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While this is bad news for full-time bookkeepers or accountants, this is good news for someone interested in becoming a bookkeeping freelancer. With many women juggling their work life with their home life, managing a huge event like a wedding may seem nearly impossible. I keep finding new career ideas all the time! I started a new business recently that lets people who have an online presence get paid by their audience on a per-minute basis:. If you are crafty — you can use websites like Etsy to sell your crafts online. What we do is pay excellent sales commissions on products and services to those that have the drive to be a success.

Work at home moms are moms who have found a way to keep their family a central part of their day-to-day lives, while also managing to bring in extra income with their own business. While certainly no easy feat, starting your own business could be the key to achieving your own personal and work dreams.

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Use your talent as a painter and assist individuals with transforming their indoor and outdoor space into the oasis they have always dreamed about. Choose to work with private residents or commercial establishments. You can also connect with clients on FindAMuralist. Do you have a musical background? Share your love and knowledge for music with others by offering music lessons and instruction. Check out sites like Live Music Tutor or Lessonface to connect with interested parties. Do you love shopping?

Are you a techie? Use your tech skills to assist individuals and companies with network administration, database administration, server administration and implementation. Do you have your nursing license? Insurance companies and hospitals are seeking registered nurses to perform case management tasks from home. Do you enjoy finding the hippest new products?

Combine all of your favorite brands and products and open up an online boutique. Do you love being online, but hate dealing with tech issues? Are you the next Julia Child? Take your passion for cooking and create menus and meals for others. Personal Chefs can charge per meal or day and specialize in niche segments like vegetarian diets and gluten-free. A Personal Concierge is detail oriented, home-based professional that offers corporate and individual assistance by completing such tasks such as arranging meetings, planning corporate events, purchasing gifts or tickets, making reservations, and paying bills.

The services that you can provide are endless, and all depend on your specific niche and experience. Do you love to shop?

Offer your shopping services to others by looking for the best deals and then purchasing items either online or in store. This will save your client a ton of time; you can even offer to gift wrap presents for an additional charge. Is your passion, fashion? Then use your knowledge to help other women discover their own sense of style.

Personal Stylists, sometimes called Image Consultants , assist clients with new wardrobe shopping, accessorizing, makeup, hair, and generally revamping their appearance for an overall new and fresh image.

Are you a health nut? Is exercise your forte? Help others achieve their fitness goals with your experience, knowledge, and expertise. You can even use an app like Handstand to connect directly with clients.

Do you love animals? Assist pet owners with keeping their animals looking and feeling their best. Do you have a distinguishing eye? Then use your talent to take photos for others — family photos, kids, pets, weddings, special events, and professional headshots.

Here is a HUGE list of stock photo sites where you can sell your photos for cash. Professional Organizers help others organize their homes and offices with the end result being a more functional environment, increased productivity, and decreased stress and chaos.

Want to get more specific? Help individuals organize their digital photos; otherwise known as Photo Organizers. Are you good at managing people and projects?

Then assist others with managing projects from start to finish. This role will encompass planning, developing, budgeting, accessing, and controlling the overall outcome of the project. Do you have good communication skills? PR Professionals help individuals and companies secure media exposure on TV, radio, newspapers, online and in magazines. And know your geographic area well? Real Estate Agents help clients buy and sell homes.

Training takes around hours of coursework but often times it can be done at home, at night or on the weekends. Can you sniff out good talent? Assist companies with finding the best and most qualified applicants for a job. Will assist with recruiting, interviewing, negotiating and coming up with a strategic plan to get vacant positions filled.

Are you outgoing, motivated, and energetic? Sales Representatives sell a variety of products and services in varying settings. Many companies are willing to train the right individual and compensation can be very lucrative. Is sewing your passion?

Help individuals with making their garments fit and look perfect. Specialize in a niche like wedding alterations or formal wear. Do you love garage sales and thrift stores? Are you good at finding a diamond in the rough? Then take mildly used and unwanted goods and make some additional money by flipping them and selling them online. Don't think you can make good money doing this? Do you speak Google?

