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Neiman Marcus Employee Reviews about "work from home"

Advice to Management Have people know there job more before assigning them to a task. Advice to Management Actually care about your employees at all. I registered this website because I want to give NM a one star. Pros Nice discounts and selling incentives. Make the best choice, every time Join our community to stay up-to-date with the latest reviews, recall notices, and brand recommendations.

If that wasn't a slap in the face, if emails or chats are light the US employees get sent home early to make sure the Alorica branch has work. What happened to keeping jobs .

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To make matters wort those employees are not held to the same standard and requires as the ones in the US division. If that wasn't a slap in the face, if emails or chats are light the US employees get sent home early to make sure the Alorica branch has work. What happened to keeping jobs in America!!!! Also, the constant change in requirements and performance metrics is horrible.

Team Managers cannot keep up with the changes and it is unfair. Neiman Marcus needs to be rebuilt Keep jobs in the US!!!! For Team Managers, it is great to work from home. Decent pay in corporate office. Wear jeans to work. Can work from home on rare occasion. People are nice, but not a very social group. Poor benefits - PTO is basically industry minimum. Very few paid holidays since corporate office stays on store schedules.

Outdated accounting software systems. Still printing unnecessarily in mass quantities. I found this position through a recruiter, and when I called them to tell them the news, they said other employees in corporate were looking to jump ship as well.

Thankfully I found a new position quickly. Whether they sell now or not, they are billions of dollars in debt and the outlook for Neiman is not positive.

If you're looking for a long term career, look elsewhere. Management is actually very informative and communicate well. Doesn't change the fact that the company is tanking and will inevitably fail in the long run.

I hope not for their sakes. Assist not so good to work with. Changes always with goals like any company. Human Resources and Neiman Marcus direct is the absolute worst rude always changing new ones now known nothing at all!! They're a little dumb to be honest and you can tell just by speaking with them. Have people know there job more before assigning them to a task. I love my company by something needs to change with our HR.

Great company to work for, allows you to work from home! Part-time is not really part-time more like full time. Scheduled are fixed for 6mos. Hard to make modifications.

They give you a great discount. You can work from home. They have great Team Managers. They don't give you the proper raises that you really deserve. Benefits are not all that great. They need to upgrade the building.. You should reach out to your agents more and pay attention to the hard work that is given and fiber proper raises for the work that is done. I love, I don't have to drive in bad weather, I can work from home and tackle the demands that is needed to be a successful customer service employee.

On site and Work from home Base pay Bonus opportunity per pay period Provided equipment Lots of over time and Holiday pay time and a half or double pay. Uses various manipulative techniques to hire associates on a trial basis. Every other company if they have a query with the billing information will contact you to resolve it, not Neiman Marcus. They are the most unprofessional, unorganised and downright incompetent organisation.

They will hopefully be out of business very soon. I purchased a Saint Laurent handbag from NM. Was supposed to get it in 2 day shipping but took a week to receive purse. Purse sent was the wrong purse. I called customer service and was told I had to ship the purse back to them and then reorder after they have checked and confirmed the purse. Will never order from them again. I received a gift by email but did not need what was sent so I opted for an online gift card.

I tried to apply this to a purchase and it charged my card and did not deduct the value of the online gift card. I spent several hours and spoke to about 8 people trying to sort this out. Their customer service is so disconnected that one hand has no clue what the other is doing. I got an email saying they would refund the gift giver for my aggravation.

NO, do not let the gift giver know I did not accept their gift! I finally got someone to refund the value of my gift card. I hope they do not contact the gift sender but I am not holding my breath. Let me start it was the worst experience I ever encountered with any department store. A night evening dress was purchased by my wife, an attempt was made to return the dress and its original condition Within their return policy. The tags were underdressed it was clearly unworn, However Neiman Marcus will find any excuse not to return the dress.

I will never purchase anything from that department store and I highly suggest that everyone does the same. I ordered a Burberry coat online from this company along with a Tory Burch shoe because they had it on black Friday special. Delivery date stated was Nov. I waited until the following Monday but nothing showed up.

I contacted customer service live chat and they told me the order was canceled because they cannot match my billing information with my bank!!!!

I use this credit card very often for online purchases and never had this before. When I asked them to at least send me new merchandise they said they're out of stock on both items!!!! Would never order from them again. The absolute worst experience ever! Wanted to surprise my gf with a pair CL heels. I called customer service and was advised to cancel the order and reorder. I did just that. I elected to pick up at the store. Was told another issue with the order. Was given free shipping for trouble.

Called again and same old story, trouble filling the order! Refund me my money and I will buy from Saks. I really hope this sways someone from shopping there and going to Saks or anyplace else. Gucci handbag was used and the storage bag had yellow stains! I was put on a longer than 15 min wait then hung up on. I was 3rd in queue then Don't order anything online! Make sure you go in person, waste of time!! I ordered some dishes from Neiman Marcus and they have shipped me the wrong ones twice now.

I returned them and it has been over a month and I still haven't received a credit for them on my credit card account, nor have I received the correct ones. I have been on hold with the customer service department now for 30 minutes. This has happened to me every time I have called them. I can't get anyone to pick up irritating music while on hold or they disconnect me.

They can't get my order right and then make me pay again when they place an order for the correct ones but continue to ship me the wrong ones. They told me it can take over a month to get a credit to my account. I will never do business with Neiman Marcus again due to their poor customer service and not being able to get an order right to save their life.

