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If the pain is strong enough to distract you from your tasks, or if you have trouble sitting, standing, or walking comfortably, a couple of days off may help. Maybe you would feel bad if anybody else caught your sickness or you could say a family member is sick and that you need to help take care of them. I was determined to get myself a 3 day weekend to play a new game I'd gotten for my 10th birthday a few days previously. My roommate realized that he didn't want to be there either. Worked more than once, weirdly. I caught some stomach bug the same day and couldn't study for the deffered exam.

Aug 29,  · Go to work when you're really sick, so your boss won't think you're faking when you decided to play sick to get out of working. Once you're shoved out the door a few times for being deathly ill (and infectious) at work, your boss will be thankful when you do call in sick and think you've finally taken everyone's advice to stay at home%(18).

Too Sick to Work: Colds and Flu

For more information, see When a Cold Becomes Bronchitis. If your ear really hurts and you can't hear well, you could have an ear infection. Getting stuffed up from a cold can also cause pain. Either way, you need to call your doctor to find the cause. He may prescribe an antibiotic or pain-relief medicine. Ear infections aren't contagious. But if you have cold symptoms along with an earache , you might spread it to someone else during the first 2 to 3 days.

For in-depth information, see Earache: Cold or Ear Infection? If you have pain around your eyes , top of the forehead, cheekbones, and even the top of your teeth , it may be a sign you've got a sinus infection. Go ahead and call in sick. The next day, you'll probably be able to go to work, since it usually isn't contagious.

If you're very sick or your symptoms get worse after a week, call your doctor. If you wake up with a headache , it may be a cold or flu, especially if you have other symptoms such as sneezing , stuffy nose, and body aches. You may need to stay home a day or two while you're most contagious and feel the worst. If you have a headache and can't handle noise or light, you may have a migraine and shouldn't be at work.

If this is something that happens to you again and again, see a doctor. There are medications that can help. If your eye is red with creamy white or yellow stuff in the corners -- and your eyelashes get matted -- you probably have pinkeye. If you normally do your homework at night, get started on it, but put your head down periodically so that they see you're not feeling well and it's interfering with your work. If you usually do your homework on time, continue to do it to make it look like you were intending to go to school, but halfway through, complain about feeling ill.

By not finishing your homework, they'll have another excuse to keep you from school. This works best if you have parents who care about your grades. Go to bed early. Don't say anything or just say you're not feeling well and need to lie down. If you feel like you really are sick, but so mild that your parents wouldn't even listen, exaggerate your symptoms.

For example, nauseated becomes I'm about to throw up Some studies say that you feel like what you think, so that might be an awesome plan which your parents can't foil!

This is a strengthener for your saying for next morning! Don't brush your teeth. If your parents notice, they'll probably come into your room to remind you.

At that point, they'll probably wonder what's wrong, and you can tell them that you're not feeling well. Appear impatient, maybe even cranky, and eager to go to bed. Wake up in the middle of the night. Wake yourself and your parents up around 1: If you're pretending to have stomach issues, tell them you just threw up having left some fake vomit in the toilet.

Try and make it realistic though! Think of a pet dying or something sad to make yourself cry. Pull at the bottom of your eyelids until it hurts then blink hard a few times; you should get watery eyes. For flu or sore throat symptoms, cough or clear your throat loudly enough for them to hear in their bedrooms. Rub your face vigorously right before they come in to look red and appropriately ill. Stay up through the night.

This gives you bags underneath your eyes, and you will have a legitimate reason to have a day off. Purple or gray eye shadow works too to look like you have bags.

Go to bed an hour or two later than you usually fall asleep. This may make small bags underneath your eyes or make them slightly puffy. Wake up before your parents and quietly make fake vomit. Put it in the toilet and pretend to throw up. If this doesn't wake them up, go get them and tell them what just "happened".

Be reluctant to get dressed. Instead, act like it is a difficult task for you to perform. Slowly dress, but not too slowly. Skip a button on your shirt, don't comb your hair properly, and don't tie your shoe laces properly or even at all. Think of something sad and let your eyes water and droop. You can also rub them to give that slightly bloodshot look. Fake bags under your eyes. Take yours or your mom's light lavender or blueish eyeshadow.

