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Hardware and software for home use

A second telephone line for your business phone, fax, and Internet access is also a plus. Then people can get a less chaotic and more purposeful start to the week, instead of just getting swept into a stream of tactical activities. The duties related to implementation of new IT products are allocated within system administrators according to their competence and skills. The purpose of a router is to take the incoming signal from your modem see cable needed below and distribute that signal to the requesting device. A modem for accessing the Internet, faxing electronically, and e-mail.

What hardware and software do you need for your remote office? How to Create a Secure Remote Office Environment You probably know the advantages of having your staff .

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Employers are recommended to provide telecommuting workers with equipment that they need to do their jobs efficiently and confidentially. Some organizations are very clear about the list of equipment they will provide and budget accordingly.

Many others wait for the workforce to request items and consider each item on its merits. An exception might be made if the worker only teleworks due to adverse weather or a personal appointment waiting for a plumber, for example. For a company whose budget can stretch, they would do well to stretch it to this item. For much smaller companies, or those whose budget is very tight, employees who want to telework should not push for equipment if it means the arrangement will not go ahead.

Implementing an equipment allowance would be a good place to start. These are not usually supplied as standard even by the bigger players, unless you are percent home based, so there needs to be a good argument for why the job requires this kind of hardware.

Designers, programmers, and those switching between multiple programs in the course of their work have a higher chance of being provided, or requesting, more than one monitor. Clearly defined and measured results tell the whole story. But if you are vague on expectations, productivity will decline. You get what you measure.

Approve specific work-from-home days. Designate specific work-at-home days of the week, for specific people, to optimize the right people being in the office together at the right times. Require pre-approval for specific work-at-home days vs. Avoid making Fridays work-from-home days. Here, I realize I am risking an unpopular point of view, but if you are a manager worried about general productivity, it can help to designate Friday as an in-the-office day.

But if performance is suffering, you might want to consider treating Fridays as a team day. You can always separately offer to your top performers to go home early on a Friday. Consider Mondays as work-from-home days. Monday can be a great day for people to take advantage of undistracted thinking and planning time away from the office. If you have a staff phone call first thing on Monday mornings, you can kick off the week, and reiterate strategic priorities and specific expectations.

Then people can get a less chaotic and more purposeful start to the week, instead of just getting swept into a stream of tactical activities. Providing flexibility is a good thing. If you do not travel, or if you do not need access to all of your files while you travel, you can just get the traditional desktop computer system. Make sure you have plenty of hard drive space, memory for running several programs at once, and a moderately fast processor.

If you're doing graphics work anything involving photo images, illustrations or animations , you'll need a much faster processor and as much hard drive space and RAM as you can afford. For obvious reasons, mainly because equipment in the technology world changes more often than some people change underwear, we'll not go into the technical specifications for the computer equipment you'll need in your office.

In addition to computer equipment, you'll also need a good telephone. Caller ID helps by allowing you to screen out telemarketers or other calls you can't take at the moment. A second telephone line for your business phone, fax, and Internet access is also a plus. There are work-arounds if you don't want to shell out the extra money for the additional phone line. For example, if you have a cell phone, which is recommended, you can use that number as your business line.

Or, if you have dial-up Internet access that uses your home phone line, you can have calls forwarded to your cell phone when you're online. There is usually only a dollar per month charge from the phone company to forward calls when the line is busy. The limitations here are, of course, the signal strength you get on your cell phone.

If you work from your basement there may be problems getting a good enough signal to actually carry on a conversation. If your cell phone service offers voice mail, you at least have the chance of getting a message left even if you can't actually talk with the person at the time. There are also services that answer calls while you are online and play the message immediately from your computer.

If you want to return the call you can disconnect and do so. Callwave and Pagoo are two of the most popular services. A surge protector is necessary, not just to give you additional outlets for your computer and its peripherals, but to protect your equipment. These are quite handy if you travel and need access to contact information, e-mail, or the web. Organizing Your Home Office.

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What Home Office Tech Should Remote Companies Give Workers? Tweet. Share. Share. Email. (VPN) can also allow staff to connect to your company network from home, so companies often foot the bill for this and have it set up as part of their internal IT system. accessing the network, installing work-based software on laptops or home PCs. Work From Home and Telecommuting Software for Remote Agent and Telework Call Center from Database Systems Corp. Provides work at home software with telecommute option for mobile workforce. Internet access to Virtual Call Center. Nov 18,  · Topic 7 – Teleworking TechMed scenario covers Hardware and software needed to allow staff to work from home. In the scenario: “Some administration staff from the hospitals are able to work from home.”. Key terms Equipment required: Hardware Computer / Laptop Webcam and.