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You get attendance points if you call in sick or have a family emergency such as a death no excuses. I have completed it and sent it back. I received my email from the trainer and just received the email for payroll today. My advice would be to make sure nothing unexpected comes up in your life or will be tossed. The Work Will Involve. There are monthly bidding schedules as well as trading schedules or giving away your schedule to another employee if you need a day off.

Join our Enterprise Holdings team. A job in Work from Home at Enterprise Holdings may be waiting for you! 68 Work from Home Jobs Filtered by. Work From Home Reservation Sales Representative Jackson - TN - US; Work From Home Reservation Sales Representative Stillwater - OK - US;.

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Now let me say this.. But… The people you encounter on a daily basis can make this great job very difficult and stressful. Selling reservation is not hard at all, you just have to make a ridiculous rate sound attractive,lol.

Now you do have those ppl that know what they want and make it real easy for you. I have 15yrs of call center experience and this is my first time doing sales. Booking the reservation is one thing but your commission is based on them actually picking up the car. Good luck to you and anyone else who decides to apply..

I was hired to work from home no sales I need advice on the modem. Mine has 4 ports. Will the phone hook up to one of the Ethernet ports? I would love any advice. I have never had it put in that tone before.

Any advice or support would be great — especially about the phone because my Ethernet cable and phone will be hooked into the same modem.

Amelia — I was offered my employment today too.. I start Nov 2… Where are you located? I am in Colorado Springs.. I would love to hear more.. My email address is Jennifer. I have my first interview Monday.

Can you advise me of what to expect on the first interview and what you think are the deciding factors on getting a second interview? Can anyone who works here tell me the hours and days you work i. I am just trying to get an idea. Nava, I have heard reservations work Mon-Fri hours vary based upon business needs. They will give you a list of hours to choose from once you are offered the job. I work reservation sales and I work every weekend thru-Fri off Good luck to ya!!

Thank you Tee can you give a brief overview of the interview process. I was set up for an assessment and I passed that. I am now going on to my first phone interview sometime this week.

Can you provide a brief rundown on the job interview process? Thank you for answering me Tee — I was a little confused when I was reading the authorization email.

I was like why do you need a credit check for this position? Anna, they recently changed the structure of the reservation reps. Basically, all reservation positions are now considered sales positions, and the pay scale was adjusted accordingly. The hourly pay is lower, and everybody can qualify for production based bonuses. Lawlesslass, there is no average. So there is no set base amt.. So, my husband got an email requesting that he do the online assessment for the Bilingual Reservation Rep position.

We were waiting for him to do the online assessment until we upgraded our Windows system on our computer which would be some time this week in order for him to feel more confident with the test. Somebody called him today to follow up and see if he got the email. He said the lady was very polite and explained to him that the assessment could be done on any computer, for example, in a library, as long as it was running the proper system.

So, we headed to the library tonight, my husband started the assessment, but it only took him about 20 minutes or so! After he submitted his answers to the first part he received a message thanking him and that somebody would be contacting him within the next couple days. Does anyone know why he was not taken to the simulation part of the assessment?

Is it possible to not pass that first part and not be taken to the second part? Thanks so much, and good luck to all who have applied! They are hiring in my area. My husband and I work different shifts and we hardly see each other except every other weekend, and I have my three year-old granddaughter those weekends as well.

Reservation Rep no sales,no commission is Mon-Fri. I can tell you now the hours you are seeking is not available,like with starting any job you will get some late hours, nothing starting before 10 or 11am depending on ur time zone Yes they are eight hr shifts.

Good luck to you. Hello Patty, There are all sorts of options for scheduling. Some work M-F some do not. I have a question, Im coming into my last week of Training and was told that you will know by Friday if you move on to work with Enterprise, has anyone not made it thru? I think Im doing pretty well but would like to know if there is ant feedback on moving forward.

Janice, first let me ask who is ur trainer? Secondly, if u made it this far without any major hiccups then you are fine. To get let go during training is rare, unless you miss days and are not meeting tech requirements or you are totally not getting it. Those will be the reasons I see u not moving fwd, but I highly doubt they would take u to the end of training and let u go, cause by this point you have signed all ur Hr paperwork and set up all ur passwords.

Good luck to ya. Any current employees up here? I am in my 4th and last week of training for the RSR position. I am really exhausted. I must say now that we are taking calls, it is very tiring. I do not have a sales background and this is all new to me. Pushing people to book vehicles is a lot of work! This job is not for the faint of heart.

