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The 10 best excuses for getting out of work early

The topic of this article is so relieving, isn't it? This is what people do though; they leave early, but rarely mention it. Try to keep your morals aside for a moment and tell your manager that you have to leave early to donate blood. Teenage trouble — Say your teenage nephew is staying with you and he got into trouble with the neighbors by doing something stupid. Pet problems — Neighbors called and told you that your cat has just fallen out of the window and ran away.

Today, even if just for one day, flip your priorities and go home early. By Jeff Haden Contributing editor, Inc. @ jeff_haden That night we talked for almost an hour.

10. Family Emergency

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10 best excuses to leave work early

The stress associated with work physically and psychologically kicks in at some point and that affects the gains you get from working.” As a nation, we are known for our strong work ethic and long hours, with official figures showing that about million Australians work fulltime and million work part-time. We like the morning breeze while going to work, we like the soothing calm of the afternoon when coming from work, and we definitely like the financial benefits of having a steady income. What we DON’T like, however, is spending a big portion of our lives in servitude, trying to be responsible and productive for somebody else’s benefit. At some point in your career, you’re going to need to leave work early. After all, employees are human beings with obligations that can’t always be controlled or delegated to weekends and non-working hours.