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Make Money as a Voice Actor: Here’s How to Get Started Reading Audiobooks

This article spreads great help. I am an avid reader for which I found this job interesting. Author Joanna Penn recorded the audio versions of some of her own books. Sedgwick Claims Management Services. Hi Terry, Almost all of the companies listed in this article are accepting applications.

If reading is your one great love in life, why not turn it into something that can make you a living? Get Paid to Read Books: 7 At-Home Jobs for Book Lovers. lands them interviews, and really gets the word about their books out. Where Can I Find These Jobs for Book Lovers? Kirkus hires for several of the positions mentioned above.

Who uses proofreaders and editors?

If you have the right voice, you can capitalize on this surge by recording the audio for some of these books. Even if you feel you have natural skills and talent as a voice-over artist, you need to perfect those skills. Attend voice-over training classes wherer you will receive professional coaching from individuals who know what it takes to succeed in the industry. You will learn breathing and acting techniques, how to engage the audience and different dialects.

In a good voice-over class, you do not only learn book knowledge. You actually participate in recording sessions. These sessions allow you to hear yourself. The coach can also tell you whether you have the skills necessary to work at the professional level. As a serious voice-over artist, you need your own studio recording equipment.

The bulk of the work that is done by voice-over artists is done at home. For this reason, you need a high-quality recording microphone, a sound booth and a pop filter. Actor Kris Keppeler has been doing voice-over work for about 10 years. She now makes her full-time living from voice-overs, acting and writing. Based on her experience, Kris shares some advice — and warnings — for anyone interested in doing audiobook work.

Actors are especially tuned in for audiobook work, by the nature of our training. Even for nonfiction, acting training can help you animate narration and make a book interesting.

Before landing her first gig through ACX, Kris submitted auditions to the platform for well over a year. Some of it, Kris says, is just learning how to correctly narrate.

Author Joanna Penn recorded the audio versions of some of her own books. She used trial and error. She took whatever narration work came her way, and listened to client feedback. When an author liked her voice, she knew it was a good fit. Once you know your voice and which genres are the best fit, she says, jobs come much more quickly. Only audition for gigs that fit your voice, and the success rate is much higher. You can even search for books by genre. Before you spend months auditioning to land your first gig, we have some tips to help you get started.

For example, a degree in history might help an editor who typically proofreads biographies or history books. Librarians typically have degrees in library science or information science, but associate library staff aren't always required to have academic degrees to apply for available positions.

As curriculum developer and educator, Kristine Tucker has enjoyed the plethora of English assignments she's read and graded! Her experiences as vice-president of an energy consulting firm have given her the opportunity to explore business writing and HR.

Tucker has a BA and holds Ohio teaching credentials. How to Read Unpublished Books for a Living. How to Make a Living by Reading Books. How to Get Paid for Reading Books. Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Literary Agent

Do you love reading books? Are you a self-proclaimed book nerd? If so, then one of the following jobs might just be perfect for you! There are a lot of jobs available for freelancers and that includes readers! Read on to see some companies looking for people that love books. Kirkus Review is looking. Minnesota Reading Corps and Math Corps (10) entertain and enrich the lives of our readers, putting books in their hands, wherever, however and whenever they choose, we Desired Experience: Excel. Easily apply. Be the first to see new Book Reader jobs. My email: Also get an email with jobs recommended just for me. Company with . If you're a bookworm, it may be your dream to turn your passion into an occupation. Fortunately, jobs really do exist that will pay you to read on someone else's dime. While you may not be reading Dan Brown's latest thriller for money, some careers will definitely allow you to indulge in your literary habit and make.