Mix in some water to make the color fade into a more natural tint. Rub it in well, but still make it noticeable. You could also take some vaseline and rub it under your eyes. You could also try adding some kind of pale makeup to make sure your parents know you are ill. Pick at your breakfast. A lack of appetite is especially symptomatic of not feeling well. Your parents will be especially concerned if you love breakfast, or if they made your favorite breakfast treat. Sneak an extra snack when your parents aren't looking.

You'll probably get hungry. Protest if they suggest you stay home. When your parents decide to let you stay home, don't just shrug and agree. This reinforces the fact that you really are sick. Say, "But Mom, I'm going to have so much work to make up! Do not overdo it. Don't randomly state that you want to do a test if they know you don't care. This can backfire, unless you're careful. And don't beg excessively to stay home, or your parents might know you are faking it. Fake having a rash.

An allergic reaction or another kind of contagious rash will definitely keep you home. First, scratch your chest lots until it's bright red. Try to keep a circular pattern to make it look more realistic. Finally try to combine the "rash" with something else like a runny nose or a headache. Fake having a fever. If you do a good job at seeming sick, your parents will probably want to take your temperature.

Be ready, though, to act quick and fake having a fever. Make sure you have a cup with you. Fill it with warm water to drink and rinse through your mouth, especially under your tongue. This will raise the temperature of your mouth. Be sure to flush the toilet before you turn on the sink, just so your parents don't get too suspicious! If the thermometer is one that goes in your ear, try to get it before your temperature's taken and hold it to something warm, like a radiator or a light bulb.

If your parents are the kind that just feel your forehead, frequently rub it rapidly when they're not looking, or take a blow dryer and heat your face and say your forehead feels warm. It makes you warm and looks like you have been sweating. If it's below 99 degrees than it doesn't count as a fever, if it's degrees you'll likely be taken to the doctor's right away. It's very easy to fake a migraine because there's no way of knowing if you're telling the truth or not.

By just faking the symptoms, your parents will believe you. Pretend you're annoyed by them. Say that only one specific area of your head hurts, for example over your right eyebrow. This is essential if you want to fake a migraine. Touch your forehead every now and then and frown when doing so. Say that you feel dizzy and can't see very well. While walking slowly, suddenly stop, close your eyes and "regain balance" by holding onto something or someone. Ask your parents if they could lower their voice a little.

If it's the day before the day you want to skip school, go take a nap and turn off all the lights, or if you're just chilling at home, turn off the lights closest to you and lie down on the nearest couch or chair. Ask for medicine such as ibuprofen, but don't actually take it. This can work great especially after having breakfast.

Run suddenly to the bathroom. Spend some time in the bathroom, flush the toilet, and spray a ton of air freshener to cover up the smell that isn't really there. You can also try your hand at making fake diarrhea. Fake having pink eye. Pink eye is super-common and also super-contagious! You'll definitely be staying at home if anyone suspects that you have pink eye. Get red lipstick most likely in your mom's purse and some Vaseline and rub them along the lips of one eye. Be sure to only do this for one eye though, since pink eye does not usually infect both.

Fake having a stomachache, nausea, or cramps. Other than your word, the only other real symptom for these are vomiting, which you can also fake pretty easily. After eating a meal, start complaining that you feel sick. When you feel as though you might actually throw up, quickly remove your fingers. Use this technique sparingly, though, you don't want to hurt yourself.

Have fake vomit ready to complete the effect. Get oatmeal and water, run to the bathroom, put the oatmeal and water in your mouth, then spit it in the toilet and show your parents. You can also fake a vomiting incident by pouring fake vomit on your floor or on your bed if you want it to be more believable. In the morning say that you don't remember it and act apologetic to whoever has to clean it up. Be careful with making people clean it up, because if they look at it too closely they're might realize that it's not actually vomit.

If you've started having your period, tell your parents you have cramps or it's that time of the month. Your dad probably won't want to even talk about it, and your mom will understand.

Neither of them will be able to disprove it. Fake having a cold or the flu. There are many cold and flu that are easy to mimic. These are also highly contagious conditions, so your parents will probably not want to send you to school and infect your classmates.