Take your knowledge of search engine optimization and assist business owners with driving more traffic to their website. Not interested in starting your own business? Check out Leapforce — they hire work-at-home Search Engine Evaluators to analyze search engine results. Do you have a shoe fetish? Take your love of shoes and create one of kind designs — either sell them online, in specialty boutiques or take them the direct sales route. Are you addicted to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest , and Instagram?

Then you may be ready to launch your own home-based career in one of the hottest professions available right now as a Social Media Marketer! Do you love sharing deals and finds online? Can you read and write code? Help companies create programs and applications to better serve their clients. Do you have the gift to motivate and inspire people? Do you have the gift to gab? Take your knowledge and expertise and speak to groups on how they can make improvements in their life and career.

Do you love being active? Are you a tennis or golf pro? Take your love of sports and teach others how to improve their game. This post has some great work-at-home ideas for sports enthusiasts. Are you a certified public account CPA? Do you have a background in law? Small business owners are looking for qualified tax consultants to assist them with tax related questions and laws.

Do you have excellent listening skills? Are you a fast typist? Help businesses transcribe audio into written documents. Interested in becoming a transcriber?

You do know a foreign language inside and out? Translate documents, correspondence, meetings and phone calls for companies who deal with multi-lingual populations. This article has everything you need to know and companies that hire for these work-at-home positions. Search for the cheapest holiday flights, car rentals, and hotel accommodations, you can even add extras in like things to do and see while they're visiting another part of the country.

Are you a math whiz? Do you speak a second language? Tutoring can be a wonderful home-based business opportunity, especially for those people who have an extensive knowledge of a subject; such as a college student who is majoring in math, a school teacher, or a person who is fluent a foreign language.

Do you love to tweet? If you have a large and interactive Twitter audience, you may be able to cash in on hosting Twitter Parties. Help brands build brand awareness by hosting interactive Twitter Parties.

Do you like to help people? Are you good at administrative tasks? A Virtual Assistant VA is a highly-skilled, home-based professional that offers companies and businesses administrative, technical, and social assistance. The services that you can provide are endless, and all depend on your background training and experience.

Do you love the film industry? Take your filming and editing skills, and assist small businesses with creating marketing commercials, short films, and documentaries.

Do you have great customer services skills? Do you like to talk on the phone? Companies are always looking for home-based customer service agents and representatives. Cash in on this home-based opportunity — who knows it could lead to a long-term position. Take your techie skills and assist individuals and companies with creating websites, making modifications and fixing glitches. Do you love weddings? Become a specialized event planner in the wedding industry. Assist couple with everything from locales, flowers, dresses, food, entertainment to photographers, themes, and honeymoon planning.

Check with some of the major freelance sites, like Upwork, Freelancer, and Guru and see how you can offer up your writing services.

This page includes affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy for further information. I want earn money by doing something. I love your ideas ideas and have just started to implement them! Holly, I would really like your opinion on the below company that I just came on board with. Check out this link: I started to research about working on the internet and wanted ideas to get on my blog … I intend to work with ideas of jobs for women that are at home … could I get a name for the blog that attracted this female audience?

And this post talks about how to choose a domain name: It requires minimum investment and if you can create good prints then the chances of success can increase.

We have a post on how to start a t-shirt business for free: I am now a mother. I want to work again but I also want to fully attend my baby while growing.

Thanks to this article. I now have a lot of ideas. Now, I think that I can be a better mom and earn money at the same time. Cake business is good. Hi ankita, This is pratiksha from here I would like to connect with you to know more about cake baking business? Can you please guide me. Love the list here! I tried doing crafts but I guess you need to be patient enough to gain the skills and be good enough with it. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful ideas.

I am going to get started right away with the ones that I find suitable…which me luck! I work as a Survey Taker and Singer from home. I enjoy writing and look forward to starting a freelance writing career. If you have any advice for me I am open to it.

I am a beginner. I write poetry, songs and enjoy topics on family and entertainment such as movies. I have been in Automotive Purchasing for 20 years and I truly believe there in as need for virtual Purchasing.

