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We are glad to hear that you had a wonderful experience working at Sutherland, and you found supportive mentors in the organization. Simple answers, easy-to-follow advice, and real reviews are just some of the helpful articles shared on Work From Home Happiness to help you kick your cubicle to the curb. They are targeting military veterans too. Never had a job like this before and it's making me want to back out. On Sunday morning he texted me again asking me if I'm still interested another red flag it's not normal to receive text messages on the weekend not even during business hours regarding business opportunities.

Sutherland Remote Engagement. A leading provider of work-at-home solutions, Sutherland Remote Engagement services match the skills and interests of professionals with the right job opportunities.

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You are required to set up a Skype Account www. Your verification code is BBRU, this would serve as your identification number throughout the online hiring process. Your timely response matters a lot. We look forward to having you on the team. This place isn't legit.

I got a text message on a Saturday morning before 9am first red flag asking me if I was interested in a customer service position. I told him to send me an email confirming the position and location in which he told me that everything was thru Google hang out and asked me for my Gmail email. I informed him I was in the middle of something and would get back to him.

I started to research the company and couldn't get an understanding of what they did. I decided not to respond back. On Sunday morning he texted me again asking me if I'm still interested another red flag it's not normal to receive text messages on the weekend not even during business hours regarding business opportunities.

Once I said no thank you he never responded again. They must be searching thru job searching websites to get people's info from their resumes.

This guy a knew my first and last name and the way the texts were written didn't seem right either. During the interview process they said my Office was oudated, wanted me to have Windows XP instead of Windows 8. Then they would send me a cashier's check to purchase software, Peachtree , and instructed me to hold it 24 hrs.

I said I wasn't comfortable with that, why couldn't I just buy it and they reimburse me or send me a download link? They hung up on me at that point. So this is a scam. Marvelous, what are some survey sites that actually pay a blog it is! This web site provides valuable inforemation tto us, keep it up. They offered me an at-home job and wanted to send me a check to purchase software and equipment.

They went through an actual online interview process that seemed a bit shady too. I went to the bank where the check was issued from and immediately was told it was a fraudulent check. It takes about to validate the check via phone verification which is why they demand you deposit the check ASAP.

He will not respond to my emails anymore and the website is temp down now. Police report will be filed and will be posting on every website possible about these fools. They are targeting military veterans too.

I'm glad I didn't get very far with my interview. The guy I'm talking to right now is named Samual Anthony claiming to be an HR hiring manager from sutherland global services and cloud sourcing too.

I am told he will email me a check for ALL materials needed for my position as a customer service telecommuncator, such as buying my apple laptop and all software needed will be purchased for the position. After an extensive 2hr interview on Google Hangouts, He finally asked about my banking type and can I make mobile app deppsits too. I got too many red flags talking to this space junky about my job position and everything is paid for yet I've never had to go so far in an interview for anotger person to ask all about my banking concepts and procedures.

Yes I am a bit concerned as well. They want me to send all off my sensitive account information over to them. Never had a job like this before and it's making me want to back out. Is the person Darin C Wright? I thought the whole process was a bit strange. I got a check via federal express and contacted the sender to confirm. The fedex account was stolen. Then I contacted the bank on the check and its not valid. This person then contacted me via messaging and I put him on the spot.

He acted all surprised. I but I never hear from them again. I recently got approached via text message to join SGS. The choice is yours! Sutherland Global and their clients , prefer part-time workers. It prevents burnout, leads to better retention rates, and offers greater schedule flexibility. In fact, you can grow your schedule as you see fit. Starting out, the average Sutherland at-home agent works between hours a week. But, for the most part, Sutherland can accommodate workers from all walks of life — parents, students, retirees, and military spouses.

If you only want to work while your kids are at school, no problem. Need to fit in work around your school schedule? When you become a CloudSource Consultant, you are hired as an employee. With employee status comes benefits like health insurance, PTO, and k. Even part-time workers receive some of the benefits full-time employees enjoy. The pay rate at Sutherland is competitive as far as work-from-home customer service jobs go.

Sutherland does not pay per minute of talk. Instead, they pay their CloudSource Consultants an hourly base rate. Consultants can earn more with performance-based bonuses! Pay aside, Sutherland is one of the few virtual customer service opportunities that actually promotes their home-based reps. This means you can work your way up to a management position and actually build a work-from-home career.

Like any work from home job, you need to understand a few things before you apply. Because Sutherland Global contracts with a bunch of different clients, the requirements for their home-based positions vary. Sometimes, a Windows computer is a must. There are even some opportunities where Sutherland provides a computer for you to work!

But, generally speaking, these are the home office must-haves you need to be considered at Sutherland:. The faster your upload and download speeds, the better. Minimum requirements are 1 Mbps upload speeds and 5 Mbps download speeds. Test your connection speed here. Most positions at Sutherland require a Windows-based PC. If you have a newer last three years or so device, you should have no problems meeting the computer requirements:.

Remember, these are general PC requirements. The position you apply to will determine the exact specs your computer needs. This helps keep calls crystal clear and makes it easier for you to do your job — hands free! But not all headsets are created equal. The majority of Sutherland at-home positions are available to all residents of the contiguous United States. All CloudSource Agents undergo a criminal background check. For some clients, a credit check may be required.

What Is Sutherland Global Services?

We are a global process transformation company, and we employ thousands of professionals spanning 21 countries around the world. At Sutherland, our goal is to enable our employees to work on interesting projects, grow their own way, and be themselves/5(K). Sutherland Global Services’ work at home employees are not independent contractors, like at many other companies that employ remote workers. Instead, you are considered a direct hire employee. What This Means to You. At Sutherland we combine design thinking, domain expertise, and a deep understanding of business processes to get to the simplified solutions that work for .