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Are you sure you want to remove this review from being featured for targeted profile? Get help setting up. Insect pathogens, namely viruses , fungi , bacteria and nematodes , have all been used in pest control operations. Pros Good salary, benefits, working from home. Under the basic conditions found in the insect midgut, phosphate groups are removed from molecules by alkaline phosphatase. Cons Not enough emphasis on sport or loyalty benefits.

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BT are removing home working, wanting co location, they are insisting that commuting times of 1. Very flexible in this regard, heavy use of Skype to the point where face to face meetings are a rarity at times. Ok nothing special here. The usual standard work from home options. Your response will be removed from the review — this cannot be undone. View All num of num Close Esc.

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Find out more about Plus. Insects which bore into plants are frequently controlled by pesticides which incorporate themselves into plants, like neonicotinoids which are applied as a seed treatment that gets transferred to the plant as it grows.

Besides, plants have their own insecticides which we consume whenever we eat food. Instead, Bt is unique because the toxins that we use from the bacteria are often only active against very specific groups of insects. Some Bt proteins work on caterpillars, others work on beetles. All, however work on the gut of the insect. Proteins are sensitive to environment, and one very important factor is the pH the protein is in.

The pH of human stomach acid is about 2 while the pH of the insect gut is about To give you an idea of how different these environments are, remember that prolonged contact with a highly acidic pH 2 or a highly basic pH 10 substance will damage human tissue, which is a pH of about 7. The tissue damage occurs because the local pH is really important for their function.

When this happens to human tissue, the result is a chemical burn. Bt toxin requires a high basic pH to be active, and must be activated by specific protein-cutting-proteins in the insect gut. The Bt toxin is comprised of a bunch of smaller proteins that work together by teaming up to form holes in the membranes of the cells that form the gut.

The holes that are formed are small, and allow salts and other small solutes to get in. When the salts rush in, water follows. When the water flows in, the cells burst.

When enough cells burst, the midgut becomes full of large holes. At this point the gut contents spill into the body cavity of the insect, resulting in the death of the insect. Earlier, I mentioned a wonderful post by Anastasia about the differences between the bacterial proteins and the ones put into corn. However, I do not view the protein encoded by transgenic crops as the toxin.

Instead, I view the protein described by Anastasia as part of the toxin. Remember that this gene encodes a protein, and in the gut there are multiple identical copies subunits of this protein that hook together to create the pore that kills the caterpillar. There are two main differences between the proteins found in bacteria and the proteins found in corn. The first is that in the bacterial proteins, there is an extra subunit that has been removed in the genes used in transgenic crops.

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