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How to Take Care of a Puppy While at Work

Jc Little Tue, Nov 29, It is free and quick. Posted on Mon, Nov 28, Of course, nothing can replace human companionship during the day. Dogs are highly social creatures by nature. Leaving a curious puppy alone with access to the entire house is dangerous for your belongings and for the puppy. BTW, can you post a picture? is the best place for syndicated Job, Career and Economic News plus unqiue content you can use to make your career and econonic goals. Home Search Jobs.

Controlled Space

Leave pee pads or newspaper in one corner of the puppy's controlled area so he can go potty there if necessary. Dogs are highly social creatures by nature. They long to please their human companions. They want to be with you. Add this natural inclination to the fact that your puppy has been recently separated from his mother and siblings and it's easy to understand why your puppy may experience some separation anxiety in your absence.

One of the best ways to minimize this is to get a companion canine for your puppy. Two dogs together will keep each other company. However, this isn't possible in all cases.

Be sure to leave toys for the puppy to engage. Perhaps choose one or two particular toys that the puppy can play with only in your absence. Select an interactive puzzle toy that forces the puppy to solve how to get a treat out of the toy.

If you answering machine is within earshot of the puppy, call home a couple times a day leaving a message just for him to hear. Your voice will be a soothing interruption during the day. Of course, nothing can replace human companionship during the day. If possible, leave the puppy in the care of another person. The ever-growing option of having the flexibility to work from home — full or part time — allows us to legislate our time better and is a boon to most of us.

All of this happens at an ideal time, as we're in a real shift in our society: We have a heightened sense of family and community. So many of us live in different towns than our parents, and that can be a source of angst in trying to manage it all. The load can be lightened for those who can work from home at least part of the time. Pets add so much to our lives, and dogs and cats , primarily, are very much a part of the family.

We love their company, and we want to spend as much time with them as we can. Working from home seems like the perfect arrangement, and in many ways, it is. But one misconception about working at home when you've got pets usually poses an issue, and it can spur behavior problems. Pets are as social as we are, and they love it when their people are home — regardless if we are able to focus solely on them or not. I love being home to work at least part of the time, whether I'm writing or handling administrative duties.

But, as so many of you can relate to, being productive in the midst of pets can prove to be a challenge: So yes, we've tried acknowledging them, tossing a ball from the desk chair, letting a frisky feline sit on our lap as we work.

But, pets often know when our attention is not fully on them, and the behavior that we are attempting to extinguish just escalates. We cannot expect pets to understand that it's not a good time to stop what we are doing to give them their undivided attention. But take heart — there are some ideas that can help make everyone in the house happy, while not reinforcing unwanted behavior and keeping productivity high.

Communicating to your pet what you need almost always comes by way of not what you say, but what you do. You see, the old adage "I'd rather be praised than punished, but punished than ignored," definitely holds true with pets, just as it does with kids, believe it or not. You look at him, or pet him to quiet him, or yell at him to stop.

You just caved to his demand for attention! You need to reward it shortly thereafter for continuing to be quiet. This means consistency on the part of the human, something that is essential in helping a pet understand a new skill or what is expected of them. Local behaviorist Camille Ward expanded on the concept of positive reinforcement in a previous post that I wrote on AnnArbor. And, as Yin details, this approach can be used with felines, too. Sometime she sleeps with us or on the sleeping bag.

I think everyone is right about stuffing a Kong or getting a Buster Cube. These will keep her busy. Hey pig ears are great too.

I would try to take her out and about for a 5 minute before you get on the phone because if you hear her whined it might mean she wants attention not potty since you already tried this before you phone call.

When she goes potty do you say potty so she knows that she has to releve herself? Also you mention you go on errands can you take your pup? My pup loves car rides She is excellent car rider and remember it is ok to leave your pup home but give her a chance to go potty before you go. I do this with my puppy before we get in the car and sometime I forget and she has never since I got her at 6 weeks old never had a accident in the car.

I am a stay at home mom so she is with us all the time. I have left her home when it is to hot outside and just for practice. She is a very good pup. Don't get me wrong she a had quite of few accidents when she was littler but about a month ago she has been holding it through the night. I too would take her out twice a night when she was little.

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Potty Breaks

Last October I made the decision to move my work out of my rented office and back home to adopt an adorable little puppy. It was simultaneously the best and worst thing I did and if I’m honest. Working from home with a dog around is a lot like trying to work from home with a kid. It can be stressful, especially when I’m swamped and can’t pay much attention to him. But Foster’s a member of the family now, and this working mom is committed to making it work. Working at home with a puppy. Writer Alan Williams is a regular guest author on the blog. He writes about mobile working and working at home with his dogs, Sparky and Wilson, who inspired his post Working from home with pets – healthy body and mind.. Sadly Sparky passed away earlier this year, but now young Ruby has come into his life, and today Alan shares his top tips for working at home.