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I don't stick to standard office hours, but work when I have the most energy and motivation. Or can you get away for an exercise class? Get up and move during the day, go out for lunch, exercise. Grab a hot cup of cocoa, add some knee-slappers to your Netflix queue, and get ready to enjoy Some of us freelance, others telecommute, and still others have dedicated themselves to full-time caretaking. When making social commitments, keep track of them as though they are a part of your job. The reality is that technology emphasized our need for human interactions even more.

Loneliness, especially on a chronic basis, can subject you to depression, frustration and career burnout. Working from home? Socializing via chat or text messaging can keep loneliness at bay.

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If leaving the house is a struggle, then turning to online communities can be a good way to get that same interaction. When making social commitments, keep track of them as though they are a part of your job. If you have to cancel, then try to reschedule as soon as possible, or at least make sure you acknowledge the cancellation.

Nurture the relationships you already have instead of adding to your isolation. Treat work like you would if you HAD an office — that is, create a work schedule and stick to it. Personally, I work better if I sleep a little later and stay up past the conventional work day. That means my workday lasts from 10am-7pm. In order to combat this, I make sure we have meal bars or easy-to-make food in the house so that I minimize that risk.

While working from home, no matter your role, self-care must become part of your job. Whether you struggle with a mental illness or not, self-care is essential and should be part of your daily routine, making it easier to integrate into your stay-at-home schedule. When you break away from your job that means no work tasks are allowed. Lunch breaks, even when working in an office, are proven to help with socialization and productivity.

Stepping away from a nagging task or just the monotony of the work day and giving your mind time to rest will help you reset for when you return. Breaks can be anything from watching an episode of your favorite show to taking a walk around the block to going to a coffee shop and treating yourself to a Frappuccino.

Just make sure you treat it like a lunch break and give yourself a set time to return to your desk. If parenting or caretaking is your full time job, then you absolutely must make time for yourself.

Pick up a new hobby, or dedicate yourself to an old one, and request that you get time to yourself while working on it. If you have a partner, ask if they will take care of the kids while you enjoy a hot bath, some quiet time to read, or an hour at the gym. Parents should also do their best not to overbook themselves — especially in a multi-child household.

Working from home can also mean that you treat the whole house like your office. In a best case scenario to this problem, you will have an office with a door that you can close for your work hours. If you absolutely have to improvise, then almost everything can be compromised on but one thing: Getting dressed in the morning signals to your body that sleep time is over, and work time is up next.

If your home is not conducive to work, then take your computer to a local coffee shop or diner and work there — either with or without headphones. Local playgrounds and parks are also great distractions, or ways to get out and get fresh air.

If you are working from home and struggling with depression or anxiety, the best advice is to always talk to your doctor first. As Telepsychiatry becomes more popular, it is certainly a viable option for those of us who work from home. Talking to a medical professional over skype or on the phone is a very easy way to take care of ourselves without sacrificing our workday.

Talk to a doctor today if you think telepsychiatry is the right option for you. In a survey of women working from home , isolation came in tops as their ONE big frustration with this work arrangement. Working in perpetual isolation is only for a special few. Most of us crave social interactions and being part of a community.

So is there a way to eat your cake and still have it? Work from home without having to deal with the isolation that comes with it. If you are working in the corporate environment, you might be able to find a position within your company that has you working from home most of the week and coming to the office days a week.

If you run your own show as in own your own business or operate as a freelancer, you could join a coworking space and get the feel of having co-workers around you. Here you can work in an office-type environment, getting access to things like WiFi, printers, conference rooms, and fax machines. You can choose to work in these spaces by the hour, day, week, or month for a set fee.

Not sure where to find a working coop? You have probably heard of people working out of the coffee shop. Been there, done that. The coffee shop ambiance and background noise or music may not work for you. If there are none, you can start one. Here is another library tip: It was rumored that with all the remote meeting capabilities cropping up daily, that there would not be a need for industry events. This has not been the case. The reality is that technology emphasized our need for human interactions even more.

You get to connect with peers, mentors, customers, and vendors at industry live events which go a long way in minimizing the isolation of working by yourself. Your local chamber of commerce and the many programs they put out can help you get the necessary camaraderie you crave, but if you find this setting too stiff, or too overwhelming for you, try out any one of these alternatives;.

If you struggle with the loneliness and isolation of working from home, try any one of these pointers and see if you feel better. She is the co-founder of Healthgist. I am still in a huge corporate company, but the team is all over the united states.

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How to Work from Home Without Going Insane. David Tate. 11/11/11 pm Crippling Depression—ride it like a wave. If you work at home for long enough away from other real people you will be. You work on projects you love. So why do you feel so down? Despite the perks of telecommuting, there are still mental health pitfalls that can stack up — leading to frustration, depression, and burnout. Working from home has one big drawback that burns out people and makes them profoundly depressed; the social isolation of working at home alone. If you struggle with social isolation, check out these tips to liven up your workday. The Work at Home Woman, Work at Home, Work at Home Depression, Work at Home Isolation, Work .