If you are easily stressed, it is not the job for you. A sales background would really help. I see my classmates who come from sales jobs are doing great! I love the pay and all the perks and bonus opportunities, just would like to hear any positive stories from people who are still working for Enterprise? Katrina, what u are feeling is normal. I am currently a RSR.

I just completed my 90 days. I thought the s. Same thing in training class. Take it day to day one call at a time. Start trying to develop a strategy to meet ur goals. I set different goals for myself everyday. Oh yea, KDB will be ur best friend. Read up on what it says and repeat it to the customer with confidence. Who is ur team Mgr? Wish u the best? I just have a question for current employees. I will be starting my training in July and I know the internet requirements.

I was wondering what company some of you have internet with. I previously worked at home and had att uverse internet I ended up having speed issues and had to switch providers.

Just would like some personal opinions on the best internet service to go with that are within requirement. Kim, i have cox as well. To this day i have not had any issues knock on wood the only thing i had to do was seperate my modem and my router to two diff units.

When rhey sent me my phone rhats when i found out about the issue. Hope rhis helps,good luck to u. I will tell you things that no one has let everyone know about. My first interview was the 1st week of Sept. I was on unemployment at the time, I was told if I was hired I would be in the Dec.

I thought wow have to wait 3 months, I WAS looking forward to it. No one contacted me to let me know about a one month delay. Also someone posted that thought training was a month, it is NOT is is two short weeks, in those 10 days it also includes getting your passwords, logging into a Payroll site and various other sites to pick up your emails before taking a call, you will only have a few minutes as they will not let you log into that site before your start time.

If you have call center experience it will be a big help and can type pretty fast as you have to work in two software programs with 2 passwords and 2 log in names for each reservation plus write them down, calls are back to back and VERY stressful. You will also be receiving a phone that you will be using a lot, you will need to call other offices and take calls on it, that is something else you need to learn how to use.

Some others besides me needed extra training, they offered 4 hours, I was told this on a Friday, the following week Mon. I was hired full time, as they offered me 4 hours extra training I would have thought they would still have me at 40 hours a week and not string me along for almost 3 weeks not knowing when they were going to call me, right now I have an appeal with unemployment pending.

Sharon sounds like you have been thru an ordeal. Yes the process does takes about 3months. Granted every thing is done over the phone and computer so that is too be expected. Again you are working even though u are at home u are still working. This no different, how professional would u sound with a baby crying or children playing in the back ground??

The training is very detailed and brief, hints to why everyday is crucial you are there taking notes. But you do get 1days every month for the first 7 months to use as you choose to. And you get ur benefits after 90days. Seeing as though this my first work from job the best advice I can give is this type of job is not for everyone, and you have to have your mind clear of distractions so you can focus. Because it is a wfh job things are a lot stricter cause you are held accountable for yourself.

I wish and everyone the best of luck. I love my trainer and I think everyone has had some jitters but we have learned a lot!! Any specific billing questions or complaints go to customer care! You have to be able to focus and training is so crucial so taking notes and being there constantly is something I reccomend to everyone! Like tiffany said, you get one day off extra per month for whatever plus u can have up to 5. The benefits start after 90 days and are awesome!!

I love being in the comfort of my home in slippers and PJs if I want. Easy and not bad at all. No job tells you absolutely every detail about it until you start. Also, I have worked in call centers before and can tell you from extensive experience that this job does not even require you to take care of half of the things other call center representatives have to take care of and be responsible for. I save so much time on my commute that can be devoted to studying. I can stay in my pajamas and socks.

It sounds like you had different expectations, but if this job is something you are upset by, I just wonder how you could work at any job. Also, it is very unethical to say most of the things you are saying. They are awesome people and the trainers are top notch!

I worked customer service for a wireless provider before this and let me tell ya this is a breeze!! And you work from home? Hey all, I so excited i was officially offerd the reservation rep position. I start on June I hope to meet some new friends………. Hello everyone, I applies for the reservation rep a couple of weeks ago. I got a phone call and email today about the first assessment. I was wondering if I need to go out and purchase a cheap headset for this assessment as I do not currently have a usb headset only have a wireless one.

I also was wondering what the reservation rep job entails: I assume having a playpen in my office would not be an ideal environment for this job.

