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Legit Work-at-Home Jobs – No Fees

Go here to read about my experience using FlexJobs. One last thing you need to consider when searching for work-at-home opportunities is — is the position a job or a business endeavor? You get paid on the 15 th of every month for work completed in the previous month. Discussion awesome details you shared dude. Good to see this big useful list. I am not going to pay for a job.

Are you on the lookout for no fee work from home jobs? If so, you'll benefit from this huge list of over 25 legitimate work from home jobs with no startup fee.

Work at Home Data Entry Jobs

There are lots of legit business-in-a-box opportunities , home-based franchises , and direct sales companies that require startup fees. These sorts of fees are entirely legit when you're joining a business opportunity, but again, you need to make sure that you're dealing with reputable companies. Amazon hires for a wide variety of virtual positions including administrative support, customer service, business development, legal, marketing, sales and much more. There are no fees associated with these positions.

American Express hires virtual workers for both entry-level customer care professionals and professional positions. You will need to have a computer, dedicated phone line, and a quiet office space. I read on this post that American Express will pay for your connection setup and monthly costs for these services, however, you'll need to verify this information with AMEX. Appen hires remote workers for social media evaluation, web search evaluation, transcribers and more.

Must have a computer that's less than three years old and a high-speed internet connection. Apple hires at-home advisors to answer customer questions and concerns. Blooms Today hires independent call agents to assist customers with purchases. Must have a dedicated phone line, high-speed internet, a headset, and a quiet office space. All mystery shopping gigs can be completed at home using your mobile or landline phone.

They do not charge any fees. CloudSource hires for customer service, technical support, and sales positions. You must have your own computer, internet connection, headset, and a productive work environment. You will need a computer less than six years old, a high-speed internet connection, a phone landline or cell , a headset and flash drive, and a quiet office space.

Dell hires for a wide variety of work-at-home positions, such as sales managers, tech support, account managers, clinical support advisors and more, no fees required. Fancy Hands hires at home assistants to complete short tasks. Must have a computer, high-speed internet, audio headset, and either a landline or iPhone.

Hilton hires remote reservation sales specialists and customer care coordinators. To qualify for these positions, you must have a computer, a dedicated landline, headset, high-speed internet, webcam, and a dedicated office space.

Leapforce hires independent agents to perform web search evaluation. You must have a reliable computer and internet connection. No fees are required to get started. Liveops hires customer service professionals, licensed insurance agents, insurance claims specialists and sales professionals for phone work. You must have your own computer, anti-virus software, telephone, telephone service, and internet connection. Next Wave has work-at-home opportunities for telephone-based organizers and writers.

Must have a quiet home office, computer, high-speed internet connection, headset, and printer. Rev hires transcriptionists, closed captioners, and translators for home-based freelance work. All you need is a computer, headset, and broadband internet. Teletech hires at-home customer service representatives to answer in-bound calls and emails from customers.

Must have a computer, anti-virus software, dedicated phone line, and internet connection. Time Etc hires general virtual assistants, social media and marketing assistants, writing assistants, and customer service assistants.

Must have a computer, high-speed internet, Microsoft Office, Skype, headset, and a printer with paper. Uhaul hires telecommuters for sales and reservation agent positions.

Must have a private work area, USB headset, and internet connection. UnitedHealth Group hires for a wide variety of telecommuting positions, such as nurses, program directors, project managers, and customer service much more. Westat hires home-based employees for telephone data collection work. You will need to have a computer, high-speed internet connection and a dedicated landline phone with a headset. World Travel Holdings hires at-home travel agents.

Must have a designated office space, high-speed internet connection and a separate phone line dedicated to this position. Working Solutions hires independent contractors for sales, customer service, and travel professionals. Contractors will need to pass a criminal background check CBC to work this program.

As far as I can tell, they don't make candidates pay for the CBC, but you will need to verify this for a fact. There are some home-based opportunities that do not require a fee to get started. Check out these two posts for free business opportunities. Do you know of another legit work-at-home job that doesn't require a fee to get started? Leave a comment below and I may add it to the list. This post includes affiliate links. See our disclosure policy for further information.

I am a stay at home mommy and i have been looking for a work at home job for 2 years now any ideas,. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thank you in advance for your help in this matter. This post has a bunch of work-at-home jobs for nurses: Thank you in advance in this matter. I am trying to find employment for a work at home job, However I can do emails, text and such I am slow running a computer therefore I am looking for something I can do on the phone can you give me some ideas.

Check out this post — it has some options for making money using your smartphone: Are these work from home jobs available for Canadians to apply? If not, do you recommend any websites that will allow us to check out work from home? Imdo have hi-speed internet and a laptop, typing speed of wpm but no landline. I currently work in an inbound call center which is enough chatting on the phone by the end of the day, ad respond to emails from our members.

