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Claimed Profile Review this company. Carnival is a fun job as your working with vacations all day. Since its a call center, it is nearly impossible to get PTO approved for when you want it and if you are not one of the top performers, you will probably work a shift no one wants. Learn More about Shipboard Employement. Unless you have been living under a rock for a few decades, you've heard of Carnival Cruise Lines. Typical day at work answering phone calls all day long.

Carnival Culture. For over 40 years, Carnival has strived to provide a comfortable, "Fun" working environment for its employees and has created a number of forward-thinking programs that offer unique opportunities for professional and personal growth.

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Advice to Management Managers and their subordinates are the front line engaging directly with customers. Pros A very Professional Cruise lines Company.

Cons need to understand more crew who make the ship and company. Pros Free meals and place to stay. Cons Long hours, management is dissaster. Pros cruise benefits and great passengers. Cons on your feet for very long periods of time.

Advice to Management Learn to treat your employees better and make them feel valued,. Cons I have no cons for company. Pros Public company with a great product. Cons The cruise benefit is not a benefit.

Showing of reviews. Previous 1 2 3 4 5 Next. Are you sure you want to remove this review from being featured for targeted profile? Horrible work environment but good opportunity. It was an experience to be able to travel the world. However, the hours are absurd. There are no days off and HR did little to nothing to help you. I had a smelly roommate and asked multiple times to switch rooms and was never once granted this request.

I got in trouble and treated like a criminal for literally trying to clean my sheets once as I am allergic to laundry soap.

They freaked out on me and told me I could be fired for doing so. No where is it listed on the entire ship that this activity is frowned upon. Also I worked in the youth program where everything was broken, toys, televisions, and the sound system.

It was pathetic that a multi billion dollar company couldn't do something as little as fix these things. Very stressful if this is something you depended on for your sole income.

The lack of cohesiveness between Arise and Carnival is ridiculous. I had a MS flare and had to take time off and I just could not justify putting myself back into that situation. There was great joy in talking to different people from different states, cities. That was the easy part but you always knew the clock was ticking.

Carnival people were helpful and that was a plus. Their motto was as long as the guests are happy. If there was confusion time was never spent with that individual to help them. Booked cruises, Hotels, Air, Shore excursions, and dining. I love customer service. My work days were exciting and fun. The hardest part of my job was customers that were unhappy, but then i would assure them that I would solve their problem and make them happy again.

A very challenging job personally. Loved working there great co workers and managers. Very competitive and quick paced. Have to be on point at all times. Made good money there sand loved the hours the required Me to work.

Productive, slow at times. Typical day at work answering phone calls all day long. Helping with customer complaints, payments, and bookings. Management was non existent as this job was contracted and you worked from home. Ability to work from home. Overtime available during wave. Can earn a decent salary if you are willing to put in lots of extra hours, up-sell everything and learn to sell the fun. Be prepared to take call after call after call for long hours with very few breaks.

Burnout is the danger here. Hours are set, you can swap with other employees, health benefits, the ability to work from home. Management is pretty good except for some who are just there to clock their hours in. The job responsibilities are always changing. Just when you get comfortable they add something new for you to do.

Also, dealing with rude people who only call to ask questions instead of making bookings takes a huge toll on your attitude for the rest of the day and you are expected to act as if nothing happened for the next call that comes in not even 5 seconds later. There is an option to work from home almost immediately following the training. Good price for stock option. Can't beat working from home directly for a company and getting full benefits. Call volume during busy season will feel overwhelming at times.

No flexibility when it comes to schedule changes other than finding someone to swap a shift with. For example a part time position. This may decrease your employment turnover. Loud Work Environment, beware! The customers and travel agents can be a pill at times to deal with but an ok job. The position takes escalated calls fron every dept Not enough money to live off of in MiamiWork from home Discounts on cruises, and you can work from home.

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Find great jobs with Carnival Cruise Lines that offer remote, part-time, freelance, or flexible work options. Get started at FlexJobs for a better way to work! Management was non existent as this job was contracted and you worked from home. The hardest part of the job was finding the hours to work as Carnival hired to many contract customer representatives and did not supply the hours to match/5(K). The Latest Work at Home Job Leads, Home Business Ideas, and Extra Cash Opps to Your Inbox! Subscribe Today! Home» Reservations Jobs» Carnival Cruise Lines Hiring Home-Based Reservations Agents! Carnival Cruise Lines Hiring Home-Based Reservations Agents! December 19, By Lisa Mills. Pin. Share 1. Tweet.