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Before proceeding, please make sure you have checked our FAQ and Vacancies pages. The applicant must be competent with computer-based veterinary medical billing and all areas of office work , demonstrated by prior professional employment in We are a growing web design agency focused on website Secondly, you will not be responsible for their benefits such as health insurance or taxes. Is there a minimum level of income? Proof of work eligibility in the U.

Home Secretarial Services (HSS) is a team of home-based secretaries, also known as Virtual Assistants, Personal Assistants and Administrative Assistants. Each of our secretaries work as an independent contractor from their own home.

Secretarial Services:

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Recruitment FAQs

Home Secretarial Services (HSS) is an organization of home-based secretaries, serving many communities and was established in Each secretary works independently offering different services at different prices. Secretarial Services: Pioneer was established in by first offering an array of secretarial services. The basis for our business when we first began over 25 years ago was to lighten the load of overworked secretaries, to offer services to small businesses that could not justify a full time secretary, but still needed secretarial work done on an as-needed basis and to assist students with. Hiring a full-time secretary is a luxury many small business owners can’t afford, so instead, they outsource their administrative tasks to home secretarial businesses.