Take a look at the national listings; there are a few that allow Canadian workers. Yes I would love to share with you a new home business starting up. The owner wanted to provide a way that people could have the opportunity to make a income and not feel ashamed to let others know about it. It is a Shopping Club they have some products right now, but are adding many more as time goes on.

So we get to let others know about this opportunity, how else will they know? Then we get to share in the profit share, just by opening our mouth and sharing it.

Thank you for the informative article, I have been doing a little bit of research for a legitimate work from home job. Ideally doing some sort of data entry or similar nature that I can work at anytime during the day or night.

Any suggestions would be great. More info on the website under my name. I am in serious need of a good work at home job. Not to mention, groceries, stuff for my son, like diapers, wipes, clothes,etc. I am so stressed all the time and really need to find something, anything.

No extra cash to spend. I can get a headset if needed. Unfortunately I do not have any prior experience working from home. But I really would like to. I applied to everywhere and no one wants to move into the next step with my application. Aspire Lifestyles — This company regularly hires home-based concierges.

A reader on my Facebook page told me that they don't require any fees to start. Babbletype — Read Babbletype Review — This company hires home-based workers for transcription and transcription editing. You are not required to pay them any fees to start. They hire people to work from home taking flower orders for their customers.

It's usually temporary, seasonal work. Capital One — Read Capital One Review — This popular credit card company hires people to work from home handling their customer service. They charge no fees to get started. However, this is usually a location-based position Virginia and Florida most of the time.

Convergys — Read Convergys Review — They hire at-home agents to answer incoming calls from home for their clients. There are no upfront fees to get started. There are no fees to start. Pay is per task, paid twice monthly. They only hire in certain states Texas and sometimes Florida but I've been told they do not have any upfront fees.

They also may not always be hiring. They only hire people to work in a few different locations from home nationwide. From what I understand if you work for them directly, you shouldn't have to pay anything. Metaverse Mod Squad — Read Metaverse Review — They hire for work from home moderation and a few other moderation positions. They don't charge you anything to apply and get started. They charge absolutely no fees to get started working. I do not believe they do a background check at all.

You do work from home writing and calling for political outreach. It states plainly in their FAQ that they pay for the cost of your background screening, credit check, and drug screen.

You need no money to get through the application process and begin working. Support — Read Support Review — They hire work from home tech support reps, sometimes entry-level. There are no fees to get started.

Sutherland — Read Sutherland Review — This company hires home call center agents regularly. They may or may conduct a background check just depending on the client you're servicing. Their website does not mention a charge if a check is conducted, but feel free to correct me if there is one. There are no fees associated with applying. There are no fees to start — they pay for the cost of your drug screening and background check.

Review — Work from home virtual assisting. It doesn't look like there are any fees associated with the application process. Transcom — Read Transcom Review — This company hires work at home call center agents. They do credit checks, background checks, and often drug screens depending on the client you are servicing, but you may not have to cover the cost for these checks. A background check is done, but they pay for it.

No fees are mentioned for the application process. This company will also pay for your background check. Most of the time when a work at home job charges any sort of fee, there is a concern it's a scam. FlexJobs is the only work at home job leads site that absolutely guarantees their listings will be scam-free. I've also been a member and have never seen a single scam listed. Go here to read about my experience using FlexJobs. Also, please let me know if any of these companies actually do charge some sort of fee and I will look into it and get it removed.

Image Credit — Copyright: I worked for World Travel Holdings until I had to stop working for personal reasons. They make sure you are trained very well. You can win free cruises and the work is so fun. Wish I was still able to do this. Try them…they are awesome and they pay very well!! Anna, Again I can not thank you enough for this wonderful website.

I am very thankful for your website and allowing me to land a Work At Home Job. Good day Anna, I am from South Africa does these jobs from home employed people from other countries like South Africa thanks. Hi, There may be some of the above that are open worldwide. Many of the non-phone jobs tend to be open worldwide. Hi, None of these data entry positions come with fees — https: Any of the links above should take you to actual work at home jobs that do not require fees.

Work at Home Translator Jobs

Learn about a variety of work at home jobs with no startup fees. Keep an eye out for work at home scams as you persue your job search. There seems to be. Legitimate Work from Home Jobs with No Startup Fee You’re sure to find a legit work from home job with no startup fee on the Virtual Jobs Directory. This directory lists only online jobs that are legitimate work-from-home jobs, all with no fees to join or start working. Resources for jobseekers looking for no fee work at home jobs. Several leads and ideas. A compilation of no fee work at home job leads I've found over the years. None of these jobs require startup costs. A good list to help give you ideas for how you want to work from home. jobs with no fees, no fee work at home, work at home no fees.