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Verizon Support & Protection (VSP) app has been discontinued and removed from service

Not your fault, as they obviously didn't read the message, just a PSA to everyone: They sent one out to me the next day, no charge. He was incredibly helpful and super pleasant. They couldn't give it to him for free straight up so they took the value of the Microcell off his next 3 phone bills. The install was easy, the best part is since it uses a duplex receptacle, you have more options where you can move the phone as long as you have the bars. Oh this is very true. They got me a great deal, restored my lost treasures, and kept us laughing the whole time.

Company with Work From Home Verizon jobs Verizon Headquartered in New York, New York, Verizon, a telecommunications company, has more wireless service customers than any other company in the United States.

Does Verizon Wireless Ever Issue Refunds?

Alternatively, turn off your home answering machine or increase the number of rings if you would like to use the Verizon Wireless voice mail service. How long is the battery life of Home Phone Connect? Talk time is approximately 2 hours and standby time is approximately 36 hours. Actual values can vary with environmental conditions. Monthly subscription charges may apply. How to set the TTY mode? The standard voice speaking mode and the listening mode. This is the default setting.

Page of 28 Go. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Table Of Contents Contents 1 Introduction Page 9 S tep 2: Page 10 S tep 4: Powering On The Device Step 5: Page 13 Remove the HPC unit, charging plug, battery, and antenna from the box. Page 14 Plug your landline phone or the base of your cordless phone into either jack in the back of the Home Phone Connect unit.

Understanding The Indicators Step 7: Page 17 S tep 9: Making A 3-way Call Desktop Stand Installation Home Phone Connect device can be placed vertically on the desktop stand vertically, as illustrated below. Using Voice Mail, Using Call Forwarding 3-Way Calling is an included feature that is typically added to your account when you first activate service. Frequently Asked Questions User Guide. Voice Mail Can I use my telephone answering device instead of voice mail?

Page 25 How long is the battery life of Home Phone Connect? Page 26 How to set the TTY mode? Comments to this Manuals Your Name. While we haven't yet tested the device, the main idea is to port your current home phone number to the new line, connect your cordless phone system to the station, and—voila! The service comes with popular features such as voice mail and essential e service plus battery backup in case of a power outage. That's less, possibly a lot less, than landline service typically costs from a major telecom carrier, even as part of discounted triple-play bundle with TV and Internet service.

But there's a different way to save more, provided you're willing to give up your landline number and your cell phone gets a decent signal and provides satisfactory call quality inside your house. You can simply drop your landline and rely on your cell phone for all of your calling needs, as about 12 percent of ConsumerReports. You might do that simply by answering your cell at home, as you do when you're elsewhere. But if service is weak in some parts of your home or toting a cell phone throughout the house is unappealing, there's a solution that provides essentially the same functionality as Home Connect but with no ongoing cost.

And it doesn't require getting decent Verizon cell reception everywhere in your home, as Home Connect does; it will work with any cell phone that gets decent reception in at least one location in your home. Actually, even longer than that… 2nd: We seem to have lot of dropped calls on the home system. Make sure you check your plans carefully!

This device is a great cost savings resource, especially for unlimited calling at one flat rate per month. Additionally, this would work great for small businesses! We did not use a splitter. We used one of the ports on the back of the home connect unit to plug it into a wall jack this is after the landline number was ported and landline service was disconnected.

We also directly connected her cordless phone base unit into the other port on the back of the home connect unit. Is your landline number ported over to the home phone connect service?

This would prevent the overages on your wireless minutes. It is unlimited calling under the stand alone plan. But it is fine and she loves making unlimited, nationwide calls with her home phone without having to pay attention to the time of day or the friends and family list. Anyway, there are different ways to set up the accounts depending on your needs. I think for my mother in law we did the contract and for my mom we did not.

The Verizon stores are supposed to have an operating HPC demo and mine had 2. They were using both Panasonic and Uniden so I went with one of them on the replace. I do have a query into Vtech why there phones are not compatible with the HPC and it was the first Verizon ran into the issue so maybe it was just that model series of Vtech. The pictures in the above aryicle show a Vtech phone, but they could have just been staged pictures. Be aware that if you switch to the Home Connect phone and you decide it does not work for you within 14 days , it may take a week or two to restore your original landline service.

