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What is Medical Coding?

The results of these coding audits are maintained by the compliance department or the department supervisor and are a significant part of job evaluations. Indeed helps people get jobs: Consultant salaries in Sacramento, CA Learn more about working at Intellis Intellis questions about work, benefits, interviews and hiring process: The link s below go to OES data maps for employment and wages by state and area. Today over , medical professionals are members of AAPC.

Humana is a large provider of health insurance that offers many work-at-home positions, from medical coding and coding educators to case managers, and beyond. Its remote coding jobs may require occasional travel to the company's Louisville, Kentucky, headquarters.

What Education and Training Is Required to Become a Medical Coder?

To better understand what a coding transaction looks like, read the article " What Does a Medical Coder Do? Education and training is key to becoming a skilled and successful medical coder.

The first step coders must take is to have a thorough knowledge of anatomy and medical terminology. It's also vital to know the coding systems' corresponding guidelines and what codes are accepted by which insurance plans, which government and payer regulations to follow, and how to be compliant while coding.

They may step into the role of educator to providers and recommend the appropriate codes that follow federal mandates and compliance. When coders are auditors as well, they will require providers to use specific coding and billing standards through chart audits.

They may also speak on behalf of the provider and patient on coverage and medical necessity issues. The good news is coding-related jobs are expanding due to the growing landscape of the business side of healthcare. Today more than , medical professionals are members of AAPC. This professional association provides a variety of opportunities to elevate the standards of medical coding by developing training, professional certification, opportunities to network with other related medical professionals and a variety of medical coding jobs database and career building opportunities.

Learn more about AAPC and take advantage of the workshops , on-demand webinars , regional and national conferences , and the monthly magazine, Healthcare Business Monthly to develop your skills and stand out in your field. As a member of AAPC you will also be able to meet other coding professionals by participating in the coding discussion forums , Facebook group , or one of more than local chapters throughout the United States and outlying areas.

AAPC members also enjoy huge savings on medical coding books as well as a variety of other members-only exclusive discounts. Since its inception more than 20 years ago AAPC has developed a wide variety of professional credentials allowing its members to stand out amongst their peers and validate their expertise in a variety of fields.

Coders also abstract other key information from the documentation, including physician names, dates of procedures, and other information. An example of basic procedure documentation and subsequently assigned codes can be seen below. Pigmented mole Procedure Performed: Cryoablation of pigmented mole.

Smith is a year-old male who comes into the office today to have a pigmented mole removed. The mole is located on the patient's back right at the level of his waistband, which is causing discomfort and irritation. He is requesting removal of the offending mole. The plan today is to remove the mole via cryoablation. The area around the mole was prepped with a Betadine solution and injected with 1 cc of lidocaine mixed with epinephrine. We proceeded to apply liquid nitrogen to the mole to freeze it down to the cutaneous level for adequate destruction of the lesion.

The patient tolerated the procedure well with no complications, with the plan to return to the office in a week for follow-up. Many cases are simple to code.

Individual medical coders develop a detailed understanding of the procedures and commonality of their specific clinic or facility. Coders occasionally encounter a difficult note requiring in-depth research, taking more time to code correctly. Even among the more commonly used codes are significant gray areas open for examination among coders.

With very complex or unusual cases, coding guidelines may be confusing to interpret. Experienced coders will rely on their network of peers and professionals to discuss nuances in online forums , networking with specialists they have met at national conferences , or consult with co-workers to help understand the issue and determine the proper codes.

Ongoing training and current coding-related periodicals also provide important opportunities to advance understanding and professionalism. Finally, the coder completes the chart and begins the next patient record. This cycle of reading, note taking, assigning codes, and computer entry repeats with each chart. Most coders will spend the majority of their day sitting at the computer reading notes and using their computer to enter data into a billing system or search for information to clarify the documentation in the notes.

What They Do

Work From Home Medical Coding jobs available on Apply to Medical Biller, Coding Specialist, Auditor and more! The first step in medical billing process is medical coding including CPT, HCPCS, ICD, and ICD-9 codes. Home > Resources > Medical Coding > What Does a Medical Coder Do? Resources. Overview; Hot Topics. Medical Coding. What is Medical Coding? What Does a Medical Coder Do? Can medical coders work from home? Some coders work alone from. Jul 15,  · How to Work from Home Doing Medical Billing and Coding. Due to the increased digitalization of medical record keeping, medical billing and coding professionals are a guild of individuals who can often arrange to work from the comfort of 89%().