I am out hundreds of dollars. I guess my next step is to call the credit card company and tell them I never received my merchandise and I refuse to pay for the charges. Neiman Marcus has really gone downhill. I see them going under if they continue this trend. No one wants to do business with a store that has lousy customer service and their shipping department can't get an order correct. I did not bother checking the bag thoroughly as it was nicely packed in a gift wrap even if I did not asked for it.

I checked out my new bag as soon as I got home and found a few folds in the middle of it and scuffs in the corners. Gucci Bag Tag has a name, address and number might be from a previous owner who knows. By the way it looks. Called a CS that lacks empathy of the situation. I was told that they will send a return label and replace the item. I never got a return label for the first item. Received another disaster replacement that is a Gucci bag on different style and finding a piece of postal stamp and a piece of straw cover inside btw the bag smells funny too.

I was helped by another CS that lacks empathy of the situation again. But at least she sent me a return label. A week has passed. The first shipping label for the first item I picked up did not arrived. I received an email from NM stating that they will charge me if I don't return the bag. I called again for the return label for the first bag that I got and surprisingly they sent it to me right away. I was told by the only helpful CS Rep that I will be contacted via email by their executives for a discount due to the situation that I've experienced.

PS I found posts and complaints that people have experienced the same experience that I had with them. I registered this website because I want to give NM a one star. All things planned perfectly!

Then after three days, it's still showing "In Process". I called customer service, the woman said there's nothing she could do about it, some other team is verifying fraud.

I'm using my own credit card and everything. Never got any problem with other online shopping. The most almost terrifying part was the tone and attitude that woman had, it was like she's forced into a small cell and had been doing this for 24 hours straight with little pay.

So indifferent, hopeless, and not willing to help. Then I asked for supervisor, surprisingly she was glad to transfer immediately. Then, unsurprisingly, the supervisor was the same indifferent, hopeless, and not willing to help. Birthday gift on a birthday? Can't believe this is a high end department store.

I'll try my best to avoid NM online, and in store, rest of my life. I ordered dresses online for myself and for a few of my family members and had to return some of the items because they didn't fit.

After my returns Neiman Marcus cancelled my credit card. I called and spoke to the credit department and I tried to explain the reason for my returns. I also told them that it did keep some items from separate online orders. That didn't seem to matter to Neiman Marcus, all they care about is that the customers keep all of the items. I told them why do they offer online service if they don't want customers to return items.

Their answer was it would be better if I went to the nearest store and try the items. Very poor credit card service and poor customer service. I ordered a dress on August 30, for my daughter's wedding. It was to be delivered on September 7. I went onto my account online to check the status of the order and it showed it was cancelled. I received a confirmation on the date of the purchased but never received a notice that it had been cancelled.

Had I not checked the order, I would still be waiting for it. The dress was on sale for half price and I purchased the last one in stock in my size. The customer service representative said that my credit card company did not respond to a credit verification, so the order was cancelled. The dress different color was on sale the next day for the regular price. My hubby tried the size 11 which swallowed his feet So yesterday I called the store and spoke to 2 person including someone from that department, explained everything above he told me just to return it My question to them is what do I do with something that doesn't have any use to us????

Where are their Compassion? It's all about money, not about the customer? This letter is a request for you to contact the store within the next 30 days to make arrangements to pick up your white Gucci sandals, size You may also request to have them delivered to you.

Unfortunately, after September 4, , we will be unable to continue to hold the sandals for you and will discard them as abandoned. Should you choose to have them delivered a shipping cost would be incurred. Opened a credit account with NM couple of day ago and purchased a designer bag for my daughter using the credit card.

The order status has been in process for couple of days with no further updates. Finally decided to cancel the order earlier today since it's taking longer than expected for the bag to be shipped out. My wife received a phone call listed as "unknown number" not long after I canceled the order and was told to tell me that my NM credit account was closed today, and that the card can never be used again.

The person on the phone had a horrible attitude and provided no explanation whatsoever, he made sound like everyone is so desperate to get an NM card, WTH?!

Tried to contact customer service for an explanation but received no updates. I'm actually glad that I canceled the orders now that I've read so many bad reviews. Will never shop there again. The online customer service by Neiman Marcus is terrible. I've been trying to get a return authorization for two items for almost 2 months now. Even after assurances from a Customer Service rep this would occur, they send an incomplete authorization.

I cannot seem to get anyone's attention here. And, no one at NM seems to care. It is unbelievable that the high end retail store could have such rude and obnoxious customer service. I called today with the routine question, the person who answered the phone provided vague explanation, and when I asked her to be more specific she got really rude.

Later I decided to talk to the customer service supervisor, who appeared to be not interested at all. I asked her the name of the person I spoke with before and she refused to give it to me, even though all conversations are recorded according to the company policy.

The entire dialog with this supervisor her name is Mala was useless, waste of my time, and just added up to the previous insult, because she was simply lying to me that she cannot retrieve the name of rude operator. I'm still in disbelieve of the fact that customer of the retail store could be interrogated with such questions. Most definitely I will never shop in this so called high end store again.

Most definitely will close the credit card account I have with them for more than 15 years. Most definitely will share this horrible experience with as many people as I can, and in social media of course. Join our community to stay up-to-date with the latest reviews, recall notices, and brand recommendations.

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Neiman marcus was a good company to work for. The most enjoyable part of the job was being able to work part time on a job and still work on you full time job/5(K). Neiman Marcus has a completely different culture from any other retail establishment I've been a part of; they value their employees as human beings. I have never worked for a /5(1K). You can work at home as a customer service rep for the prominent retail store. It is a great opportunity for you to check out if you are interested in helping people and want to work for one of the top retail stores in the country. Who Is Neiman-Marcus? Neiman-Marcus is a Dallas-based department store known for selling luxury goods.