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Joel Irving in Lindenhurst, New York months ago. My head was spinning. Possible paralegal in Yorktown Heights, New York months ago. Granted, I will give him credit that he had learned to do his particular job, but it was very apparent to me that my knowledge gained from the ABA paralegal certificate far surpassed him. High school diploma or equivalent. Your local paralegal organization may list jobs.

Flexible & Telecommuting Paralegal Jobs Welcome to our Paralegal telecommuting jobs! Telecommuting jobs in paralegal work is becoming more plentiful as legal firms struggle to keep the costs of operations down and process legal cases faster.

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The position will be responsible for supporting in house Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Work remote from home , but MUST log in timely daily Paralegal must be hard working, work ethic, professionalism, and problem solvers are a must! America, which means more people can buy or rent a home. We are focused on sustaining the Join our diverse, high-performing team and make a difference as we work together to enable access Candidates must have 3 plus years of recent The Paralegal will work closely with their assigned client to obtain all necessary Consumer Claims Analyst Paralegal Concentrix.

Must also work with outside Are they court dates? I do not know. I guess I am dying to know what would have happened if when you started you came in at your stated hour and left at your stated hour? Just close up shop. OK, re-read your post and it says no billable hours, tht's ruled out for why these long tortuous slave hours came about. Eleven months ago, I interviewed at a so-called "prestigious" firm. Why the heck did they call you in for an interview, [it was for a paralegal position] if they can promote a legal assistant - thus position filled.

Now they just need to hire another legal assistant. Who were you interviewing with gatekeepers or the hiring attorney? Again, having seen too much, that answer could have been another "blow-off" of the job offer. It didn't always work out because of all the other work for which I was solely responsible.

As a result, I was crunched much of the time. It bites when it goes largely unappreciated and unrewarded. As usual, he needed additional help in the office - but of course was not going to py for it, not even part-time. Seriously, as was said to me - a no win situation. Because attorney has unrealistic expectations. Well - I am sure you will be asking on next job "more" about the hours.

Since I was not in your shoes, it is easy for one to think, why not meet the deadlines and let the other work pile up - until it has a deadline. I was not there. I do know it was ugly. You are a trooper. Is the morale of the story: Hard work does not pay off?

I was temp-working in a large litigation department of a large corporation. Soon after I started work, a Paralegal Employee said, yeah, we had this law clerk in here temping and we used him up and spit him out [gave him the boot]. Your SOB was really bad. I had interiewed once, told the pay range and told that I would be in there 50 hours a week. Then I said, I do not think this is the job I am looking for. Lawyers do have the real "emergency" come about.

But it is not every week. That's exactly what would have happened. At least they were somewhat up front about schedule. In the book about the Mad Paralegals - and it is a good thing we have disability insurance because staff is constantly out in rehab - getting off Ativan. Here again, they really are. But, over time, my responsibilities expanded while the normal day did not.

Over time, my work became very time and labor -intensive, meaning I needed time to do it. Some people would say I took too much time. Maybe - but the attorney wanted and appreciated thorough and he got thorough from me.

Another pair of hands would have been nice. Most other paralegals in the firm would put in extra hours - though, again, not as many as me. What's done is done. Of course, without saying- that was a messed up ending.

I did not get raises for during my last four-plus years. When I first started at that firm, the attorney was crystal clear that I should never, ever ask for a raise or remind him of my anniversary date.

I don't care to go into it here, but, trust me, had I asked there would have been hell to pay. WOW - Being told upfront that you should never even ask for a raise. Now we know what the slaughter house firm is like. Cleo in Hayward, California. Possible paralegal in Yorktown Heights, New York said: Heck, if you're going to go for an ABA approved paralegal program, why not just go to law school and be an attorney?

I have a paralegal degree but have been out of the industry for the last 13 years and I am also looking for a telecommuting type of paralegal job, if anyone knows of something.

Elizabeth in Naperville, Illinois. I am looking to pursue a paralegal career part-time from home. I have my associates in Criminal Justice and I am a certified paralegal. I have four years experience as a legal secretary at the State's Attorney 's office in DuPage County.

I am a hard worker and enjoy this field greatly. Judy in North Hollywood, California. Hi, I have been a Sr. Paralegal or a Paralegal for close to a decade and disagree with everyone that says you are more qualified having an ABA Paralegal Certification. I know many Paralegals who have the certificate, but cannot perform on the job. I even been asked to handle legal research for one of the Paralegals I've worked with who has the certificate from an ABA approved program. I do, however, have a Bachelor's Degree, partial Master's degree and a partial Paralegal Certification, though.

In my opinion, it's all about your personal ability to learn and to grow in the position. I have worked for several top corporations and even in numerous facets of the law. Many of the attorneys I have worked for commend my abilities and honestly, I have landed jobs where the completed certificate was initially a requirement. After they looked at my resume and creditentials, they didn't care about the completed certificate.

Phoenix in Copiague, New York. Judy in North Hollywood, California said: The ABA on its website even says that ABA approval is strictly voluntary and just because a school have not sought approval does not mean that it is not a good paralegal program. It is all about marketing yourself and your ability to brag about yourself with confidence. Get your online Certificate in Paralegal Studies and then market yourself to attorneys all across the country.

This is an affordable fully accredited online program you can check out:. Phoenix in Copiague, New York said: The ABA on its website even says that ABA approval is strictly voluntary and just because a school has not sought approval does not mean that it is not a good paralegal program.

