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The Best Home Warranty Companies

Now we are talking smaller amounts but still Flex time, work from home for part of your work week. US Bank is terrible. HHonors is the Loyalty Program for all Hilton properties. Sponsored - save job. See Our Latest Jobs.

Pros. The people are incredible at Nationwide. The leadership truly wants you to succeed and develop yourself. The Flex Place work options is a great perk as it allows associated to work from home or remotely from another location at a formal or informal frequency.

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This bank has ruined our credit and now we are unable to get another loan at this time due to our credit score, which US Bank has ruined!! I wish there was an agency where they could be reported. Ruining people's credit should be a crime. We have had a US Bank Visa card for many years. There has not been any drama - we charge, we pay the bill on time. Today, I attempted to charge groceries at a major retailer but card was declined. I called customer service and was informed that my account was deactivated due to two fraudulent charges that occurred 3 weeks previously.

We agreed they would cancel this card and send new card in the mail. Because of the noisy environment in the store, and difficulty hearing on the phone, I called them back after returning home. I was curious as to why I had not been notified regarding the fraudulent charges, and subsequently not notified that my account was deactivated. I was then transferred multiple times to different departments including Customer Service, Fraud, Internet Banking, and finally back to Fraud.

There was initially a 30 minute wait time. Most of the representatives seemed angry. They had different reasons why we were not contacted regarding the incident, from not having a signed disclaimer to contact us, or that our voicemail did not identify our name, only our number, and therefore, they could not leave a message.

Our phone record does not reflect their attempt to call. I think this hour on the phone with them illustrates the worst customer service I have ever experienced. They are about to lose a customer. We have been US Bank customers many years, back when they were Firstar bank. That is why we first attempted to get a home equity loan to buy a second property thru US Bank. From the start it did not go well. At one point in time we had 3 loan applications me, my husband and joint in process with multiple mailings and repeated requests for same documents.

Of course, with this came 4 different people to try to deal personally with the loan. The last person who actually was to be our loan advisor would not return voicemail or emails. That is until we canceled the loan via email and he responded in 5 minutes.

Their time frame was wks. We contacted Quicken Rocket mortgage and the experience was like night and day. They cared we had a time limit and tried successfully to carry it out. We could go online and get updates easily. Our contact person immediately answered questions and on his own contacted us to keep us updated.

We received the loan without difficulty in 3 weeks. I wished US Bank from the start would have said they do not care to do loans any longer. US Bank was a terrible option for a loan. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. The bank closed before I could get there and I needed to deposit money for upcoming bills so I used the cash deposit ATM and made a deposit of 1, Customer Service is horrible when I called about the overdraft fees that were coming in.

Got Focus Card thru company for my check to be direct deposited. I had some issues. Needed statement from them showing every check deposited so I could be paid for time employer owed me. Could not look it up. Had to mail it to me. Said it be 7 to 10 business days. Then called back said they would mail it again in 7 to 10 business days. When it came they sent me statement that were for dates I never even had card.

Called them and nobody knows what they are doing. One says one thing and another says another thing. I cannot believe they are allowed to stay in business. Sad sad sad excuse for a bank. Reading everyone else's reviews looks like they should be shut down. They can ONLY reverse fraudulent transactions, no bank fees, just fraudulent transactions.

I recommend looking elsewhere. This is one pile of crap you do not want to have a relationship with. Worst call center customer service!

I did this and CheapTickets confirmed that they do not have a hold on my funds. The hold dropped automatically from their end within the first 24 hrs. I am now on day 7 and my funds are still showing in pending status. Once the funds are released I will be closing this account.

US Bank is the worst bank ever. They charge you fees for their mistakes then talk to you like crap. I disputed 2 charges in April. I mailed all the paperwork liked they asked and in 10 days I received my money back. I called and asked why they told me my one dispute got denied and they took their money back without my knowledge then on top of that charged me a NSF fee that caused a negative balance and told me I should be grateful they let the check go through.

They were all nasty and acted like I was bothering them because I wanted the NSF fee taken off because it was their fault and not my fault. I talked to three supervisors and the last one said to me, "I am going to tell you how this goes. I then told the supervisor, "No. US Bank gave me a flat no. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told that no one would be able to help me because the current limit is a set amount for every account.

I've been with the bank for a very long time and believe their response was very unprofessional. Every account holder has different financial needs. I know they have limits for security reasons. On the other hand, I should have some say in this limit. When you call your bank desperately in need of help getting access to your funds, they cut you off at the knees and completely disable your account with no notice instead of calling you.

Sometimes I work as a W2 employee so my business checking account goes unused for long periods of time between contracts. Before leaving my home, I could not find my debit card or checks, but I checked Google and it looked like there was a US Bank branch near my work in Manhattan. To my dismay, it was two months before this first payment, plus Google was outdated and there is no branch in New York at all, or any state I could drive to in a reasonable amount of time.

