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What is Council Tax, do I have to pay and what happens if I don't pay?

An application for this reduction must be made in writing to the local authority. Many enquiries can be sorted out on the spot. This decision automatically sets the amounts levied on all types of households and dwellings. I have heard strange noise? I can't work out what I should do next. This six-year limit is specifically included in legislation via regulation 34 3 of the Council Tax Administration and Enforcement Regulations There are some special circumstances when the time limit of 31 December can be extended.

You don’t usually have to pay business rates for home-based businesses if you: You may need to pay business rates as well as Council Tax if.

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What is Council Tax?

Your Council Tax bill - how to work it out, You won’t have to pay any Council Tax if everyone in your home, including you, you won’t be paid more than £ a week;. For more information about help with council tax, If you own caravans or mobile homes – if you live permanently in a caravan or mobile home you will pay the council tax. People who have a fixed caravan as a holiday home will pay business rate. I can't work out what I should do next I don't understand Is there anything else you'd like. What is Council Tax, do I have to pay and what happens if I don't pay? What is Council Tax? Who pays Council Tax? The full Council Tax charge is based on two or more adults living in the property, so if there is only one .