Hi Nicole, No headset is needed for the assessment. Just speakers on ur computer. As far as your baby. They stress that in training and in the interviews. Just look at like this, how would u feel calling a company and hear kids playing or crying in the background will you honestly think that company is professional enough to have your busniess? And good luck to ya.. Hello I am worried about my internet hook up. On the tech requirements they send you it says something about if you have a multi port modem that has phone then you need to have a separate router for your phone.

How do I find out if it is going to give them issues with the phone we use from them. But when I called TWC they said I would have to hook a router up to get the ports open they want open since my modem and router is in one. Can someone please help me. My longest employment period was over a year, but it was an internship with a small business that did not give me a W-2 form, does anyone know of a solution to this?

I have my first phone interview tomorrow? Does anybody know what I should expect as far as questions. I am trying my best to prepare because I really need this position as a reservation sales rep. Anything would be great! Let me know what to prepare for. Time is of the essence now, they are calling me tomorrow at Prayers or silent thoughts welcomed as well.

Training is started on the new pay period. You will get a paycheck calendar in training. The pay is bi weekly so u should get ur first check two weeks after starting training. So next Friday Is payday.

Ur first check is mailed and u should get it the Tuesday following the payday. Then your direct deposit will start from then on out. Again all this will be given to you thru out ur training. I currently applied for a work at home reservation position and everything I have seen about the tech requirements just says a computer no Mac.

Does that mean we are aloud to use a lap top if we chose to do so? I am not seeing anywhere that it has to be a desktop. Hi Kristen, A laptop is allowed.

You just have to make sure it passes the scan test. They will provide you with all that info if selected for position. Hi, I have been hired for the reservation no sales i believe because it is only 3 weeks. I start june 1st! Can someone tell me what speed of internet they have and if they had other devices in the home connected while working?

Reading the comments i am very nervous about how strict they seem in training. I have waited a while to get this job and dont want to get fired over my internet right when i start! I have mediacom and am wondering if i should upgrade speed before i start.

Hi, If you got hired your speed should be goo. I had 15mbs mediacom which passed the test, but this weekend I upgraded to 50mbs and it was only 5 extra dollars. It also came with more GB per month. I upgraded to that too right before training! There were a lot more people in my class that had more issues than I did and honestly no one got fired so they are a bit more understanding than it seems. This is my last week of training. I had one tech issues last week, so I praying nothing happens this week.

Are you reservation sales or just reservations? Hi Latoria I saw where this is ur last week of training.. I have a question when did ur trainer get in contact with u before u started training… Thanks in advance! I have another question, If say you needed to move after training, can you move in the same city and still be able to keep your position?

And you will have to pass the computer scan again,and be up and running within a certain time frame. I was hired last week here in Suwanee Ga, I am nervous, it has been a long time since i have had a call center job. Anything that I can do before I start training to get accustomed to the job? I worked in a call center for over 8yrs. I must say if you have had call center experience you will get a custom really quick. The job is not hard at all. Once you get use to the system it will be a breeze..

Alex just relax, they will train you on everything you need to know.. Oh thank you for your reply, I am a little nervous, but from the comments here it seems to be a good job that is not that stressful. Alex, you will be fine.. Good luck in training.. I ended up having to switch from a all in one router to having them separately. Hi Tisha, I went to my bank Wells Fargo. Good luck to you..

Hey Everyone, is anyone in the Atlanta Area and can refer me to someone who can complete a notary for my I9? I got an email a few moments ago saying my background check and everything are in progress and they will contact me as soon as they receive a finalized report. I am just confused because I received a email copy of the report yesterday. So they should have it. Unless they are waiting for everything to be put together and offer me the job.

I hate waiting lol. Talor the company that does the background reports for Enterprise automatically sends that to you when they have completed running the background check. You can contact them directly at the number on the email to find out specifically where you are in the process.

If they have giving any indication of your training class date that is more than likely when you will start. K Lynn, Hey, I thought for the first year and the first seven months after you finish training you get 1 paid day off each month. Then after you compete a year you get 12 days. Can you not use them when you need to? Latoria you get what they call a choice day each month. But your receive attendance points for using these paid days off.

Attendance is very strict. They did not explain this to mee. So after a year if you want to take a vacation you can possibly get points and get fired? May you tell me the name of the company that does the background check so I can keep an eye out for it. I completed my second interview on may 6th and waiting to hear back.

