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Work at Home Hawaii

After Europeans and mainland Americans first arrived during the Kingdom of Hawaii period, the overall population of Hawaii, until that time composed solely of indigenous Hawaiians, fell dramatically. Hawaii's very high cost of living is the result of several interwoven factors of the global economy in addition to domestic U. Located in Waipahu, PT Hawaii is dedicated to providing individualized, comprehensive evaluation and treatment programs for conditions of the musculoskeletal and nervous system. The winner in the "most lucrative" category: Their mythologies in particular demonstrate local reworkings of commonly shared tales.

27, Work From Home jobs available in Hawaii on Apply to Customer Service Representative, Customer Support Representative, Reservation Agent and more!

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What I have learned is that ad placement and color scheme have an effect on click ratio for adsense ads. I probably will stick with this for a while and experiment with placement and color schemes to see if these changes will make a difference. Plus, the ads are very intrusive. Plus, associatedcontent pays an incentive for page views to articles I wrote. This is a good income generator. No big bucks but steady bucks.

What I have been doing is writing articles for my blogs and submitting these same articles to associatedcontent. What this accomplishes is added content to my blogs and some direct income for the articles. But we shall see. For instance, Doctor Wong does a heart surgery on Joe Q. During and after the surgery, Dr. Wong dictates notes about the operation that are recorded. These notes are then forwarded to a transcriptionist, who may be employed by the hospital where the operation took place, self-employed and doing contract work for the hospital, or employed by a medical transcription company contracted by the hospital.

According to the United States Department of Labor, medical transcriptionist jobs are projected to grow 14 percent in the next ten years.

This makes sense because older people require a greater number of tests, treatments, operations, and procedures. Most of these require documentation. And medical transcriptionists are needed as part of the medical records documentation process. I couldn't find any job postings for transcriptionists at Queen's but I did find one local listing that may be worth a look for those interested.

What are requirements to be a transcriptionist? Understandably, most employers want transcriptionists who have experience. Additionally, employers seek transcriptionists who have completed post-high school training in transcription work.

Here in Hawaii , medical transcription classes are offered by at least one of our local community colleges— Hawaii Community College on the Big Island. Nationwide and online, numerous options exist for transcription training and certification.

What do transcriptionists get paid? In some situations, particularly for work-at-home transcriptionists, the pay is based on production rather than time. In other words, the transcriptionist is paid by the number of lines he or she produces. What this means that fast, accurate, and adept transcriptionists can potentially make more money in eight hours than a transcriptionist who works for an hourly wage. For more information and suggestions about working as a medical transcriptionist, there is a good article on Associated Content here.

For anyone considering creating a website for a work-at-home business, I found this video link while browsing the net. I signed up as an affiliate. Am considering whether to take the full plunge with this company. The results look impressive.

Take a look and see what you think. Wednesday, February 27, Hibeam. Posted by Dayle Turner A significant increase in the number of telecommuting work-from-home jobs in Hawaii if bills being presented in the Hawaii state legislature are passed, according to an article in a recent edition of the Pacific Business News.

If passed, the bills, Senate Bill and House Bill , would give employers in Hawaii tax credits based on the number of telecommuting workers they employ, the number of hours those workers log, and the location of the company. According to results of a study by the Dieringer Research Group conducted in , the number of telecommuters in the United States has increased by 65 percent in the last three years.

And if the new bills are passed by Hawaii lawmakers, that number will spike in the Aloha State. Saturday, February 16, Shutterstock. Make money from your digital pics. Nowadays, it seems like just about everyone has a digital camera. While that may not be true, just about everyone has a cell phone and most cell phones of today have built-in digital cameras.

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I read one guy's review of shutterstock. Other sites similar to shutterstock. Wednesday, February 13, Is working at home a good fit for you? For those wondering what I did as a loan adjustor, basically I was a debt collector. In other words, I called up or visited face-to-face people who had fallen behind on loan payments to the company.

As an adjustor, I was given some latitude in negotiating repayment terms with delinquent customers. For instance, I was able to waive late fees and in some cases delinquent interest payments. I was fortunate to have the company pay for my parking big issue and headache, particularly for folks working in downtown Honolulu.

Plus, I got a mileage allowance if I had to go out in the field to collect debts. I mention all this here because I could have very well done much of my work from home. An ABC news bit about the pros and cons of working at home posed some questions to determine how good of a fit a work-from-home situation would be for people.

