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Tiny Details Reviews – Legit or Scam?

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Make 1/12 scale doll house miniatures from home for Artisan Miniatures. Work at home for great pay.

Tiny Details – Enormous Headache

I am the son of a September 11 family member and they are under a Huge Lawsuit. It seems funny that this site only gives the negative feedback of Tiny Details but does not mention any of the positives!! First and foremost yes tiny Details does give an assembler 60 days to complete a kit and return it to the company there should be no complaint about that seeing on average it takes 6 to 12 hours to complete any of there kits!

If you cant accomplish that in 60 days you do not belong in miniatures assembly. I have worked for this company for more then two years now and they have been more then fair! As for the statements from assemblers claiming they do not get paid is only half of the fact.

I when i first started sent in books i made that were substandard and received the kit back with a polite letter from the company stating that I needed to make corrections and send the miniature books back in for payment, they even gave me a 30 day extension to correct the flaws in the book with no financial penalty to me!

I returned the books and was sent a check in the mail within two weeks of delivery of my kit to there address! I continue to work for this company and make a monthly profit to help my income with no issues! I doubt this positive remark will be posted on this site seeing all your looking to do here is bash on honest hard working company who is trying to employ people in America instead of sending there work over seas!

Thank you for your first-hand point of view. If anyone else is seriously having success with TinyDetails, let us know here in the comments so folks can make an informed decision when looking for legitimate work they can do from home!

Edward, thank you so much for posting. And not suspicious about the company, but suspicious about the people. I have a really good feeling about Tiny Details and I look forward to doing some work for them. Back when we researched this article, the preponderance of opinion and the BBB notes sent up several red flags suggesting this company ended up offering more trouble than actual earnings.

If you do, you can always order more. And make sure you follow all of their directions precisely. I am one of the retailers who does business with Kris of Tiny Details. I have no other connection to them. My customers, who buy these dollhouse miniatures, are extremely picky as to the quality and workmanship of the product. Sloppy work, such as glue showing, uneven matched seams, and other issues too numerous to mention here, create returns to my business of the products.

Sometimes, they will be upset over something that is hard to see with the naked eye. I would not purchase from Tiny Details if they sold sub-standard products and I would not want them to pay a worker who supplied such a finished product. ALL of these companies have high standards. The problem is not Tiny Details, it is more people who think they have the skills to do assembly of miniatures but they cannot produce a good product.

It is also due in part to people expecting easy money for their labors and rush through a job. I can not imagine any of these companies refusing to pay for a work project that was completed in time, and done properly.

In fact, they would want to retain those whose work is good in order to keep their businesses running. I am sure many of those unhappy with Tiny Details are unhappy that their sloppy work was not paid for, and have no idea what expectations the buyers of these products expect.

If you truly know what you are doing, are confident in your ability to do detailed and good work, you will have no problems getting paid by Tiny Details. Hey everyone, My name is andy and I have been working for tiny details for quite a few months now. I ordered one kit my very first time. I was too skeptical about it. I ended up getting my kit quite fast if ya ask me.

Sent in the sample of the large spiral notebook and they sent it back to me with a very politte letter saying my work was very good and they hope to keep doing business with me. I sent in the whole kit and recieved a check in 8 days. I then ordered 2 kits the next time around and continued to up the number of kits each and every time.

I do this work for them full time now and was able to quit my full time job. Tiny Details definatly works and I thank tiny details everyday for the great service and giving me the chance to stay Home with my wife, son and daughter and start living our life the way we want. Not corporate americas way. And yes it is very small work and it takes time and patients. Good luck to everyone that tries it out despite what everone else says about them. I was supposed to be paid Nov 15th, for a half refund on one kit.

I received this info when I called in. I had already bought 4 more kits which I sent in, once finished. They were approved and 4 more kits were sent to me and I was supposed to get paid on the other two units. I then finished the next 4 units, sent them in and they were approved. I found this out by calling in to check on my original money that had never been sent.

It is Jan 11, and still no payments at all. I was good at the work and was really hoping this would make up the difference in my income that I needed, but it is not. My experience is very recent. Ordered my kit Deb. I sent sample, was asked to adjust, which I did.

The ones I made took forever to make due to crooked printing of pages, wrong size covers for inside dust jackets. Sent them with days to spare well within the deadline. I waited till Mar. The person answering the phone gave me no answer as to when to expect pmt. So I waited another week and called. So why was I on hold for that long. He asked if I wanted to speak to a manager, I said yes.

Got transferred, on hold another 30 minutes. He came back on, asked if I had been on hold all that time, I said yes. I asked how long it was going to be before I would get paid… he said basically no idea. Then again, why was I on hold all that time. Not gonna give up on this. I spent way beyond what they said time wise on their product to make them awesome. I deserve to be paid.

For those thinking about doing this… highly recommend doing it on your own. Like the person who said sell on Etsy or ebay… good advice. I am laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes. Please be very careful. Your email address will not be published.

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You also may decide that you have complaints, issues, or another reason that stops you from being able to complete the project. If you return all the remaining supplies to Tiny Details, however, they will refund half your deposit. Finally, you can do as many projects for this company as you choose, without limit.

Please keep this in mind so you can adjust your own tax records accordingly. If you're at OpportunityChecker. Your email address will not be published. Tiny Details Reviews — Legit or Scam? Would you like to add your review for. I assemble for tiny details and they are for real. I have had to redo some of my work. They have gone the extra mile to help me get the job done and then some.

I have been paid and still look forward to my next kit and check. Good luck whatever you take on but I must say this has been great for me. I need a job and think this would be a great way for me to provid for my family if it is ligit. Are you still working for them? I left an email but nothing in return.

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Tiny Details is a work-at-home company that pays hobbyists to make little dollhousey things. You buy the materials from Tiny Details for $55, make the assigned object(s), and Tiny Details buys. Tiny Details, located online at, says they are the leading artisan manufacturer of miniatures in the United States, as well as being an/5(5). Tiny Details reviews: Tiny Details Work from Home. This scam called Tiny Details LLC, located on Main St Groton, NY , is a self called work from home company. They work with miniature calendars and other handcrafted dollhouse miniatures. I read.