Mind you, I was upset when I called and I'm progressively more and more upset on every subsequent phone call. My life is slowly getting ruined by my inability to access any funds at all. Wouldn't you be upset? Do you think you could keep your cool if everything in your life was crumbling because of the incompetence of a few bankers.

I really feel like the "fraud" hold was put on my account as some sort of punishment for losing my cool. Aaron will not take the 5 minutes it would take to call Tawnie to clear this up, and Tawnie will not take the 20 minutes takes longer to get through to the Business Service center to call in. The problem seems to be a deep systematic failure at US Bank. A deep apathy and complete lack of human empathy on a scale that is aggressive. Anyone who banks there is really really foolish.

This is my highest rate by far. I'm a customer for more than a decade. Just have to wait 6 months. I paid on the day due. Wouldn't return phone calls in a timely manner. Wouldn't follow through on promised tasks in a timely manner.

Would take weeks and months. Made it very difficult to close accounts. By contrast, another bank closed an account for me in 5 minutes without second-guessing my automatic payments and deposits. It took US Bank nearly three weeks. I had withdrawn the balance simply to close the account. This charge was fraud as far as I am concerned. The branch manager knew it was wrong and did get it reversed after 10 days. US Bank corporate didn't know what its branch was doing, and vice versa.

Example, the branch recognized power or attorney after taking more than two months to do so. I take care of my elderly mother's finances, but live miles from the branch, and they do not exist in my state.

I could never set up online banking to make it more convenient, because I couldn't get a pin number from US-BANKS, because they didn't recognize my standing even though the branch did. Catch 22, multiple times. I applied for an overdraft protection and was approved for my checking account. So I would need to manually transfer advance myself money from my line of credit first before using my debit card because if I don't the bank hits you with a fee!

And they won't do anything to fix it. The basement is a superior wall basement. Every ceiling in the house shows drywall tape and is full of waves. Nationwide wants to knock off of what we allege These people are not trying to put your best interest in they just want your money. I have a , house that's looks like amateurs put it together. Please beware and the president of the Martinsville office is a crook as well. Andy Miller I wish I could find out who his boss is. The bank gave them there Check and then nationwide told us we couldn't even move in our house until they were paid in full.

And the county had already recorded the deed back in my name lol. Workmanship on our Nationwide home is the pits! We were loyal, never shopped our policy once.

Their claims process is utterly unbearable. We have always liked our agent and dealing with Nationwide, but this process has left us heartbroken and disappointed. On at 1: Our home sustained heavy damage from multiple trees falling on our home. After settling ourselves from the horror and shock of this tornado hit we began a long process of recovery. At first the insurance company was good. They arrived quickly, gave us money to house ourselves in a hotel and to purchase the essentials.

A rental home was arranged where we live now - 3 months to the day later. As it turns out the damage was far heavier than the adjuster stated. In fact the adjuster disallowed multiple issues from the appraisal that the recovery construction company included in their report.

I have now hired an independent appraiser and have invoked my right to settle the claim by appraisal - and they denied my "request". Note that this was not a request - it was a demand as is my right under the contract with Nationwide. In the end they will lose but for now they're happy trying to frustrate us into submission with veiled threats to discontinue our housing payment in the rental property.

Know that the adjuster from Nationwide has lied to my face, misrepresented the facts, changed his story multiple times, and now is snide with his responses. He presented himself as a "Christian" who goes to church - so typical that when someone wears their faith on their sleeve beware. I can prove everything I am saying here. The insurers hate them because they're on YOUR side. The insurance companies have only one goal - screw you out of as much as possible. We notified the plumber who installed ALL of our plumbing.

The plumber in turn notified his contractor's insurance company, Nationwide Insurance. The plumber's insurance company, came to our home some two days later to investigate examine the flooding damage to our home: ALL of the insulation in the floor crawl space was destroyed and had to be removed.

The flooding of the crawl space had to be dried out. We are currently in the process of having our insurance company take action in this matter.

After a recent hail storm, an adjuster came to the house and told me to use "scrap" siding from the front of the home on my other damaged side. They told me "cushions come with" outdoor furniture so they would not cover that either. Every step of the way working with them has been a BIG hassle.

Another adjuster came because I complained, she noted more damage, and then promptly quit the company without writing anything in my case file. A third adjuster came out and was so hostile it was unbelievable.

You cannot get anywhere with this company when there is damage - their playbook is to pay as little as possible to their customers and provide less than zero customer service. Meanwhile, all my neighbors are getting their entire houses and property covered - even where there wasn't hail damage.

Hmmm - these others sure know how to treat their insurers who have been through a traumatic event! I am going to insure with them and if you are smart you will not bother with this company for one second. We have had Homeowners insurance with a company called Allied for over 30 years including through three separate forest fires in Colorado. In that time we've had no claims and always paid on time.

