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How to Access Outlook Web Access Work Email From Home

And Chris Spruill may be correct that some sort of webmail access might already be available. If you have questions about the system requirements, call or email your IT department. You can find this on your Home screen. If you don't know these, contact your IT department. Your work computer needs to be connected to the network in order to be accessible to a remote computer.

Accessing your work email from home helps you stay on top of important communications. Outlook Web App -- formerly called Outlook Web Access -- enables you to access your company email account when you are unable to use the Microsoft Outlook desktop email client.

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Access your Outlook email when you're at home using the Web browser on all your devices. Depending on the type of account you have, a few methods are available to manage your email. View your personal Office , and Hotmail email on any Web browser using the website. Sep 02,  · If your work is using an Exchange server there are two options - directly connecting via VPN or Outlook Web Access. In either case you still need to contact your IT dept If your work uses POP or IMAP email then all you need is the server settings to be able to connect to your email. If your company does use microsoft services then you might have online interface then you can access it from any browser using Outlook web access.. If you’re talking about outlook desktop application, you need to have outlook installed on your machine and it needs some configuration which will be provided by IT support team by your office.