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ISoftStone Review – Legit or Scam

Even if you do a great job, there is no bonus for you. Advice to Management Pay people it's your job. Appen Rater 1 year. As a result, there is a lot people who have many years of experience but not necessarily capable. But it has proved to be legit and many people have worked for the company and been paid since then. Learn How to Manage - A great deal of these projects are done remotely.

iSoftStone reviews. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. "They provide the opportunity for a great work-life balance in that you can work from home setting your own hours" (in 7 reviews) "flexible work at home opportunity" (in 9 reviews) "Great people, Hello, Thank you for your review /5().

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But I can only get access to the work though this way a few days per month at most. The rest of the time they want the PC! Why ask if workers have smartphones if you won't allow them to be used to access the work assignments?

Anyway suffice it to say some projects got canceled. PMs thinking I couldn't log in enough I am now at great risk of losing this gig altogether. Was told I would have X amount of hours work at X amount an hour. They didn't give me the kind of work I'd trained with them for. I loved the job but the work was sporadic and the instructions for a lot of the tasks were unclear, which affects accuracy. You could never plan your day due to the no tasks available when you thought you could work.

Coal miner's job of the internet. Job is great when it comes to flexibility and remote work -- a requirement for me. However, my experience is there is very little to no interest in developing or promoting contractors or every offering a full time position to dedicated contractors. Contract is key here, meaning no benefits, no worker's rights, no real concern for contractors, leaving you just a tool for their profiteering. I'd been with the company for 2 years with no cost of living adjustment or raise, because there are no raises for contract laborers, and you really don't have the power to renegotiate your contract because you are only a sub-contractor.

You are required to maintain a high level of accuracy and productivity, but little to no feedback from auditors about how you can improve if your quality struggles. You're just expected to know why you were wrong based on their rules for rating.

Company has gotten a little better about compensating for 'work-related' activities which is still mostly unpaid like many of their competitors in this field. Don't expect your position here to be admired by any kind of hiring manager, like I said, you are basically working in the coal mines of the internet.

No employer will respect your position here, I had to completely change careers and dump this off the resume. On a final note, this company is better than most of the other options out there. They are better paying than Leapforce. Get ready for calls from your bill collectors, or get comfortable living in your car if you rely on that place for your living. If you really want to feel treated like garbage, go get paid pennies on the hour at iSoftstone or Mechanical Turk, where they place testing material in your workflow, which you don't get paid for.

It's great though if you can live off half the minimum wage rate, or are crazy enough to waste your precious free time to make a few extra half-cents. There were some issues while working there, but it was mostly okay.

I didn't learn anything there, nor did I get any sort of promotion. So there is no room for growth. I would only recommend as a second job. Working on your own time. Working for Appen Global is great to have available to you if you would like to pick up work on your own time. I do not recommend the two full time projects that I am aware of because of the amount of rules and instructions necessary to recall. It was difficult to attempt for me personally.

I enjoy having the non contract, work available when I am available. Claimed Profile Review this company. Want to know more about working here? Questions about Appen Social media evaluator hourly rate? There are many skilled and smart folks at isoftstone. Was this review helpful? There are some nice people working here, but there also are a lot of shallow, arrogant, opportunistic people as well.

I was literally hired to be harassed and humiliated based on my perceived LGBT status, and as revenge for setbacks other people had experienced for treating me that way.

In reality I have always been celibate, and this company seems to have created its own alternate reality. It's a good company.

I started as an intern. Slow paced but you can go fast paced if you want. There are lots of opportunities you can learn from. Big consulting company too. Review consolidated financial information, analysis the variance and verify balances are correct. An excellent work environment.

This place has been one of my favorite agencies to work for. The people are friendly, approachable, and seeming happy with the work environment. My team was solid. Smart and easy going folks you would enjoy getting a beer with after work. This company encourages working from home. I contact tech support and retake the test in the meantime. I see an ad for a different position in the company and I apply. I watch their hour and a half training video, download the toolbar I need and then I cant login to actually train.

