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20 Work-at-Home Jobs That Don’t Require Being on the Phone

Also I am in college, so I need something really flexible, maybe something that I can choose when I work. So again, I say knowledge is king! Most of these jobs are part-time or adjunct faculty positions. They don't charge you anything to apply and get started. Hi Janis, Check out these articles — they will give you a great place to start your search: At ClickNwork there are a wide range of jobs available for writers, editors, analysts, web specialists, data entry clerks and more. But, there are positions for detailed oriented individuals who are fast and accurate typists.

So you want to work from home, and you don't have more than a few dollars (or less) to your name. You find some information online that appears to be legit and you get all excited — until you see that the company charges you $30 (or more) for a background check before you can even start working.

Work at Home Data Entry Jobs

Please see our disclosure policy for further information. I got this web site from my friend who shared with me on the topic of this web page and at the moment this time I am browsing this web page and reading very informative content at this place.

I saw a posting on this blog or another one that said there were tutoring jobs that did not require a camera or a phone headset. I lost the link. Can you find it for me, please? Take a look at this post, Mary Alice: Some companies hire transcribers without any experience. Anna also has a good list of companies that hire remote workers, no experience needed: I would like to find a legit online job, sorry to say I been a mechanic in the military so I am very limited in typing speed, etc.

Are there real legit work at home travel agent jobs out their. Hi I love crafts works. Sadly, Assembly Work is a scam. You can read about it here: I am looking for a independent contracting chat only job that I can do to earn some money to help cover medical bills. Anyone know of any legit chat only jobs available from reputable companies that actually pay?

I had one of these jobs in the past and worked for 6 weeks and never once got paid for it. Please anyone that can help me out it would be appreciated. I am a disabled home bound person and would just like to get a job to help off set some medical bills. Your help would be appreciated deeply! Here is a list of Chat Agent jobs you can do from home: Anyhow, I do things like crochet, and game. I doubt there are jobs I could do with my lack of like I said, skill.

I do have typing skills. I am hoping you could help me find something. I use my personal hot spot for Internet use. Is there anything fairly easy?

Have spent several days researching most of the companies you recommended for survey participation. Do you know what recent reviews of Panda Research have been? This appears to be one of the few that pays cash for surveys, though I see that reviews of this company are mixed. This article will give you a detailed roadmap on how to avoid scams: Hi is malena I looking for a Job of housekeep , dogs care, or laudry service on Brooklyn area star today.

Call me now at Thankyou. Hi Magdalena, Try looking at Care. My story, essentially, is that I am an nontraditional adult student in the hard sciences. I am also not a bad cook and very familiar with computers. Also, we will be relocating from Chicago to Cincinnati in approx. Hi JD, Are you looking for a job or would you like to start your own business?

And when you say hard sciences, do you mean biology, chemistry, etc.? I have ended up on your site at least once a day for the last few months along with a few others. I recently started working with Appen as an independent contractor, but still need to pick up more work before I can leave the full time position behind. My question is this: I totally understand about wanting to get out of customer service!

But, there are positions for detailed oriented individuals who are fast and accurate typists. Check out this post for some ideas: Have you ever thought about becoming a Virtual Assistant? I applied with Fancy Hands and Vicky Virtual in the past. When I never heard back, I guess I got discouraged. With that giant list, I will definitely give the Virtual Assistant route another shot! This post will give you a great place to start: If you have further questions after checking that out — let me know.

I really want to look into a stay at home job and see how it goes. Freelance writing really sticks out to me, I took a lot of writing courses. Hi thanks for the suggestions. I am looking to supplement my income working online and potentially I want to work full time online.

Besides the tutoring do you have any other ideas for home based opportunities? Hi Talya, This post has a lot of ideas: I currently work full time in a pediatric office as a medical biller. I love the work that I do but would prefer to work from home. I am a certified medical biller. Do you know of any work from home medical billing jobs? Hi Robyn, Have you checked out CSI Companies — they usually have a lot of listings for remote medical billing positions.

As with most survey companies, they request your phone number as part of the survey. Now I am getting an enormous amount of calls and getting crazy texts asking me if I want to be paid in installments. Those text are almost on a daily basis anymore. So do surveys at your own risk.

You can also create a Google Voice account and use that number instead of your real phone number. Thanks for sharing your experience. My sister is looking for at home work that is hands on that is legitimate and requires no start up fees or cost to join.

She is legally blind and needing extra income to supplement her disability income. Do you know any such jobs that she may find in that category? Hi Naomi, Assembly jobs are unfortunately scams. Hi Naomi, Have you checked out this list of remote job leads? Hi, I wanted to know if there are any companies that could possibly hire teens? I really want to earn money this summer and since I cant work at an actual job, I have to resort to online jobs.

Any info is highly appreciated! Hello I am looking for something. I have had a major neck surgery and looking for something to help me with my bills. Hi Janis, Check out these articles — they will give you a great place to start your search:.