This sit is amazing and is making me very excited to push forward. Have you tried looking at FlexJobs? Here is some additional info on FlexJobs: I am a recent college graduate currently working for a bank in the Nashville, TN area. I like my job but I would like to start my own business someday doing something I love and actually have fun while doing it. What a great list I have read many lists like this but I have never seen Social share and chef line, ones to have a look into.

Many thanks for sharing this. I am finding a difficult time in using these online ways of making money because most of them are for the people that are in USA and I am in south Africa, Please help me.

What a great resource I can point my readers to! There are literally hundreds of ways to make money from home — from a home based job to running a home based business, and all else in between. Definitely worth the read — lots of great ideas here. I think that the best business women have a mix of income sources to build their empire!

I love doing transcription and being a virtual assistant. These are easy to learn skills that anyone can master and start making money from home. I am gonna start an organisation for work from home women. Organisation like allotting work to them in Digital Marketing Side. So can you suggest an idea form your end. And the name of the organisation must be like?

This is such a great list, and while I know it is older, I can see that virtually all of it would still apply. Not just to women either! I am from Cape Town South Africa, unfortunately I had to give up my extremely stressful job up of 18 years due to ill health caused by stress , but due to the current economic situation in SA, I am finding it extremely difficult finding work despite my experience and also my age is counting against me 58 years.

I have taken the opportunity to take one of your listings on bookkeeping and have signed up to do the free course, do you think it will be beneficial for me to do it despite being in South Africa and the course based in the US? The training is percent online, so location is not a barrier.

And running your own bookkeeping can be done from anywhere in the world. Good luck and keep us posted! This is a great article, thank you for sharing. What I realized with working from home and making money online is that the more people you genuinely help, the more money you end up making.

Helping others to succeed will create you a large following of loyal customers. If you are sick of failing in this industry, frustrated with not getting any results or making sales, or having issues generating quality traffic, please contact me at: Hi Deb, That is so true. Thanks for stopping by! How about Cell Phone Repair, Can start a home base business on your kitchen table. Everybody you know has a cell phone. All your friends, family, neighbors on facebook, twitter, etc.

Hey John, This company allows you to do just that: This is really incredible! Your experience speaks for itself! I love the selling to the the higher-end consumer. It really gives me an idea of what home based work I can do.

Thank you so much for posting this article. I would like to write cards I love poetry and laughter what companies can I work for from home with my own schedule. This post has some opportunities: Was just going through these different ways to make money.

As of this writing they had over 5, projects to bid on. Basic membership is free but the basic account cannot upload Package Deals or a Video Profile. Their Services page will give you the breakdown of fees for their paid package deals. Once you login you fill out your profile and can also upload photos, your resume, samples of your work and videos. The PeoplePerHour is essentially same. Currently they advertise nearly 21, freelance jobs from various categories such as web design , article writing , Photoshop and more.

Etsy is an online marketplace similar to eBay but it is strictly for the buying and selling of handmade goods. If you have a talent for making anything from pillows to clothing, jewelry to baked goods, dog collars and everything in between then you can sell them on Etsy. Our vision is to build a new economy and present a better choice: Buy, Sell, and Live Handmade.

They have over a million visitors looking to buy and they are growing fast and it is free to join. It is free to set up a PayPal account. Of course, PayPal takes a very small cut of the money you earn but without a service like PayPal you would have no way of taking online payments so the fee is worth it.

Once your items sell you have to ship them to your customers. Just sign up online and the postal worker in your area will deliver them in about a week. When you sell online you should get a separate email address just for selling. It helps you keep your sales emails separate from your personal emails. There are many places to get a free email address. Companies will pay you to fill out brief surveys or try their products.

The key with paid surveys is to sign up with as many paid survey companies as you can. The more surveys you take the more money you are going to make. They use the collective information and statistics from the surveys to help them decide who to market their products or services to. Large companies can spend millions on product research before putting them on the open market.

They are willing to pay for your opinions and ideas to help them to figure out how to market their product. Make sure you are using reputable companies though. If you are in doubt ask friends who take surveys for referrals or look for messages boards online where people are talking about taking surveys. You should also set up a separate email account just for taking surveys to help you keep your personal email from getting mixed up with the survey email.