And those questions included. Are you highly disciplined and goal-oriented? Can you be effective without a support system? Do you have a dedicated work space? Can you thrive without office camaraderie? Can you work well without constant direction? Can the work you do be done from anywhere? People who can answer yes to all these questions will find that working home will be feasible.

Saturday, February 9, Site Review: Loking for a telecommuting job i. If you do, there is a site called telecommute-jobs. Did some checking and couldn't find anyone calling telecommute-jobs. In fact, the site has the Better Business Bureau stamp of approval.

Ditto for the Internet Trade Bureau. You can post your resume for free there. And if you are an employer in which case you likely wouldn't be reading this blog you can post job listings there, also for free. A good thing is that telecommute-jobs.

At the site's FAQ, they say that " only 3 out of every purchasers ever request a refund from us. I searched but could not locate a testimonial link from satisfied subscribers who landed telecommuting jobs through the site.

To be honest, by clicking on the links to the site above, I have an affiliate link affixed to them. And if you want to keep me out of the loop because you don't trust me, click here to go to the site sans affiliate link. The catch is that there are a glut of wannabe reviewers and not a whole lot of websites to review yet?

Anyway, you might want to check this site out. Saturday, February 2, Envelope stuffing for bucks.. The short answer is no. Yes, it is true that there is stuff to stuff in an envelope, but the "stuff" inevitably is a letter soliciting folks to get into the stuff-envelopes-from-home-to-make-bucks biz. What happens is that even though people realize they've been scammed, they'll pursue it. And who knows, maybe, just maybe they'll hit it big.

My suggestion is to look for opportunities that you feel good about, that are based on honesty, and that you are truly interested in, and not just the money part of it. That, in my opinion, will lead to success. Friday, February 1, January income update. Well, the first month of has come and gone and it is now the time to report on how the month went earnings-wise for my first push at work-from-home online entrepreneur. Here is the lowdown for the month Inboxdollars. Thursday, January 24, A Hawaii writer's resource: For everyone living here in Hawaii, one of the things we're experts at is what it's like to live in Hawaii.

We are experts about where the best place is to buy groceries, to get gas, to watch movies, to go for a hike. You will be able to reach them via phone at any time. One of the most unique and exciting benefits we offer is the Team Member and Family Travel Program, which provides reduced hotel room rates at many of our hotels for you and your family. Hilton is a global company with nearly endless opportunities for growth and advancement for Team Members that exceed their goals, deliver top performance and reach their potential.

We currently hire from the following states: You can take this job with you just about anywhere you are relocating! Enjoy the benefits of your very own vacation villa, without the hassles of second home ownership. A revolutionary new brand that is simplified, spirited and grounded in value for guests with a zest for life and a desire for human connection.

Human Hospitality in a Digital World. Benefit packages available Global hospitality leader with a trusted name and product Stable year-round work, not seasonal. Reservation Sales Our talented Reservation Sales Specialists serve as the first point of contact for our hotel brands. What kind of computer equipment do I need? Monitor High Speed Wired Internet wireless not permitted Surge Protector Home Office Space free of background noise and distractions We provide a portion of the technical hardware equipment including: What does the online training program entail?

Please see below for more details: Your Hilton journey begins with an online orientation offered at a variety of times on Tuesdays and Thursdays Training sessions will be available for you to schedule Monday through Friday and are offered at a variety of times Start times will be as early as 9am and as late as 6pm Central with each learning session lasting approximately 4 hours in length Team members are empowered to schedule their own learning sessions based on their availability to attend each day Max 2 sessions per day Team members will complete assessments along the way to ensure their success on the job.

After training, you will gain realistic, practical experience with supportive coaching and feedback to meet daily customer service and sales goals Total training length consists of 14 learning sessions, for a total of approximately 56 hours of training time.

What if I have a question during a customer call? Who do I call if I have technical problems? Do I get the same benefits as a traditional job? How much money can I make while working from home?

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Want to work at home in Hawaii? It's tougher to find a remote job but not impossible. Check out this list. Find Honolulu, Hawaii Work From Home jobs and career resources on Monster. Find all the information you need to land a Work From Home job in Honolulu, Hawaii and build a career. Hawaii also has several biomedical and research companies and is home to many well-respected colleges and universities, including the University of Hawaii, Hawaii Pacific University, and a .