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Work From Home Employees: A Manager’s Dilemma

There's a long-held belief that says it's nearly impossible to commit to a career and a family. Whether it's allowing workers to keep an eye on the kids or share more face time with a spouse, telecommuting is a simple and effective way to balance work and home. Many businesses rely on face-to-face meetings to troubleshoot, provide feedback, and discuss policy changes. But direct oversight is still very achievable. Mandatory in-office days are an option, allowing companies to round up their entire staff for high-value meetings.

Americans work more than anyone, but offering a work-from-home option might keep your employees from getting too burned out. Employees will work longer on a day-to-day basis.

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These companies believe that work has fundamentally changed with the digital revolution, explained Mark McNeilly, a marketing professor at the University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School. McNeilly emphasized that many types of work do not require employees to be physically present in the same workspace. A major concern employers express about remote work is employee productivity. The idea that employees can be easily distracted at home often serves as a barrier for allowing remote work, while employees can face different distractions in a physical office location.

For instance, an employee may be tempted to do laundry at home, but at work, it's easy to get caught up in the break room or at the water cooler with colleagues. Additionally, remote work offers flexibility to help maintain healthy human capital. In a Forbes interview, Werk co-founders Anna Auerbach and Annie Dean said that "flexibility is the future of feminism" because it allows employees, particularly women and gender-nonconforming people, to succeed in their careers while still accommodating their roles as parents and caretakers.

If productivity becomes a problem while working remotely, employees can improve their time management skills by using mobile apps or to-do lists and staying organized overall. McNeilly added that remote work eliminates the need for high real estate costs, especially for locations on the Coast and in major cities. A lot of it has to do with the trust of managers and their employees. If there are times where people have to come in, they'll come in. Danielle Corcione is a freelance writer.

What we are left with is a dilemma for managers responsible for running teams in this changing environment. The result of this, of course, is an increase in productivity. A work from home arrangement allows a given employee to start when they want or need , take breaks when they wish, and work on a schedule that helps them maximize the balance between work and life.

Maybe they want to start early to finish up before the kids get home from school, or maybe they like getting in a long work out at lunch time when the mountain biking trail is quiet. Being able to work from home when a child is sick instead of taking a vacation day is a big bonus for parents. Regardless of the reason, when employees work from home, it gives them the chance to set the schedule that best works for them both personally and professionally.

How often do you have One on One meetings with your employees? Working in your pajamas? A little background music of your choosing?

Allowing employees to work remotely and be off-site can really boost morale because of the convenience and comfort telecommuting offers. Real estate can be a major expense for a company. Imagine the cost of leasing just a 10 story high-rise in a major metropolitan city.

Now imagine the cost of leasing only 3 floors, because you have a predominantly remote work force and employees who work from home. Particularly for employees who may travel often, the option to work from home is a great way to promote balance between their home lives and work lives.

Consider it a carrot for sacrificing family time for the betterment of the firm. Make no mistake about it, not everyone can really work from home. Some people need to be around others to remain focused on their duties. Some employees will simply be too distracted by the TV, or by having a game on in the background.

It might sound funny, but when employees work from home, you can also find yourself dealing with the opposite of poor productivity. When managing remote employees, keep in mind they do not get the commute time to shut down and switch off their minds. Early morning and late night emails are a sign that an employee might be struggling with separation. In order to continue performing at a high level, employees need sufficient space to recharge the batteries.

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Today, many companies offer their employees the option to work from home, even if they live relatively close to the office. But common sense tells us that for some employees, this may not be the. "Work at the office to collaborate with the team," observes Amy Marshall, chief operating officer of Internet marketing company Fathom Columbus, "and work from home to get things done with fewer. Why Employees Should Be Allowed To Work From Home. When companies lose quality employees, Why not use such opportunities to let staff work from home? So long as their output can be.