Of course, I think the best benefit of working at home is sitting at my computer typing away with my fuzzy slippers on while I watch the Ellen Degeneres show. And, yes, I do get up and dance! Do you have any other suggestions for home-based employment? How do you make money from home legal methods only please!! Your email address will not be published. This company pays by talk time. Pay more if talking. May not get rich but never had to pay West.

They even paid for my testing. Searching for a job can be at times a harrowing experience. And the question of satisfaction in a particular job can be even more complicated. Hr recruitment consultants and recruitment consultancy agencies even make it more confusing in a bid to make their own business prosper at the cost of the job seeker.

But now there are many options available as alternative to jobs and some jobs are being redesigned to synchronise with modern day situations. Lodge is a quality call services company that incorporates an employee model consisting of disabled Americans. By using their educational and business experience; employees are able to pursue a work from home, part-time career. Lodge has given me the opportunity to work from home and have flexibility in my schedule.

Lodge is currently expanding. They are looking for individuals who are interested in their company and who qualify for their positions. If you are interested, please visit jlodge. Most of the real home business opportunities assume some skill level and experience. Most employers need to know and trust your work first hand. Perhaps that is why it is far easier to transition from a traditional job to a telecommuting position.

A central air conditioner is a system that uses ducts to distribute cooled and dehumidified air to several rooms in an office or home. Different types of central air conditioners are available that can be rented to keep the entire building cool in summer and warm in winter.

Wendy, Really nice article. I would like to add a work from home site. I just read about it a couple of days ago on rat race rebellion. It is LiveWork, they are affiliated with LiveOps. It is kinda like mturk only on a bigger scale.

It is worth checking out if you need an extra egg in your basket. This is a very good article but If your like me then really the only way i can make money is giving my opinion or at least pretending like i care , but to help every1 the only legit survey sites that i have found is Cash Crate and American consumer opinion I hope that helps I posted a link to save time, but you can google it and see sum reviews on both sites.

It's great to finally see a website which promotes the great benefits of legitimate work at home programs instead of the all too common supposed real work at home websites which point out the fraudulent work at home scams like envelope stuffing while promoting the same companies like envelope stuffing that are scams.

These types of website could care less about workers so don't be fooled. Do your homework and you'll be rewarded with the best and most rewarding employment ever, work at home! Buyer rather worker, beware. We are one of the few legitimate work at home companies that do exist. Many parents hire tutors if a child is struggling in school. College student sometimes need tutoring in a subject.

Another group are people who have come from another country. You can work it face to face, on the phone or online. You can make as much as you want, even a six figure income, based on your effort. You can even get a free car! If you would like to find out more, private message me with your email address and I will be happy to share information with you.

There are a number of freelance sites out there that have roles you can do from home. Other things you may want to consider is affiliate marketing and creating and selling your own digital content.

Or finding a product or service you want to sell. I would look into an MLM company. It's a respectable job thees days, and it's a few good ones to consider out there. Earnings are good as well assumed that you see it as work, and not as easy money. This page may be out of date. Save your draft before refreshing this page. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. Ask New Question Sign In. What are some work at home jobs or self employment ideas you can do at home that are legitimate?

Download the employee handbook and streamline your workplace.

1 – Virtual Call Center Representative

Notice: At GFC we work with self-employed business owners all the time. One thing many self-employed individuals lack is proper life insurance. Before you set off on being an entrepreneur make sure to have your life insurance policy in place to protect your loved ones, should something happen to you. 23 Self Employment Opportunities You Can Create for Yourself. December 4, Blogging is am amazing work from home idea because there are so many things to write about! 5. Hair Stylist That’s why this is one of the top self employment ideas you can start up in your home. And with that growth comes more and more opportunities for home brewers and microbreweries to succeed. basis on which a work or employment to be chosen. Yes money making is one of the most important criteria, but earning the same while living with passion can really be a fruitful idea. The 20 Most Fun Self-Employed Jobs | The Pipevine.