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Second dish for TV at Cabin

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Apr 22,  · I have recently acquired a second home that already has Dish satellite on the roof (looks recent/newer dish antenna). I already have Dish on my primary home and was wondering if it would be possible to add service to my second home?

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Step. Pack and take ALL of the Dish Network receivers and remote controls that you own or lease and bring them to your vacation home. The installer will install a new dish, run cables, and make sure your service is working when you arrive at your vacation home on the date that you scheduled. Plus, our Smart Home Services team can help with even more - mount your TV, set up your wireless network, install your home theater system, relocate the power source, hide wires and more. No need to coordinate schedules for several separate installers – let DISH do it all in one visit. During this time of year, we may have customers who inquire about receiving their DISH Network service at a vacation home or second home. For these customers, the best solution may be to create a second account for the customer’s alternate residence.