Hi Deanna, There are lots of jobs for nurses to do from home, but sadly, the majority of them require some phone work. FlexJobs is a great place to search for these jobs, but also companies like Humana, Aetna, and McKesson hire remote nurses. Vickie Milazzo has a course: Can you share any reputable training or schools?

That is really fascinating, You are an excessively professional blogger. Additionally, I have shared your website in my social networks. I have spent months looking for work from home opportunities. In my quest for finicial freedom I have descovered several ways to make money online. There is affiliate marketing, Freelance writing, Get apid taking Photos,Take Surveys for cash, sales and advertising, website design.

You acn make money with your own website that has advertising on it. This seems to be a great option. In affiliate marketing requires learning online marketing. If have found several free and paid services availible to marketers. Creating a Infographic that contains well written content can boost your sales and conversions. Promote your business, website, affiliate offer and blogs using a great Inforgraphic.

There are several services that offer free Infographic design applications such as Canva who offers free design instruction and services to start. Piktochart offers a free life time account, unlimited creations and access to all icons and inmges. Download and share your creations to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Infographics, websites and blogs. Your inforgraphic will be shared around the web sending customers back to your offer.

Using Inforgraphics as part of your advertising campaign is a smart and effective way to get conversions. Hi Barbara, Sorry to hear that. Which ones did you try?

Have you tried Swagbucks or CashCrate? I did those surveys for numerous companies. Very nice and amazing article about Work at Home Jobs. Thanks for sharing a great post. Thanks for this blog. I never thought of that. Adriane, Check out this post, it has a bunch of companies that offer Chat Positions: Hi Amber, This post will give you a good place to start: Honestly, I work from home via Swagbucks! I spend a few hours a day on it, just in between my regular web surfing.

Hello, I dont know what I did wrong but it did not work for me money wise……It just seemed to keep going and going with no returns. Dont you have to purchase stuff? Also I am in college, so I need something really flexible, maybe something that I can choose when I work. If anyone here could tell me a few companies that match my description, that would be great!

Hi Kelsey, Take a look at this post — it will give you a good place to start: The only thing that you need is an email account. After you make sure that you have one, you should sign up with a list of trusted survey sites and complete the registration process. While some of these ideas are perfectly reasonable jobs, some of them are silly Online fitness coach?

You too lazy to have someone to it with you in person? What would have been really nice is if this article actually pointed to resources where you can find some of these jobs or at least get trained…. Few are fit, few are aware: If you know what to write and say, the best way to train people is by e. The same goes for their cooking, cleaning and other errands. As for that customer service rep job you were rejected for, surely geographical limitations were posted somewhere under the job qualifications.

Perhaps they did the right thing in not hiring you, since that just demonstrates your lack of attention to detail. I agree that the article could have provided more hard details, but most of the job possibilities are actually valid. Less negative attitude and more open-mindedness might help you see some of the possibilities out there. The job market is not the same at all! We do what we can do to survive. Some people prefer not to do it, it can be a hassel, you know if other people are stupid enough to waste their money on it why not.

I have a child that needs to be in bed and cannot be left alone. I do many of my workouts while he is getting ready for bed so having someone send me a workout plan and following up would be exponentially more convenient for me than having someone come over my house to do it.

I used a travel agent to book my most recent vacation, she booked the hotel, got my plane tickets, ordered our theme park passes and arranged transportation. Transcription is one of my part time jobs. I can do it conveniently from home and many of the clients are trainers or speakers. She books flights, plans travel, schedules meetings, transports his children, and helps with home renovations. If you want people to take you seriously, at least edit the post.

Do you have to get taxed for this extra cash I imagine so. But who wants to pay taxes, when our government is loaning 2 billion dollars to another government. What the heck does that have to do with anything. Income is taxed in the country. Oh and you should be more concerned about the government providing corporate welfare to big oil and agribusinesses. Everybody should be happy to pay more taxes. Maybe you could moonlight stabbing Americans in the back. I did say that I imagined so, read! I should know I worked for 49 years and was taxed up to the cahoots!

Relax, stress will give you a heart attack! If you are self employed or receive a , you would be file schedule C with the IRS. The forms are on the website- http:

Work at Home Translator Jobs

DON'T PAY A PENNY FOR ONE. Work At Home Jobs Online seem to be everywhere, but they ALL want YOU to pay! You should NOT pay and you’re about to find out why.. Read this whole page and SAVE YOURSELF a lot of grief, time, and money. Having money and needing transcription services doesn’t imply you have a secretary. At my full time job the closest we have to a secretary is the CEO’s assistant. She books flights, plans travel, schedules meetings, transports his children, and helps with home renovations. The Work at Home Woman. Hi, I'm Holly. I help women and moms find remote jobs, careers, and home-based businesses that feed their souls. If you're looking to work from home, this is the blog for you.