Hi Tan, Only thing now is to wait until training starts provided your internet and computer are up to speed,. I got the email that has a copy of my background check.

They have everything now. After you received the email how long did it take them to call you? Hi Lynn, I got my job offer and I filled out all the documents and sent back days I needed off within the 24hour period. Is there anything else that I need to do before training? I already made sure ISP came out to check everything. Crissy87, I was feeling the exact same way They are only like that in training.. I had the same issue and was given a tech warning while in training.. Like you said just make sure your internet is on point..

Once out of training all those tech points go away and you start fresh.. I wish you the best and hopes everything works out.. Who is your trainer? Started training on April 27th. During the first week trainer announced that we could only get one whole point for tardies and most tech issues. Each issue would be a half point throughout training. My internet went out on the third day so if it happenes again I will loose my job. Which to me is not fair since it is something that is out of my control because there are only two internet providers in my area.

I left the other to get the job and lost my spot. Upset because I was patient with them during the long hiring process but they could care less about you. I am praying to just make it through my last two weeks to start work.

Make sure to have all your tech issues ironed out and use a timer for all breaks and lunch. Good luck to all that apply! Hello, I have done my background check form and just waiting to hear back. That was 3 days ago. How long does this normally take? I also had lot of addresses on my background. What happens if i missed one and it brings it up? Also how does the vacation and time off work?

I hope to get this job and get and good shift. I hate waiting lol and wish i would just hear from them. Talor Says it takes quite sometime… but not for the background check but to hear back from your employer or previous employer. Taylor as Henry mentioned it takes a while to hear back. I missed a few addresses as well not a problem.

Be aware is the strictest job I have ever worked as far as vacations and time off. You get attendance points if you call in sick or have a family emergency such as a death no excuses. I have heard from others that once they reached 6 points they lost their chosen work schedule. It is an amazing company to work for though. Does a year of work experience have to be the last job you worked?

Henry it took mine a whole month to come back. But one of my past employers took forever to respond. It depends on how long it takes your past employer to respond. Hi guys i was wondering if anyone knows how far they go back on backdround check………and as far as your location how would they know if u are not in the location u applied for…just curious. What is the difference between Reservation and Reservation Sales? Are the regular Reservations Agents not required to sale? Sale rep you have to use your master of persuasion to get the customers to book the reservation.

You have sales goals and incentives. Which if that is the position you were hired for you would definitely love to hear about in training. Either way welcome to enterprise.. Best of luck to ya. I got Reservation Rep. Training is just 3 weeks, and I will work M — F after that. I look forward to starting on Monday. Yes it looks like we have two different positions.

There is a reservation sales rep 4wk training and then there is reservation rep. Difference is program software u will use, and scheduling. I love it the system does all the work, no outbound calls etc.. Latoria the benefits are cool. Choice time is time you can use for anything. I worked in a call center the same amt of time. We are coming into the summer months so the call volume is picking up. Who is ur trainer? Tiffany, Thanks for the info. I was hired early but could not do the May training because of school.

Hopefully they will email me within the next 2 weeks. Congrats ladies, The job is great. As I said in previous post. Just make sure you keep your internet connection up to par. Get a ur appts out the way, I know things happen. I just finished training about two weeks ago. Good luck to you all.. I look forward to starting. I have worked for call centers for 10 plus years in retention, tech support, or sales.

I have a second phone interview tomorrow and was just wondering if it is like the first interview same questions. I was also told that training would be starting in June and is for 3 weeks from 7: I live in Las Vegas and was just wondering if anyone else applying for the at home position does? Hi Sabrina, I start in June but I was told 4 weeks.

It looks like we may be in the same class. Hi Latoria, Nice to meet you and looking forward to being in class with you. I think 4 weeks sounds better to me! I had my second phone interview and was moved forward to filling out background check.

Looking forward to being in class with you. We will be able to help each other out. I am located in Las Vegas as well. I just received my background check request. I have completed it and sent it back. I am really looking forward to this position. How are things going? Do you like it so far? My email address is: HI K Lynn, I was told the first check is mailed, and then you can get direct deposit. Does it take a while to get the first check? Hi Latoria, I started on Feb 2nd and received my first check on Feb 13th.