Then your parents will think you have a runny nose and they will not let you go to school if you have that much of a cold. Breathe only through your mouth, as if your nose is stuffed. If you're not in the same room as they, and they ask you something, hold your nose slightly when you talk. Wear many layers of clothing. This makes it look as though you have the chills and are freezing. Sneeze loudly, then sniffle in front of your parents. Do this also when they're not in the same room but can overhear you from wherever they are.

Stretch your lips to make them look chapped and twist your nose to make it red. Fake having a sore throat. When walking around keep your mouth open and your throat to become dry.

Avoid eating and drinking. Suck on red colored cough drops to make your throat look red. And that, well, that's the story. Looking back, I still feel kind of bad, but I still have a hard time wrapping my head around that large of a jump to conclusions. Had fake blood with Holloween costume. Dipped Q-tip in blood, put in ear and ran it down my cheek. Walk in kitchen and told my mom I had headache.

Doctors could not figure out what was wrong. Many years ago a friend of mine wanted to get out of a shift early to come to a party I was throwing. He went into work for a few hours saying he felt a little dizzy but was ok to work.

When his coworkers back was turned, he took a staple, scratched his forehead with it enough to leave a red mark with a little blood, smashed his hand on the counter really loudly and then fell to the floor.

He laid there until his coworker came rushing over to see what happened, and said he must have passed out. At the time I didnt know I had ADD, so shortly after i started drawing on my face in highlighter I got bored with the idea. I forgot to wash it off and went to class with half my face bright yellow.

Subsequently, I got the nick name marker boy which stuck with me for years, thats when the dark knight came out, thats when it changed to harvey dent. TL;DR colored half my face in yellow highlighter, got the nickname harvey dent.

I once touched my eyeball to my wife's pink-eye infected eyeball because my manager requested a doctors note when I called in saying I had pink-eye. I worked at a bank. I would drink milk,show up late for school it was a military ,forced to do an early morning jog.

Directed to assembly line. Projectile vomit on the guy standing infront of me. A college buddy went to the campus counseling services and told a counselor that he was hearing voices and he felt that his professors and classmates were out to get him. He was able to take make up finals. I tough through any sickness just so when I want to take a day off everyone's reaction is "holy crap, you never call in sick Hopefully it's not fatal.

So I guess you could say my best way of faking is by not faking at all. Act like I needed to vomit so I could go home from school. I even planned it out by taking small stones from the school yard and splash them in the toilet to enact vomit falling in it.

A few years ago, I was working at a grocery store and absolutely hated it. I wanted to call in sick, but I'm really bad at lying. So, before I left for work, I poped a handful of Niacin. Boss man thought I was having an allergic reaction and sent me home. By the time I got home, my skin was back to normal and I was ready for a night of drinking!

I'm pretty good at making fake doctor notes. Made one out that I was at a med check for sprained wrist, got out of work, wore a brace for a few weeks and got out of heavy lifting and crap jobs at work. I once fainted cause I got light headed from standing up too quickly and my mom freaked. Later I pretended to feel lightheaded and clumsy cause I didn't want to go to school and my mom took me to the hospital in light of the fainting incident.

I also got a ultrasound of my heart which was cool. Through all these test they actually found out that something was legitly wrong with me.

Through all this hospital hell I ended up missing a week of school while feeling fine the entire time. I ended up costing my parents a lot of medical bills but it wasn't a total waste cause they did discover something wrong with me. Well, one day I was hungover and at my girlfriends house so I called my best mate who worked with me at the local supermarket.

I said "Oi dude, can you cover my shift? I'm hungover and didn't get any sleep last night, just tell them I was sick or something" "Yeah no worries mate, have a good one.

Then he went into work and told our manager that I had been admitted to hospital with horrible food poisoning or something.

My phone was off and I was asleep. My manager called my Dad who was my emergency contact. They started calling more friends and family, until it finally got through to my girlfriend after class and she was all "oh hooded? I turned on my phone a few hours into this, recieved about 50 texts and immediately called my Dad who had left about ten messages. Explained the situation, replied to all the texts etc and my Dad said "Well, you've gone pretty far along now as it is, you better keep this shit up or you're fired dickhead!

