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Man discovers it is illegal to wash his car in his own driveway

Cereal, coffee and emails are the first order of the day. Now if the vehicle in question is not visible from the street, say in the back yard behind a fence, than not a problem. So parking lots are safer than you might think. Discussion in ' Motorized Vehicles ' started by visiom88 , Jun 23, In this case it helps, but if I was looking for myself, I'd be out of luck if I didn't happen to know gtwp. Usually you are free to download anything to your computer you want. Link Mayor John Watras:

Get connected. Adriana thanks for the reply. I did not stop to cancel temporary import permit and did NOT have my Holographic Sticker is it illegal to work on your car at home removed on this date as I am planning to return to Mazatlan via the same auto on and returning to the United States on. were two of the injured who were transported to .

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Illegal posts such as hookups and drugs will be removed. Moderators reserve the right to remove posts and comments based on automatic filtering, and may choose to educate the user on proper posting procedure. Illegal to wash car at home? I'm having issues finding information on if it's Illegal to wash your car at home. I live in North Park Square in Irvine?

I know we're in a drought right now but I think it's better to hand wash my car than to bring it to a car washing place.

Thanks for the suggestions guys! I had a nozzle with my hose so I wasn't wasting water. I just washed it early morning so that no one would see and used as little water a possible. I dumped the soap water in the bathrub so it doesn't go down the drain straight to the ocean!

It's legal so long as you have a nozzle on the hose to shut it off when you aren't rinsing your vehicle. Just be prepared for dirty looks from people that think it's not allowed. Just make sure you don't leave the water running when not rinsing the car off. I actually think that's probably better then filling up buckets to rinse. Just do it by section so you don't use more water then you need. I mist the car down, do the roof first, spray it down, then do each side and spray it off before you get to the next section so the soap doesn't start to dry and take longer to spray off.

No, just a regular one from Big Lots. Here's a good article from Popular Mechanics on how to wash a car without any water at all: Perfect way to get marks in the clear coat by rinsing with dirty water that may have pieces of grit in it. I live in town homes in brea. We have the same rule. It's not illegal, as in the city, but as part of a HOA, a private organization, it's against the rules. I think it's rule of the rules we have to follow.

Please don't, all that dirty water runs off into the storm drain and out to our Ocean. Car washes are required by law to send their runoff to the treatment plant.

Last time it rained I went out there with a sponge and some biodegradable soap. I'm guessing that would be better in terms of runoff. What's funny is, in Orange County we have our own aquifer that stretches from Anaheim hills to Cerritos to Newport coast We have more advanced water supply than anyone south of San Francisco.

We are reinforced by water reclamation, and in we'll start desalinizing 50mil gallons a day. I few years I believe they made driveway runoff illegal. Not sure if it's only in my area but definitely use as little water as you can. If you were washing cars commercially, I think you would be violating some rules about the contaminated run off water. For your own cars, there is no law against it I'm aware of. With respect to the drought, an actual car wash place may be more efficient in their water use.

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Automakers are trying to use the DMCA to say you can’t work on or modify your own car. The A.V. Club Law To Make Working On Your Car Illegal. Jason Torchinsky could become illegal, since. Is Your Home-Based Business Illegal? Startup Operating your home-based business under the thumb of a landlord is not always a good thing, however. a business that sees a lot of foot or car. Apr 26,  · Laws about working on cars at home Anybody have a good resource to find local laws in your area against working on cars at .