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How to check your work email at home

Brian Aug 24, 9: Learning helps us to be more adaptable and flexible to new situations. Select "Email, Calendar, and Contacts" from the list of account types. Unlike genuine experts who have reached stage 5. What we can control however is how we feed our minds and our bodies. Use dot points and make it easy for the recipient to reply with short answers.

Sep 02,  · bigk, first check with your work to make sure they allow an email protocol that can be accessed outside of your office. If you are using Outlook

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This will require some configuration on your part. Setup for email programs vary, however your email program will ask for the following information: In the Your Name box, type your full name the way you want it to appear to other people. In the E-mail Address box, type your e-mail user name followed by yourcompany. Under Server Information, do the following: In the Incoming mail server POP3 box, type mail. Under Logon Information, do the following: In the User Name box, type your user name provided by your company.

In the Password box, type your password. Select the Remember password check box. To verify that your account is working, click Test Account Settings. It can free you from long hours in the office and enable you to respond quickly to important or urgent issues. You may feel better not having a full inbox when you log on in the a. For some professions, it is just part of the job. Maybe you work with people across different time zones.

On the downside, constantly being available online translates into more work hours. Younger workers and men are more likely to be in constant contact. The more money you make and more education you have, the more likely you are to be among those frequently connected. First, it can seriously intrude on your personal life. Working around the clock can cause serious health problems too. A piece in Medical Daily cited a recent study in the journal Chronobiology International that found that checking your work email at home, or taking a call from the boss on weekends, could lead to psychological, gastrointestinal, and cardiovascular problems.

The Do Nots:

Access your Outlook email when you're at home using the Web browser on all your devices. Depending on the type of account you have, a few methods are available to manage your email. View your personal Office , and Hotmail email on any Web browser using the website. Don't check work email outside of work hours Posted on 27 March • Comments Derek Powazek has been blogging a lot recently about things he’s learned the hard way, and the posts are solid nuggets of wisdom as well as nice little personal stories, so I thoroughly recommend you read them. It is recommended to create a separate account in your mail client and access the work email directly via pop or imap from the work mail sever if you really must. Then you can also decide whether or not you look into that separate account at home.