I could not get acceptable service with the Home Connect phone, dropped calls, etc. On the 12th day, I did an order with verizon landline service to restore my old phone and original number that was ported to the wireless Home Connect phone.

It has been two weeks and my original service is finally to be installed tommorrow. It is not the same thing to port a number back to landline service as you can see from my post.

The rules are different. This transfer back and forth was verizon wireless to verizon. Make sure you have a good signal on your cell phone in same house that you plan to install the Home Connect. To avoid future hassles with porting your home phone , consider porting your number to Google Voice.

After that, you can easily switch from one service to another, without the hassle of porting your number. But to keep the costs under control, check the web for advice from others who have documented how to do this. I made the comment to them that if you build for dinosaurs you eventually become one. Fortunately I have a 92 year old mother who will have land lines for the duration.

I recommend not porting your landline over to the HPC wireless service until you thoroughly test the device with using your cordless phone. This would allow you to use your hard wired phones with your current landline phone number and the cordless phone with the temporary wireless number VZW issues you at the time you purchase the HPC device.

I got my HPC about 2 weeks ago and it works great. I have it at my business. I took it to my home about 15 miles away, out in farm country, to see if it would work. I had to move it around and put it by a window to get the first signal strength indicator to light, but then it seemed to work fine.

We have cordless phones in the house, and a corded phone in the barn, which is connected to the house wiring. We did disconnect the phone co. When I answer in the house my wife answers in the barn, she can hear us talking, but she cannot talk.

We found out that we cannot use both phones at the same time. I discovered that someone plugged a line into the phone jack and into the home connect, that explained the sudden issue with the line yesterday loud clicking and inability to dial out.

I spent 45 min with tech support today and they tried everything. Has this happened to anyone? Would recommend to anyone. Glad to be away from comcast…… Love it!!! I bought a hpc connected it ok got a dial tone ok and started receiving calls within two days with my same number.

I do not get caller ID or call waiting. I get the telephone number only, no name. And no one on the other end knows who is calling. I have spent hours on the phone with the Verizon people and the tech people. I am given the runaround. No one seems to know what to do. Shame on them and who is in charge? I have been using the HPC for over six months and the service is excellent. No dropped calls, clear signal. I have the HPC plugged into my wall jack so all phones in the house are on the system.

I have my answering machine hooked up as well, so I do not have to use the Verizon voice mail service unless I want to. A definite money saver over our old landline service. I had and existing family plan with two cell phones and added the HPC. I also ported my existing home number to the new wireless line.

It was not an option. I had two different verizon reps tell me that the unit would not function without the additional plan.

Verizon would not let me do it. I ended up shipping the unit back and eating the restocking fee. As for the performance I think it was adequate if you have no access to a normal wired phone provider. Initially, there was quite an echo when I made calls using the HPC.

I moved the unit further away from my cordless phone base unit and the echo went away. I have lines running to abouty 8 or 10 outlets, I have two Sat recievers that have a phone connection and 7 telephones in various places ranging from a new corded handset to a wireless 6.

I then came upstairs and left the one phone hooked into one jack and ran a cord from the other jack on back to the wall jack where that phone used to plug in. In testing with my cell phone, I found that every single phone works as well on the HPConnect as it did the land line.

Plus now, no one can disable my phones by attacking phone line in at Customer Servioce Box on outside wall. Hooked up my hpc disconnected phone wires on outside at the. And i lost my internet service uverse said you need the telephone wire for your internet.

Tested 7 phones against my cell phone, both ways …. Found out you dont need to disconnect anything!!!! Just Plug your hpc device to phone and you are all set to go. I am interested in hearing from small business owners that have used this device. We mostly use our current business line as an answering machine. Are there any other business options available? Can you use the Home Connect as a wireless broadband and do away with Internet all together?

Hello, I was wondering if there was any way to keep my internet service DSL through the phone line and still be able to plug the HPC into the phone jack so that all of our jacks are active.