I'd never been to hospital before in my life so this was difficult, but it seemed to work in the end I guess. My grandma still asks me if my stomach is alright when I tell her I've been unwell, silly old girl. I faked an injury one summer when I was in college to get out of my crappy restaurant server shift.

I had thrown a pool party one Saturday and was way too drunk and having too much fun to go to work, so I called my manager and told him I sprained my ankle really badly and wasn't going to make it in. Of course he didn't buy it and said your'e fired if you don't come in, to which I responded well I guess I'm fired because there is no way I can work.

A week later I walked in limping and wearing an ace bandage and a "boot" and the smart jerk asked if he could see my ankle. Yellow, purple, and brown I think. He hired me back and said he was sorry. I limped around in that boot for at least a few days.

I faked a sinus infection in order to leave my husband. He called one day to say I should go home and visit my parents "just for a short time" but only bought us 2 kids one-way tickets.

This was around the same time he showed up wearing a wedding ring. He never wore one for our marriage. We were expats so we got home leave tickets from the company he worked for. He told me that was the new company policy and he would buy the return tickets later. He was supposed to leave on a Saturday and return on a Thursday.

I planned to leave on Tuesday. Sunday the same…Monday, I get a call from someone I had confided in. I needed to buy time and make an excuse to change my ticket. I faked a sinus infection — went to the doctor, got medication and everything, told my husband I would have to postpone my trip and then asked again when he was going out of town.

He said Wednesday morning. Also people who worked for the same company lived in our building. He left in the morning at 8: That was 18 years ago and even now my heart is beating fast thinking about it. Went into high school high lol. I decided I didn't want to be there so I went to the bathroom during home room and put visine in one eye and made it look like I had pink eye. He put it on one eye so it was clear. The other eye looked like pink eye because he was high.

Oh god, why was I able to follow that? I feel guilty just reading this thread. Does anyone else feel an emmense wash of guilt when they take a sick day? A few years ago I decided that I would have my whole body tattooed. My reasons were practical. Like many men of my generation, I found myself spending way too much time and money on spray tanning. Obviously committed to having a great natural looking tan all year round, I figured it would make a ton of sense to tattoo myself with a permanent spray tan.

But after an hour she had only completed an area about the size of a baseball. She told me it would probably take several sessions over the course of a couple of months. So I did what I always do in situations like that: I faked a seizure until somebody called and an ambulance came to take me away. When I got to the hospital, I played dumb. I think we should perform a biopsy to make sure everything is OK. I started laughing and told him all about my permanent tattoo tan.

Then some hospital staff member came over, asking me to fill out some forms and to let him see my insurance card. But nobody called an ambulance this time, because I forgot that I was already in a hospital, surrounded by doctors. They immediately grabbed my flailing limbs and belted me onto a stretcher. We should be able to get to the bottom of it. They ran the tests and found out pretty quickly that I was faking the whole thing.

I just kept denying everything. While I was faking the second seizure, they must have grabbed my wallet to notify my next of kin.

They found my address and filled out all of the forms for me. Now tons of bills keep piling up on my door. My wages are being automatically garnished by the state. God damn big government. When I was 11 or 12 I wanted to miss school. So I rubbed soap under my armpits to create a fever. I can't remember where I heard that.

I'll be doing that when I have kids. If they smell like onions, they're faking it. I found a bottle of very expired Ipecac syrup in my family's first aid kit. For about a month, once or twice a week, I would go into the bathroom, chug a couple of tablespoons and then sit down to the table for breakfast, waiting for it to do it's business.

Sure enough, every time I would be hugging the porcelain throne like clockwork a half hour later. For those of you just about everyone I hope who hasn't tried Ipecac syrup The closest I can get to describing it is a plum that has been rotting in the sun for a few years. So I stopped taking my antidepressants cold turkey like 4 days before we were supposed to leave.

For people who don't know what that's like. If I forget to take my pills even for one night I have trouble getting out of bed the next day. Its not necessarily depression keeping you in bed. Just your body withdrawing from the medication. So I basically was bed ridden for 4 days feeling sick and my parents realized I was to sick to make thee trip and left without me.

As soon as I left I took my pills and a few hours later I was already feeling better and I had the house to myself for a week. I'm allergic to peanuts, not the anaphylactic shock kind of allergic, but the profuse vomiting for 2 hours kind of allergy.