I contact tech support, get a response asking me about my Java and. How does tech not know this by now? I see two other people here with the same issue. I am supposed to start training with them but when I log in to the UHRS website that was provided in the e mail, there is nothing for me to download or click on.

It just says no HITapps available. I am reading about some sort of tool bar…what is this? I was never told to download a tool bar.

I applied a week ago and now I got the email that tells me about the training and qualification test. The thing is I cant seem to log in to the training video even though the password was provided.

Is anyone else having this problem? Their quite slow about emailing back. Toolbar is worthless for Windows 8 Internet Explorer. It keeps showing error messages denied recognizing email. I was hoping to get into their search engine evaluation jobs. All I did was submit my resume and fill out their paperwork, and they e-mailed me and told me I had passed the qualification test. No information on pay, though.

Yes, it is exactly the same as MTurk. I ended up giving up on them and have no desire to do anything for them after the experience I had. This particular job was not what I was looking for at all. Does anyone know how to do the actual training? I am in NJ in the US. I had the same problem. I had to downgrade to Version 10 of IE in order to get the special Bing Toolbar for this particular Project to work correctly.

Well, I reached out to a Tech. Support Company to help with my Computer and unfortunately I am running Windows 8. Which was very disappointing because I spent a lot of time reading the Guidelines, loading on the special Bing Toolbar and trying to downgrade my Version of Internet Explorer. I let him know that I was certainly interested. He sent me the information; I read the Guidelines; took the Training Set yesterday; and just completed the 3 Qualifying Test Sets a little while ago. Good Luck to you and take care!

Hi Candace, Sorry — I just saw your question. So for me it was a total waste of time. Be your own judge though and Good Luck. Take care and God Bless! Sorry, I misunderstood your previous post. Hi, I am in the testing phase for the ad evaluator position. It seems interesting so far and everyone seems very nice. I have heard they are very difficult but most say worth it. Lionbridge is pretty strict on working for someone else and I think iSoftStone is too. Thanks to one of your posts a month or so ago, Anna, I was hired for an iSoftStone contractor position a few weeks ago.

The training seemed to take weeks right during a time my other company was offering extra hours, so I lost a potential few hundred dollars because of that. The practice sets they give you take about 10 hours each, and I was required to complete almost two of them. Things will sometimes get delayed due to technical glitches.

Not only that, after I received a high score on the first qualification test, I was made to pass another. The job itself requires very quick speeds I am almost surprised I can do, but I am grateful to have obtained a much-needed second job to hopefully tide me over the summer. They seem to keep a fairly strict protocol and are not as laid-back as the other major search company one can work for as a contractor.

The project directors do seem to take a courteous and professional attitude though. I receive almost daily update and reminder emails. Thanks again for the job lead!! I also gave a practice test for lionbridge but i never seem to hear back from them.. This post may contain affiliate links. Regardless, I only recommend products and services I trust.

Share 3 Tweet Pin 10 13 shares. Forgot to say — it was the Online Crowd Worker position they were contacting me about. I also signed the NDA but no response yet.

Do you have to have a PC or can you use a Mac? Please explain the procedure to withdraw earnings from UHRS website of isoftstone…. How long did it take you to get instructions after you signed the NDA document? I also just applied to isoftstone and signedmy NDA form. I am waiting to hear from them. Replying to myself — apparently it IS basically mTurk. How did you go about downgrading to IE 10?

Good luck and happy holidays. Can I work for both iSoftStone and Lionbridge? I am from India and got hired by them just two weeks back for the same position.

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iSoftStone is another company that hires home-based workers for search evaluation (similar to companies like Leapforce, Lionbridge, etc.). They do not always have openings and I cannot confirm they are hiring for it now. My work experience with ISoftStone was very professional but fun. There was plenty of work/life balance and all colleagues were very supportive of one another. I enjoyed my experience with the firm and still remain friends with many former colleagues/5(28). Glassdoor has 19 iSoftStone reviews submitted anonymously by iSoftStone employees. Read employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor to decide if iSoftStone is right for you.