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Working Off Site as a Mystery Shopper

After your application is approved, you simply log in to their website and then select the jobs you want to do. Employment You are here: Have you worked as a telephone mystery shopper? When you call, you will pretend to be interested in a service or ask questions to find out more information. United States Territories Puerto Rico. Successful BestMark mystery shoppers will be able to meet deadlines, follow detailed instructions and write fact-based reports to provide our clients with actionable data.

12 Telephone Mystery Shopping Companies: Work from Home as a Mystery Shopper Published August 27, Disclosure: We may receive compensation if you sign up for or purchase products linked to .

Mystery Shopper Jobs

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Mystery shoppers visit stores or restaurants and rate their products and/or service according to specific criteria. Companies rely on this data to gauge what does and does not work in real-life environments. NEVER pay money to a company to see their list of jobs. Legitimate mystery shopping companies are always short of shoppers, so they never ask for you to pay to see a list of their jobs. And lastly, check to see if they mystery shopping company is a member of the MSPA. They are the official organization that is in charge of regulating mystery shopping companies. You might be familiar with mystery shopping jobs you do in person, but did you know you can also earn money from home with phone mystery shopper jobs? Unlike traditional in-person shops, Phone Mystery Shopper Jobs give you the opportunity to evaluate businesses from home (or .