One week in grade school I didn't want to go to school because I didn't enjoy the people that I had class with, hated them actually. So I proceeded to eat a peanut every morning for a week, just to throw up and not go to school.

I worked as a baggage handler at an airport when I was 19 and wanted to get out of my shift early so I could go see a movie with a girl I liked.

I was unloading a plane and nobody was around so I "dropped" a big, heavy bag on my ankle. My supervisor walked around to me pushing the bag off my leg and then limping around and cursing like I was in pain. After insisting I didn't need medical attention, they sent me home.

I fake limped out of the break room, all the way down our terminal, onto the shuttle, all the way through the main terminal, onto the parking lot shuttle, to my car, then sprinted into my house to shower and change so I could go pick her up.

One time I quit a job no show and wanted to go back for my final check without the awkwardness. I took a tube sock and cut out a thumb hole and fingers hole. I then took plaster wrap and preceded to make my own cast. I told them I had been a car wreck and broke my arm. Probably wasn't necessary now that I think about it. When I was still in university, I was unprepared for an exam worth a good chunk of my final grade.

The only way I could get the exam deferred was to get a doctor's note. Living in Canada, I headed straight to the closest walk in clinic, but I knew that if I wasn't actually sick, I wouldn't get a note.

A quick google search showed that if I suck on a copper penny, it would give me a temporary fever. I guess it didn't occur to me at the time that putting a 40 year old penny in my mouth is disgusting. My mom used to be a doctor before switching careers later on. This essentially meant that all my attempts at faking an illness were doomed to fail.

Thankfully, I don't have to fake anything. I have a standing order from my boss to take off whenever I need it for whatever I want. A new guy went through a bad break up and went on a bender. He came to work and gave every appearance of being drunk out of his mind. Blood shot eyes, slurred speech, and couldn't express a simple message in both speaking and in forming a coherent sentence. He actually passed out at his desk. A coworker found him and took him to the ER thinking something was wrong.

He claimed to have had a stroke due to cancer treatment. He went on to continue the ruse to the point of shaving his head and claiming it was chemo.

Since he never claimed work accommodations, we couldn't demand proof. I had a test that I didn't study for back in my sophomore year of high school. I woke up that morning telling my mother I had a terrible sore throat and just didn't feel right.

She was leaving for work and not in the mood to argue so she let me skip. The next day I woke up with the worst sore throat I have ever had. It felt like someone was stabbing my throat from the inside. I couldn't swallow anything. Not water or even hot tea which usually helps. I was absolutely miserable and left school after first period to go to the doctor. He told me I had strep without really testing it and doing the throat swab thing 15 year old me didn't think anything of that.

He gave me an antibiotic or whatever you get for strep and I went on my way. Well two days later and my sore throat had gotten even worse. I tried to go to school one of those days and couldn't even sit in class the throat pain was so bad. So I go back to the doctor and he decides now would be a good time to actually test to see what I had.

The strep test came back negative so they did some blood work and found out I had mono. Faking sick one day turned into one of the worst months of my life. I used to work in a bar, and had to miss a shift last minute due to an audition, so called in sick. I figured that the next day, if I came in a bit hungover, It would look like I was still a bit weak from from being 'ill' the previous day. So after the audition, I came home, sat down with my housemate, intending to drink till about 2am, mixing my drinks.

Enough to get me hung over, but still able to work. I managed to get into work, and that day, of all days, we had a rep in from a new beer we were selling, making us smell the beer, swill it, and then drink it yes he was that pretentious, that he had us swilling beer.

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Aug 31,  · How to Fake Sick to Stay Home from School. Don't want to go to school today? You haven't done your homework the night before? Also some times the make up trick does not work so stay up all night and then claim in the morning that you got no sleep because you had an upset stomach or that you threw up! Faking sick too often can 74%(19). If you feel too sick to work, stay home. You may have so much throbbing facial pain or headache that you can’t concentrate on your job. Try some self-care. 5 Signs You're Too Sick for Work. To help you resolve your dilemma, here are five ways to tell if you’re too sick to work and should stay home instead: 1. You have a contagious illness.