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5 Signs You're Too Sick for Work

But both urge caution because air pressure changes inside the cabin may worsen pain, especially on takeoff and landing. Can my potential employer require me to undergo a medical examination after being hired, but before I start work to determine if I have been exposed to an infectious disease? If the company doesn't like it, they can give you a warning and you'll know for next time. While it is very rare for courts to prevent employers from firing employees due to the flu, courts have granted FMLA protection to employees that caught the flu and had severe reactions. Maybe sneezing is your No. Also, be aware that if your illness looks repeatedly convenient, it won't be perceived well regardless of its validity - managers get burned too often to believe that headaches always occur on Monday morning and Friday afternoon.

5 Signs You're Too Sick for Work. here are five ways to tell if you’re too sick to work and should stay home instead: think about how bad you’ll feel if you do go to work and everyone.

Your Boss's Reaction

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Too Sick to Work: Sinus Infection

For my part, if I'm not feeling well, and can't get work done (not necessarily the same thing), I go home. If the supervisor or company does not like this behavior, it's probably time to tune up your resume as there are bound to be other parts of the corporate culture that . Too Sick to Work? How sick is too sick to go to work? Advice on when you should just stay home. By Katherine Kam. From the WebMD Archives. If you feel too sick to work, stay home. If you're sick and trying to decide whether or not to go to work, there are 5 things to consider, including if you have a fever, and have sick leave. And in some cases, that may be fine. But the truth about whether or not you should stay home from work when you .