Faith in Durham, North Carolina. There is one listed in this area as an ABA approved school and one closer to me that is not, but still considered a very respected school, Duke.

Both schools are certified by the NC State Bar and receive state certification. Do you think the ABA approved school should be my first choice? Earlier in this thread someone mentioned ABA paralegal programs, I am curious to find out if other schools would be considered less superior in terms of an employer looking at your credentials? Thank you for your input, good ideas. Your advice to look at the job postings and bios is a great idea I have a paralegal certicate.

Although I received it in , and do not have a college degree. Is there a possibility of getting an entry level position? I think that you should send out your resume if this is something you truly want to pursue. Cast the fishing line and see what you can catch!

However, I believe that it will be a tough sell to a firm since you have not done anything in the world of paralegalism since If you have an impressive work history since 91, even though it's been in another field, you might have a decent shot. Lyla in Dallas, Texas.

I think that stay-at-home paralegal positions are difficult to come by. I have been a paralegal for a long time and I possess a Bachelor's degree in Paralegal Studies and am presently pursuing my Master's degree. I have also been the Employment chairperson for several years in one of our local legal organizations and attorneys come to me when they are looking for someone to hire and I can tell you this Most prefer that you have at least a Bachelor's degree.

But not one said anything about ABA-that's a thing of the past. People can argue against it, but they are not the ones doing the hiring. Experience is what almost all of them want you to have especially in the area of law they practice in!

Good luck and I hope you find what you are looking for. You obviously assume that because a paralegal program is ABA approved that law school is the next step. That couldn't be further from the truth. I attended an ABA program and it was not like law school at all. Further, not everyone wants to be an attorney , nor is everyone cut out to be an attorney.

Many legal professionals are satisfied being paralegals. Hey DLP- WOW - my ABA program was just like law school, with the exception that we did not have as much work,and our exams were 1 hour, not 2 hours as it is in law school.

Our program ran pretty much the same as 1st year law students. At Widener University, we had a day program on campus with the law students running fairly parallel with 1st year program.

We both took Civil Procedure, Real Estate, and Legal Writing the fist sememster, and we both had to write a memorandum of law, which you could feel the stress on the campus when that was going on. There classes were more intentisified. SO- in essence, you experienced LAw School,, on a lower intense level and only 1 hour exams as opposed to 2 hours exams.

Of curse we all used the same Law library on Campus, ate in the same caferteria, and the same professors taught the Paralegal Program. From that standpoint, yes, my program was very similar to what you described, Cindy, except that it was compressed into seven and a half months.

We didn't have Criminal Procedure. We had a small law library in my paralegal school, but we used primarily law school, federal court and state supreme court law libraries. To clarify my point, paralegal programs aren't the same as law school because 1 the courses aren't as long and 2 they don't go into as much depth as law school. A good paralegal program would be like a mini law school. In any event , I studied plenty when I was in paralegal school - probably four to six hours a day, including weekends.

Far more than I ever did in college. Yeah, Paralegal school is the mini-version of 1st year law school, just on a lower intensity level. Paralegal Hoping for at home work in Saugerties, New York. Hi everyone, I have my associates degree, paralegal certificate and in approximately a year I will have my BS in paralegal studies.

I have 7 years of legal experience and currently I am working part time in a non-legal position. I was wondering if anyone knows of any FREE sites in which I can find part time work at home in the legal area. Once again, working at home is uncommon for paralegals. As you have undoubtedly found out from your legal experience, attorneys want their paralegals to be with them in the office. That aside, many firms have rules about taking files home.

So don't get your expectations up about part-time work at home. Indeed harvests job listings from many sites. Careerbuilder and Monster are two free sites that advertise legal jobs. Also look in your local newspaper. Your local paralegal organization may list jobs. He was in the office alot, but he was doing stuff like legal research, dictation, and revisions - anything that could be done without secretarial help -at home.

He would bring his tapes and any documents with penned-in revisions to his secretary. Apparently, the powers that be felt he was trying to work as much as possible at home to avoid interaction with whatever A-hole partners for whom he worked at the time??? That's what I heard anyways.

I don't blame the guy. To lessen the time I spent with a female partner for whom I worked at the time, I waited until after she returned from lunch to take mine. That way, maybe I was stuck with her in the office 6 instead of 8 hours.

She caught on and started making me take my lunch when she went, and I about lost it. This guy's office was near my desk, and the last few months before he was let go, the managing partner was always going into his office and shutting the door. I suggest looking for the quality programs, with strong community networks!

Joel Irving in Lindenhurst, New York. The best way to get an at-home job as a freelance paralegal is to market your skills to attorneys. You will need to show them the math and make them understand how much they will save by hiring you to work from home.

Aryn in Saugerties, New York. Aryn in Saugerties, New York said: Thank you for your response. That's a good article, Joel. Ultimately, attorneys want paralegals in the office with them. Attorneys and paralegals work closely with each other.

Distance impedes that communication. Offices may have rules about taking files home. They establish these rules primarily because of confidentiality or, even worse, losing or misplacing files, but also because the attorney may be working on a file at the same time as the paralegal.

In such situations, the attorney usually wins. A paralegal in my last office insisted on being equipped to work from home. It cost the firm money to set her up with internet access and software so she could access the firm's network. She still worked primarily in the office. Some of the things in the article might be a little out of date. Upload your resume Sign in.

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