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How to retrieve e-mail when away from home or work

Both compters are operating on Windows Vista and it is the new outlook package. All of the below suggestions require Internet access. Click the File menu and select "Info. Sign in to the Outlook Web App. Located in Denver, Chad Davis has been writing about technology for more than 10 years. Get great tech advice delivered to your inbox.

Access your Outlook email when you're at home using the Web browser on all your devices. Depending on the type of account you have, a few methods are available to manage your email. View your personal Office , and Hotmail email on any Web browser using the website.

Outlook for Android tablet

Outlook —get it now with an Office subscription. Buy now For home For business. Try now For home For business. Get more done on the go Stay more connected and productive with a clear, unified view of your email, calendar, contacts, and files. Outlook—the professional email and calendar app that helps you stay on top of what matters.

A more powerful inbox Get more done with robust, powerful features that help you focus on the emails that matter most. All-in-one calendar management Manage your calendar, share available meeting times, schedule meetings, and get reminders. Best with Office Work with and share Office attachments from your computer or from the cloud.

Shared calendars—schedule meetings and respond to invitations with ease. All the richness of Outlook, now available on your Mac. Outlook features to help you accomplish more. Discover Groups Create Groups to discuss, collaborate, and share files and notes with others. Buy now Try for free. Unified inbox Consolidate email from Outlook. Attach files Easily manage email attachments from multiple sites.

Side-by-side calendars The calendar interface has been optimized for readability and lets you manage multiple calendars both in side-by-side and in overlay mode. Full screen view Have multiple open messages thanks to our unique Full Screen mode support, or run two instances of Outlook in Split View.

Propose new time Propose a new meeting time from your inbox or calendar when a meeting invitation conflicts with another appointment on your calendar. How do Outlook and Outlook. Where can I find support? Microsoft Outlook with an Office subscription is the latest version of Outlook. Previous versions include Outlook , Outlook , and Outlook Outlook is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. Was this information helpful? How can we improve it?

Please fill in the feedback field before sending! Thank you for your feedback! Exchange server - Visit the login page for your Exchange server. For example, if your company is called "Interslice," your Exchange login page may be mail. Log in with your full email address and password. Enter your Office for Business or Exchange email address and password. If you don't know these, contact your IT department. Open your mail box. After logging in, you'll be able to open your account's inbox.

The process is a little different depending on if you're using Office for Business or an Exchange server: Office for Business - Click the app launcher button it's grid-shaped and select "Mail. Read and reply to your mail. Once you've opened your inbox, you can view, reply, and compose messages much like you would with other mail clients and websites.

Your folders will be displayed on the left side of the screen, and your messages in the middle. Selecting a message will make it appear in the right frame. Contact your IT department. Different businesses have different company policies for accessing email outside of work.

Your IT department may also have special instructions you'll need to follow while getting your connection to your email account configured. Open Outlook on your computer. If your business uses Exchange or Office for Business, you can add the account to Outlook on your Windows or Mac computer. Click the File menu and select "Info.

Click the "Add Account" button. This will let you add a new account to Outlook. Enter your work email address and password. Outlook will automatically detect the type of server that you are connecting to. You'll likely be prompted for your password again during the setup process. Note that Outlook only supports setting up Exchange accounts using the automated system, and your Exchange administrator will need to have configured your server to allow this. Outlook does also not support Exchange servers.

Access your work email. After you log in with your account, you'll be able to send and receive work email using this Outlook client. Just select your work inbox from the left navigation menu. Many companies do not permit workers to access email from outside of the workplace for security purposes. Check with your IT department to see if you can even access your email at home. They can often provide you the best instructions for getting connected as well. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

If you have an Office for Business or Exchange-based email account, you may be able to add it to your iPhone's Mail app, provided your IT department has allowed outside connections. Select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Tap "Add Account" and select "Exchange. Enter your full email address and password. Make sure to include the domain at the end of your email address e. Ensure that "Mail" is toggled on and tap "Save.

If you cannot connect to your Exchange or Office for Business server, contact your IT department, as they may not allow connections from mobile devices.

Create a passcode if prompted. Some Exchange servers will require you to create a passcode when adding your account. You'll be prompted for this passcode when checking your work mail. Depending on your company policy, you may not be able to access your work email outside of the office. Contact your IT department to see if you can connect to the Exchange server from your Android device, and if there are any special instructions for your network.

Open the Settings app on your Android. If your IT department gives you the go-ahead, you can add your Exchange or Office for Business account using your Android's Settings app. Select the "Accounts" option. This will display all of the accounts currently connected to your Android device. Enter your full work email address. Enter in the email address that you use for your work Exchange server and tap "Next.

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Accessing your work email from home helps you stay on top of important communications. Outlook Web App -- formerly called Outlook Web Access -- enables you to access your company email account when you are unable to use the Microsoft Outlook desktop email client. Sep 02,  · bigk, first check with your work to make sure they allow an email protocol that can be accessed outside of your office. If you are using Outlook Microsoft Outlook is a popular email client included with the Microsoft Office suite. It connects to email servers running Microsoft Exchange, allowing you to read emails on your computer.