At some point last year, Nationwide took over Allied. Apparently someone drove by our house and took pictures of our house and surrounding area. Within the year Nationwide canceled our house insurance based on their claim that we have trees feet from our house. It is impossible to not have a tree feet from your house in most parts of Colorado. There were no options to rectify the situation or any suggestions for mitigation; we were just dropped like a hot potato.

We had one month to find a new company. Fortunately we bundled with our car insurance company and we are more than happy with our insurance which ends up saving us money. But the customer service, the communication with Nationwide was extremely poor. Plus, their reason for canceling was not listed in their policy. I recommend staying far away from them.

The jingle is meaningless. I had a termite bond on a house that I purchased. The bond stated that there was no previous or current termite damage. Nationwide insures these companies for things such as this.

My purchase depended on this report clearing the house of such damage. When we got in there, we discovered that the house was completely termite eaten from top-to-bottom. I asked her what the 'facts' and exclusions were and she stated that she did not have to tell me.

I have the same contract and there are no exclusions. As a matter of fact, the termite company was going to pay the damages themselves rather than turn it in to their insurance company because he didn't want to risk his insurance being raised. However, when he came and saw the obvious damage - that could be seen with the naked eye - and realized it was a complete rebuild and way more expensive than he had hoped, he decided to submit the claim.

The insurance inspector, when asked what the worse termite damage he ever saw was, he laughed and said, "Uh! Not even nearly as bad as this! This is the worst I've ever seen! As it turns out, the termite people never called the sellers, the realtors, or myself to notify them they would be doing and inspection or be let in and they stated that they did a treatment that they never did.

This is now going into a lawsuit! Nationwide should not be providing insurance if they are not going to pay out on it. Jessica was very nice through the whole process until she called to decline it and then was very rude.

I lost my whole life savings because of them - and now have a house sitting dead in the water! They are only out for themselves.

Their team gets bonuses for not paying out! This company has lost its mojo! I have been with Nationwide for 15 years. Let's talk about the homeowners policy first. I lived in California and my house there was insured by Nationwide. Then I moved to Oregon and bought a house with husband. Ok now let's get to the car policy. Keep in mind I've been with Nationwide for 15 years, no accidents or any claims but every 6 months my premium keeps going up. I wouldn't be able to pay the premium. I didn't even call them to get an explanation for the rate increase, I just dropped them!

And sent them a letter telling them to put their policy where, well you know!!! So beyond angry, I don't even know where to begin. We buy a house, call up Nationwide and get a quote. Quote sounds good so we go with them. In the meantime, HUGE mistake! They decide to come by our house one day while we're at work that's what most people do, work and decide they want to say that we're not living there. We moved in the day we signed papers, the lazy person obviously just seen no car in driveway and deemed it that we didn't live there, which is beyond bull crap!!!

Anyway, so we get a random letter saying that we didn't occupy the home and that our policy was cancelling. We got this letter twice when the whole time we've lived at our address. We called in both times and the guy on the phone assured us that our policy was fine and that no further acted was deemed necessary.

Who would have thought this company was a joke? Not us, we've never had trouble with them until we got homeowner's insurance with them. So, we had to talk with these people many times over our account and we were told our policy was fine that it must have been a mistake and blah blah. We're like ok, fine just wanted to make sure everything was good and whatnot. Again, countless times, we were told our policy was fine.

This was December of So, after being told many times that it was a mistake on their part and it was fixed and blah blah blah, we find out in April of that we haven't had insurance since November of that the underwriter or whatever never reopened our account after talking to multiple people hours at a time to figure out what the heck they messed up.

That's nice to know that you tell people their policy is fine only to screw them over. There is nothing they can say or do to change my mind. They've completely lost their chance of fixing this.

We may pursue this out and see what our attorney can do for us and this beyond ridiculous company! We had homeowners insurance with Nationwide for over 30 years with one claim over the entire period.

After a morning storm, we called Nationwide to get an estimate for the damage. It was 3 weeks before they sent anyone to our house and the first thing the adjuster said when he got out of his leaking car was "Nice roof" making a reference to our only previous claim. The damage was to an extra room added to our house which WAS insured on the policy. They lied about the dates of the incident, therefore their "weather report" didn't have a corresponding storm for the date they used.

They tried to make us look like liars reporting a fraudulent claim. The adjuster ordered a "forensic investigation" which they probably spent more money on that than it would have cost to fix the damage. They denied our claim then dropped us and we had to get some high-risk insurance that was 3 times the price. The adjusters are arrogant hacks with very rude tendencies. They are good at helping on certain things.

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We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews. rained into my home. Nationwide paid to replace the roof but fought me "tooth and nail" on paying adequately to /5(). Flexible vacation time and ability to work at home one day a week. Glassdoor has 2, Nationwide reviews submitted anonymously by Nationwide employees. Read employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor to decide if Nationwide is right for you. Glassdoor/5(K). US News rates nearly 16, nursing homes across America. Find nursing homes by city, state, or name and review the nursing home ratings.