I hope that made sense! Can you plug your satellite receiver in as normal when you convert the house to HPC? Everyone else can call me. Anyone else have this issue? Otherwise you have to be really good at quick dialing on your phones.

I want to here from the guy w ooma? Do you still like it? My parents have it so. So far they like it, but its only been a few months. We tried this system earlier this year and it was a total bust. Save yourself a hassle and stay away from this. Big waste of time. I use magicJack, and it works great. I called VW to disconnect one line we have 2 cell phones because my husband passed away 3 weeks ago.

During the same call, the VW rep asked me if I would be interested in the Home Connect program and briefly explained it to me. He said it would save me a lot of money we have been with Vng for our land line service. Absolutely must save a lot of money since I am now the only one bringing in money both of us on SS so one has now been dropped. He handled all the tech issues I am totally clueless when it comes to this and we operate a business from the home so it is critical that I have good, clear phone service at all times that works all the time.

The package from VW just arrived today and I have not opened it. Cell phone calls often drop from our location in the mountains. Did the rep take advantage of a very recent widow or am I overthinking this? I am in tears over this, let alone all of the other issues I have to tend with right now!!!! The call quality is spotty at best, and if I lived in the mountains esp.

You should have time to decline the service at least 14 — 30 days. In terms of cost, yes, it can be less expensive, but the quality of the calls is pretty rotten. Just set up HPC with one corded phone. Everything works, except that the ringer volume is so low you can barely hear the phone ring. Tried adjusting ringer volume on phone. Tried swapping out two other phones. Same problem on all three intruments. These are all corded old desk phones with an actual metal bell inside. These worked fine with our VOIP service.

Do I really need to go buy a new instrument? Modern corded phones are so flimsy. You grab the handset and the base comes flying with it. Nancy — thank you so very much for responding and your sympathy comment. It is very much appreciated. I think I will take your advice and probably not even open the box.

If anyone else has any comments about my earlier post today, it would be greatly appreciated! Again, thank you Nancy!!!! I tried the Verison hone service. I tried to work with them to fix but, they could not change the clarity of the calls. When employed, I will cancel them no matter what it costs. Everyone needs to understand the reception will be similar to what you get with your VW cell phones.

If you have decent cell phone coverage, you should have HPC coverage that is similar. However, when I got new cordless phones, it worked better than my land line and was much cheaper. I just moved the HPC to her house and can now dial her on that phone, if the other is not working. Thank you both so much for answering my post. Therefore, I am going to return it unopened based on your recommendations.

This site and your posts are gratefully received. Thank you so very much!!!! It worked a few times than stopped I guess. They never notified me and turned my phone off. I tried to access online web account account and it was locked. This stopped me from seeing why auto payments was not working.

Then I call and they say I can only do cash payments now and wont unlock my online account. Other than that… the home connect worked pretty good.

But due to the above issue and yet another earlier issue with home connect I will never use verizon again. We have been using the HPC for a few months and it is working fine except for one thing. When someone calls us the caller hears 3 rings before our house phone rings once. Since we answer on the second or third ring that means the caller hears 5 or 6 rings before we answer.

Most callers hang up before we get to the phone. They told me they could sell me the triple play. I bought my cell phone there an then came the bait and switch.

I just got the Home Phone Connect and read threw this blog prior to its arrival and before install and I need to say that in reference to all the stuff on here about the V tech phones not working with the system. All I have in my home are V-tech phones 3 and they all work just fine. I almost went and bought a new one so glad I did not. The install was easy, the best part is since it uses a duplex receptacle, you have more options where you can move the phone as long as you have the bars.

Call quality for me is no different then it was threw my cable company actually its a little better. I have noticed that as stated in a few of the prior posts the phones do not seem to ring as loud as they use to.

And yes I checked the ringer status , not sure why but I think with the savings I am getting I can deal with it.

For the complaints in some of the blogs that no one told them about faxes , alarm system etc not working , all I can say is had to have been the rep they had mine asked me 3 times if I had anything linked to my phone as in fax , internet, alarm , etc.

But that is all I can say is hidden and not disclosed on the sale. So if you want to cut your phone bill in half and do not want it to affect the cell min.

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