So you work 2 weeks before you get paid. They mail it from California a day or 2 before payday. I ended up actually receiving it on the 15th or 16th of February. Be sure to fill out your direct dep right away so that your 2nd check is direct deposited.

Congrats,we will be in the same class, but I was contacted today and told the date as changed to June 2. Sabrina, We may not be in the same class. Yes I double checked and mine is on the 2nd. I can an email that states in the subject Enterprise holding request and in the body of the email she stated that she would like to discuss the final step in the hiring process for the Work From Home-Rental Reservation Representative Position.

Is this a good sign that I have the job? I had my first interview today and the lady said that she will send out an email within 5 days so do they schedule the second interview the same time as the first interview.

I know they will cover this during training, but does Insurance start after the 90 day period, or on day 1? Lynn, I hear ya.. Pace yourself you will definitely get there. I set a goal for myself everyday and each day I try to surpass the goal for the other day. Hi Tiffany I have my second interview for this position tomorrow. Is this the last interview or will I have another one should I make it through this one?

Also, what should I expect in this interview? I read somewhere that if you have technical problems with your computer they will fire you. Hi, There are only two interviews and they recap from the 1st one with some the same questions just you have to go into details. Try not to answer the same way as the first one. They do give you a 24hr warning to get what ever tech issues resolved. All I can say is just make sure your internet provider has your service top notch and let them know you are looking to work from home with a VOIP phone so they can make sure your speed is able to handle what is needed.

I had issues the first week of training, but I resolved them in 4hrs so I was good. They have a tech team that will assist you as much as they can. They understand that power outages are out of your control. The bar for the goals are set a little high. Cause you actually are unsupervised so the attendance policy is a lot stricter than a normal call center. But my last call center job was pretty much the same with attendance. They needed all hands on deck as much as possible, Lol.

I can tell you have the determination in you. Good luck to ya.. I guess I am hard on myself. I love the job but want my numbers to look better and. I want that bonus LOL!! Hey Tiffany, I guess I should have been more specific. The actual job is a breeze and I enjoy interacting with the customers and assisting them. I guess I was referring to the potential for bonuses and the expectations of the company are a bit demanding.

Bonuses are extremely difficult to get and there are too many factors that eliminate you even when you have high capture percentage. Also attendance is extremely strict. If your child or you get ill, you receive attendance points with no exception.

Now that you have been doing job for awhile, how do you like working for enterprise? I just had second interview. Soo I will say this is job is not for everyone. The work from home concept is nice and you are probably thinking how hard can it be to rent a car..

If hired you are coming into the busiest season. So expect a very high call volume. Learn and ask as many questions in training. But there are scripts to follow. Good luck to you an whomever else is reading this.. I just take one call at a time. Hope all turns out well for you.

Congrats Tim, Just make sure you internet is up to par, they are really strict on that while in training. I just finished training and I love it.. Never had a problem with it before, so hopefully, that continues.

Glad your enjoying it. I have accepted a job with Enterprise Work From Home. I have to get the I-9 form filled out. Can this be done at any Notary? I contacted about 3 and all of them were familiar with the I-9 since they had been a notary for so long. They can come right to your house or meet you. Hey Lynn, My current supv moved from st louis to fl. Recently So i think it may very well be possible.

Good luck to ya , let me know what you find out. Hi, my name is Dee I applied for the position Friday, April 3rd. Someone called me and told me she emailed me the assessment.

What type of interview questions should I expect…. Thanks for your thoughts. Toya, At this point expect to be contacted within the following week upon you completing the steps in the hiring process. Also pack you some patience!!!! With everything being done virtually the process is long. I read your previous posts,, I know it takes a while. Wish you the best on your employment with Enterprise. Hi Tiffany, thanks for asking. So I applied for a customer service position at their actually office.

Waiting to hear back. Toya, your recruiter will email you regarding the assessment. I applied for the Atlanta area customer service. I took it on Thursday evening and nothing yet. What are the shift hours after training? Did anybody take the assessment that passed?

And if so, how did you know? I went through five parts and the last part was a live call? I had my 2nd interview last week,and got an email this morning that my background check and employment verification are complete.

I was told if hired,it would be for the May training class. I guess now the wait begins.. Hi i applied at Enterprise. A lady called me and she said she emailed me the assessment. So i did it! I did the question assessment only.. So if i only did the question assessment, do you think i could still get the job? They will not hire you. You have to complete everything, cause the virtual assessment is basically what you will be doing..

