to work for the benefits the prizes its just awesome that there are good legit companys who take in consideration what we do for the customers!!!! Insurance claims are a little easier but it is stressful. A typical day of course involves taking calls, call volume depends on the assignment you are on.

Work At Home. Providing customer resolution from the comfort of your home office. Learn More. We have over 17, employees in 55 locations around the world, with our global headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. Across our business, see how we work and learn about life .

What is Asurion work from home pay?

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Forced overtime during the beginning of football season. More focused on average handle time aht than callback, reliability, or net promoter score. The end of work at home for the satellite tv service this was due to the Satellite tv Service and not Asurion.

You get to work from home. Split shifts are available and are very nice if you are a working mom with little ones. The biggest pro is that I do not work there anymore. I think this was one of the worst jobs I've ever had and I just really did not enjoy this type of call center support. The work at home for dtv is the most intense tech support I've ever seen. If this will be your first tech job of call center job please don't do it.

You will not succeed here. It will overwhelm you even before you hit the phones. The training does not prepare you for the phones. During training you are expected to be on phones and it literally felt like being thrown to the wolves. You have to read a script and it is just very overwhelming to read a script, notate and log your customers information, research the right script to fix the problem, and try to convince the customer to get up and look at their tvs and satellite boxes to work with you You have to be kidding yourself.

It all feels very pressured and many people leave after training because it's way too overwhelming. One woman in my class had an anxiety attack from all the pressure.

The majority of the people we talk to are the elderly and they have no idea how their satellite boxes work and are not psychically capable of getting up and fixing them. But we are told and demanded to have the customer troubleshoot before we set up a repair service for a tech to go to the customers home.

It's just wrong and in no way will take less than 5 minutes. Please be realistic with what you ask of your employees. You guys have very shaky system tools that crash and feel outdated compared to other work at home companies.

Train your employees better by giving them better trainers so that your employees can help your customers better. Decent pay good benefits easy to move up within company. Work at home was great no money on gas free cable with directv work there 8 years. Work at home contract expires in Jan left before happen. Training process was wonderful.

Managers were very helpful and nice. Schedule was easy to maintain. Only thing that was hard to grasp were the metrics needed to meet. Asurion, on paper, made me balk. As someone who comes from a high density, high population city working for individual contractors who owned multi-million dollar projects, I was nearly rejected due to overqualifications. In fact, in my first and only interview, instead of the usual one or two interviewers who asked me questions as part of the process, they had to bring in a third interviewer who proceeded to nix the questionnaires to ask questions they would normally ask Coaches: Now this may seem like show boating or ethical bragging, but it's merely a preface to the reason why I'm leaving.

The recruiter for the company pushed me into a starting position because she felt that it was the "easy way in", and given that she had a quota to fix for the month, it would benefit her.

I did not mind, as most companies, no matter how qualified or successful you are, require some in-house experience before promotion. I've been here for two months exactly, and I'm not only tired of coming into this company to work but also stymied by how the work politics are framed-- I won't even go into the actual work just yet. Our group had not had a proper "coach" or supervisor until just a week ago because of internal issues and lack of proper resourcing.

Turn-over rates are exceptionally orbital due to the horrible work hours and work-life ratio seems to be targeted favorably to desperate highschool dropouts intent on leaving their fast-food careers as well as individuals who prefer to avoid being home from PM. Don't expect much leeway by way of changing your schedule for the first six months of employment; being able to work 9AM - 6PM is reserved for a special group of workers who have slaved for inordinate amounts of time to usher callers off their phone quick enough to remain under 3 minutes but also friendly enough to avoid criticism on calls.

I've personally met one of them, lovely woman, but it's clear that this line of work is clearly taking it's toll on her. The work itself is not only a chore but not what you'd expect from customer service.

In my day, customer service meant being an advocate for the customer and seeing all possible options available to any given situation. On one hand, that removes the leg work of having to scrabble around for possible solutions when they're literally given to you on a screen. On the other, the work becomes monotonous even one month in.

By the first year, if you're looking forward to going into work for any reason outside of the paltry pay, I want to know who your dealer is. Benefits are nice, but come directly from a substantial portion of your paycheck.

The insurance seems out of place in a job with this payscale, but when compared to others, it does remain one of the company's high points. During the Hurricane Harvey of last year, they did manage to provide their employees pay during the month and a half time where none were able to travel outside their homes, which will always remain a gold star on the marred track record of Asurion.

Definitely not for me. I cherish my time more than I cherish this money. They offer free counseling once a week. Makes you wonder why, doesn't it? Intrinsic knowledge of insurance, job security, assistance during hurricanes, cumulative PTO. Being an underpaid psychologist to callers, low pay, favoritism, monotony, high stress for low payout.

Clickish work place where management are intimate with eachother. This place promotes itself as a great place to work and they blind you with an incredible hourly rate but it isnt worth what you have to go through to get paid. Not to mention they had a training program that was 6 weeks that is now two.

Worked at the north office for about a year before I quit for personal reasons not related to the job. Have to wait six months before I can go back and if nothing else pans out for me in that time I want to go back.

Overall the managers are good to great there are a few sour apples on any tree. Great benefits include the usual plus great support if you need special needs accommodation. A typical day of course involves taking calls, call volume depends on the assignment you are on. Some assignments are back to back calls, others are few calls with lots of down time between which led to some employee frustration until Asurion corrected the call balance.

Though they do hire more than a few people who are less savvy at tech than they need to be, the tools they provide allow for even the tech illiterate to progress. Fun place to work, lots of events, free meals, themed dress up days, etc. There are some down sides, but they are the same down sides with any call center.

Of all the call centers I have worked for, Asurion has fewer issues and less friction than many cal centers I have worked for. I would gladly work for them again. Have to wait six months to return even though I regularly see they are hiring.

This is a call center gig. There are going to be call metrics, and requirements seemingly random and not relevant to the job being done.

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