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Degrees that Could Get You Into a Work From Home Job

Freelance positions and positions that utilize technology and do not depend on in-person interaction and office amenities present opportunities to work from the comfort of your couch and computer. Enter your working-from-home option. They don't pay much at all. Career Work From Home. No past data entry experience is needed.

FlexJobs, an online service specializing in telecommuting and remote work, recently sifted through its listings for legitimate remote jobs that don't require four years of college. Each of the below positions pay more than $45, a year, according to median annual salary data from PayScale, and does not require a bachelor's degree.

2. Private Detective: Degree in Criminal Justice

You can get in here with very little writing experience. You have to write a short sample and your writing level and the amount of money you can earn per article will be based on that initial sample. It is possible to get moved up once you've proven your skills even if you start off at a low level.

You do have to take a quiz on spelling and grammar at about high school level in order to be accepted to write for them. Most of the writing sites listed above are content sites that will always pay a set rate per word. If you're interested in going into business for yourself as a freelance writer, finding your own clients, and setting your own rates, I recommend reading this information I've posted on starting a freelance writing business an interview with someone who has successfully done this.

I do not believe you have to have any specific past work experience to be considered, you just have to be really good at researching things online.

Writing skills will help, too. Although it's a fee-based membership site, I've found very high-quality work at home job leads through FlexJobs. Also, they have fantastic sorting options so you can easily find the positions that are entry-level. They post hundreds of job leads at least five days per week.

You can see a preview of the current entry-level positions that don't require past experience here. If you don't want a lack of experience or training to hinder you, you may want to consider taking an eCourse.

I have a page here with a list of the best eCourses for various work at home industries. Many of them offer free intro courses so you can try before you buy. Has anyone worked for NexusOp?

Just curious since it seems to be so easy to get on with them, fill out a form, take the courses and pass them, then start working. Anybody with any previous experience your thoughts would be appreciated. Textbroker, in my opinion, is horrible.

I used to do quite a bit of work for the company and so, can speak from personal experience. For starters the editors there are like the coma police. If you insert just one slightly questionable coma, or leave just one out, they will rate your entire article down. I know, from having read many reviews and comments about the site, that many others have this same complaint.

Also, the editors at Textbroker are extremely nit picky. I want to make it clear, when I say that I was often rated lower for not choosing to phrase something the same way a Textbroker editor would have phrased it, it was not because I used improper grammar and they were correcting that, it was just because they liked their way better. For instance, if I wrote in an article: Another thing I do not like about Textbroker: Here again, if the client, who is actually paying for your work, is not only satisfied, but in fact, very happy with the article, who the heck are the Textbroker editors to say it is not good enough?!!!

Okay, that is all I have to say about Textbroker. I am sorry to sound so negative, but I strongly feel that anyone who is thinking about writing for Textbroker should know this ahead of time. Due to the nature of the editors on this site, I would advise anyone who is new to freelance writing on the web not to bother with Textbroker, mainly because I feel that the antics of the editors there can be very discouraging to new writers. Number 2, it should be: Dixie, I just wanted to say as im strolling thru Pinterest at the work from home jobs.

I came across this great article and then the comments. Thank you so much for taking the time to write out such a detailed comment about Textbroker. Personal experience is what helps me decide what to purchase or who to contact etc. Thanks for your opinion once again! Thank you so much for sharing lists like these.

They are such a huge help in my search for work at home opportunities. I wanted to vouch for Domainite. They are my main gig right now.

Mike and Dillon are great. Pay is weekly, via PayPal, and always on time. This post may contain affiliate links. Regardless, I only recommend products and services I trust. Share Tweet Pin shares. Comments Wordgigs requires a url of previous publication to apply.

While the ads for work-at-home jobs that pop up online can make them seem too good to be true, there really are a handful of home-based positions that can earn you a respectable living. Here are five standout work-from-home careers, along with the degrees it takes to potentially get you there. With an online associate degree , you can even attend school from home, completing your education at your own pace.

Working in tech support comes with several advantages, like being paid to learn general troubleshooting techniques and advanced computer skills. IT personnel with enough formal training can even work on a freelance basis as independent computer support specialists. A computer science degree at either the associate or bachelor's level can help you blaze your own trail in the IT field.

Some colleges and universities may also offer degrees in information technology, which can also help you use your tech skills to move into the world of work-from-home jobs.

According to the U. With an associate's degree in criminal justice along with whatever other credentials are required by your state's private investigations licensing board , you can start a career as a freelance detective. The right degree program can help graduates start work-from-home careers in private detection without having spent years in the police force.

In some states, peace officer certification or other non-degree award may be the requirement for a private investigator's license. Because so much private detective work in the age of big data requires some skill with computers, taking courses in computer science can help you get ahead of the curve. Jobs are available in more commonly spoken languages like Spanish and even in American Sign Language.

Another reason to finally learn how to code: This Texas-based company is seeking developers with experience using certain programs—no degree needed. Insurance claims adjusters investigate specific cases and provide appraisals for insurance companies. This North Carolina-based company is looking for an adjuster to work with pet insurance.

Companies like Appen are hiring evaluators to analyze and report on web search results. The jobs are available in a variety of languages and can be done remotely on a flexible schedule. If you have the proper certification for your state, medical coding for a hospital can be a promising career for working mothers. One job in North Carolina requires that employee be a North Carolina resident and have the appropriate license. LiveOps currently has an opening to assist its clients with filling out paperwork and time sheets.

Candidates must have excellent problem-solving skills and be willing to work flexible hours. View the discussion thread.

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Online Degrees for People Who Want to Work from Home: Business Administration, Communication and Professional Writing, Creative Writing/English, Creative Writing in Fiction Writing, Poetry, or Screenwriting, Game Art and Development, Psychology in Addictions, Mental Health, or Social Psychology, and others. While plenty of companies are hiring remote workers, many of the available jobs require a bachelor's degree or higher. But that doesn't mean there aren't any jobs for those without a college degree. Many fields are hiring work-from-home employees based on prior experience or even speciality certifications. We have many work from home opportunities in a wide range of job functions. See what's available today.