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Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This company seems wonderful and by the delusional reviews might sound perfect. I do tech support for Apple products and we have at least one meeting a week and work on sgts when needed. They offer health dental and vision but they health benefits are they expensive. Questions about Transcom Is there anyone applying for transcom recently? The State of Nevada will allow anyone to do business there! I was very disappointment as I was given long spills about them only promoting internally.

What we offer Transcom is a global employer in an industry that depends upon strong, resourceful, talented people. In return for commitment, hard work and talent we offer competitive salaries and benefits, high quality training and opportunities to forge a career in a progressive, client focused business.

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WELCOME! Transcom is growing again! Due to the outstanding performance of our current employees we have a number of exciting positions available. Transcom is the worst at home company I have worked for. The pay is not comparable to the other work from home jobs that do the same technical support job - transcom pays less and charges more for health insurance/5(). Transcom was a work from home customer service job. A typical day at this job included adhering to your schedule by logging in, logging out and taking your lunches and breaks on time. Waiting for calls to come in to assist with either billing or technical support issues/5().