How long does it take for someone to contact me about the background check? I just received a copy for it in my email and everything is good. They usually contact you with the same week.. At least it did for me I think the next step is the job offer and next training class..

Lol ok well I know the lady told me the next training class is in May and she was making it seem like I was already hired. I was just wondering how long does it take for them to contact me and offer me a job but thank you. Yes I just received a call today and they offer me a job. I start on May 4. Once your background is done and you pass and they verify your employment you probably most likely got a job.

All is going great!! Glad to know you are doing good. They are doing the Valdosta GA area now. I applied on Tuesday, did the assessment yesterday. How long does it take to get a call back? I was wondering if anyone has sucessfully switched internet service providers after accepting an offer?

I am worried because my ISP is unreliable. How long does it take for the background check to usually come back? I submitted the background check last Friday. When I applied they just said the Ga area and the next hiring phase was for Columbus area only and they asked if you lived in that area before you began the application. If you decide to apply, good luck! Daniel, I would say yes. The demographics are based by the major cities in your state.

As long as you live within the area you should be fine. I had a similar experience and I was hired. So go for it and good luck to you. Quick question before I apply for this opportunity in my area. I see that some of the requirements are that one must live in TN. Then the next bullet point says one must live in the Nashville Metropolitan area. My question is concerning the wording. Can I apply if I live in a suburb of Nashville or not? I hope my question makes sense long day. I live in ga and they wanted to live in the metropolitan area of Atlanta and in my first interview she ask me how far was I from Atlanta ga and I explained that it was 20 miles and she still went on with the interview.

Just waitng for the background check to come back now. Vanessa you take quizzes almost daily during training but if u take good notes they are a breeze. Also ur trainer will usually give you a heads up if the material will be on quiz. Your quiz average and how you do during phone week determines if you pass training.

Make sure u follow their greetings and speaking procedures as closely as possible when answering the phones. Hi, I was wondering about the schedule. Is it a rotating schedule. Do they work with school schedules? Latoria training is a set schedule Monday through Friday 10 They will give u schedule s to choose from if offered position.

They vary from days to afternoons. Hey everyone, was hoping to get some insight into the 2nd interview. I have passed the assessment and been through the 1st interview. Just had the 1st interview yesterday and my recruiter called me today to schedule 2nd interview tomorrow morning!

I was asked some follow up questions from the first interview and then touched more on experience with customer service, why you want to work for the company, info on past jobs why you left,w hat you liked, etc.

If you are comfortable working alone, solving tech issues with your computer, working with different people changes in management. I have my 1st interview on Friday and reading all of your responses have made me more comfortable to pass on to the next stages. I have a friend who started back in September and she loves it! She is the one who recommended the job for me. And she did say to make sure to do some research on the company, which is what she did and they were very impressed with that as well, and they are strict but mainly in your first 90 days just like any other job.

Thanks for all the good advice though and wish me luck on my interview!!! Got the call today to set up my second interview. I applied mid Nov. So please be patient.. They do all the scheduling via email… Good luck to ya. My training is not till March sooo that could be why.. I tried my bank, I tried my parents job on post, and asked around a few places.

Nobody would do it because they said the way the forms are set up, they would be signing saying that they work for Enterprise at their corporate office. They ate already partially filled out and dated. After speaking with them, I understood what they were saying. Guess I will just have to wait and keep searching. It will work out… Let me know the outcome….

Hey Nicole, Do u have an enterprise rental location near you?? Maybe they have a notary there,who can do it cause they work for them.. I ran into a little trouble. I went to my bank but they would only fill out part of it. I ended up going to another branch to get section 2 filled out. It was a bit of a headache. There concern was that the form would state that they worked for Enterprise and asked me if enterprise would just sign the stuff themselves, send it to me, and they will watch me fill it out.

They told me that they felt enterprise was trying to have another person or company do the job that they are supposed to be doing. It has been a major headache! They made it into a legal thing and told me that I should try a lawyer or an assistant to get it done. I applied almost 2 weeks ago and I finally received an email to take the assessment on yesterday.

Today I rexe the email stating that I passed the assessment and I have my first phone interview Friday. First interview is basic questions about why you choose enterprise, about your last job. They will ask to give scenario on how you handle an irritate customer. They will give some background as to what the job entails. The first interview is about 30min or so. Just general get to know you questions. Just speak clearly, and relax. Good Luck to ya!!

Congrats on passing the assessment! I was asked about why I want to work for them, why I left my last job, how to handle irrate customers, a time I went above and beyond for a customer, if I could handle changes in management, and how I would troubleshoot an issue with my computer. It was about 30 min. Nicole make sure you know how to respond to behavior based interview questions. Both my interviews followed that format. I start training February 2. I applied in October so it takes awhile.

I finished my interviews. I start training on the 2nd too. Trainer sent me an email last night with some info. That reply was for Madison oops. I received my email last night also. I wonder if wireless headsets are allowed? Depending on which department you're in this may or may not be true. I've seen a lot of talent leave because they realized there was no chance of conversion, only to be replaced with people who were unqualified or inept.

Senior leadership will interfere with technical planning at the engineering level, which sometimes results in far reaching and negative consequences. If you suggest a better way of doing things they want you to explain in completely non-technical terms.

Again, you are marginalized, and they do it their way regardless. Senior leadership has a relentless pursuit of all things "cloud", completely convinced of it's superiority over the technologies they already own and use.

All the while unwilling to acknowledge that any problems with the latter are due to their lack of support and constant inference. Expectations are not clearly communicated so you never know if they're pleased with your efforts or what you might need to do differently. Rather than reprimand or counsel the offenders, everyone is expected to jump through hoops to accomplish any work until the new and improved procedures are finalized.

Eventfully things calm down, but until they do you're meet with a barrage of questions and a healthy dose of FUD. Once things settle down you're left with new rules and procedures when the old one's would have been more than sufficient, save for some minor enhancements.

Department meetings feel like high school assemblies, with all of the managers standing around the room watching over everyone. I don't know if it is intentional or not, but most people are bothered by it. Don't give people false hope about the possibility of conversion. Even if it is technically possibly, if you think it is improbable, be forthcoming with that.

Stop making technical decisions and let the engineers do their jobs. If they mess up, hold them accountable. That's part of the job; having your feet held to the fire. If someone presents a question or concern, no matter how obvious you may think the answer, or how negative you may believe they are being, show them respect by having an open dialogue and don't belittle or marginalize them. Change your policies so that contractors can be given performance based feedback relative to their job.

People need quality feedback, whether critical or positive. They also need to have clearly defined expectations. Work from home, flexible hours and have the opportunity to bid on different work schedules, very friendly co-workers and management. Busy, taking calls back to back for entire shift during peak season. I enjoyed the flexibility of being able to work from home. Your response will be removed from the review — this cannot be undone.

This will replace the current featured review for targeted profile. Are you sure you want to replace it? View All num of num Close Esc. How does your company compare? Get a free employer account to respond to reviews, see who is viewing your profile, and engage with your candidates. Follow Add a Review. Close Your trust is our top concern, so companies can't alter or remove reviews. Pros Working from home was about the only pro I can think of even though you felt that you were bulied.

Cons Consistantly bullied by Managers and their underlings made to feel like you were nothing and yet if you had years of experience that was not taken into account. Advice to Management Get new managers in who actually care and are not sucking up to you lot. Flag as Inappropriate Flag as Inappropriate. Pros flexible dress code and the opportunity for work from home, for IT employees.

Cons Large bureaucratic company, stuck in its ways. Advice to Management Listen to the new people. Join the Enterprise Holdings team. See Our Latest Jobs. Pros Long term contract with good opportunities to learn new technologies. Cons None at the moment for a contractor. Pros Work from home Customer Service Rep.

Cons Scheduling restrictions and isolation from outside world. Advice to Management Listen to employees. Pros Work from home, Great boss, Good organization culture.

Cons Limited on what you can do to help, team mates gripe Pros Compensation was great. Cons Path to management is long, almost felt unobtainable.

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Looking for a new career? View all open jobs at Enterprise Holdings today. There’s no better time to make a change. Work From Home Customer Service Representative. Canton, Ohio Enterprise Holdings/Enterprise Rent-A-Car/Alamo Rent A Car and National Car Rental seeks and values people of all backgrounds because every employee, customer and business partner is important. Agents who are bilingual in Spanish and French are needed. Sometimes, Enterprise has openings for its work-at-home internships for college students studying at specific universities. These opportunities for "brand ambassadors" are within Enterprise's CarShare program and are usually marketing focused.