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Wireless Home Headsets

These are the best headsets to buy with your needs, comfort, and budget! I am tired of spending money in headsets that wont last me to much… I purchase the and they worked perfect for a long time but lately they have been giving me problems like I will stop hearing the mute bottom wont work or the light so I dont know when is mute or not or like I click it and it doesnt mute it. It can connect to a landline and your computer, but it has no means to connect to a mobile phone. Because one of the requirements is you must have a headset. The most noticeable missing feature, though, is active noise cancellation: Pay attention to the Bluetooth profiles of your device, because ranges will vary from 33 feet to a few hundred feet.

With the Sennheiser OfficeRunner Wireless Headset, you can wander through the house, put in a load of laundry even get the paper from the driveway, all while taking a .

The research

The other comfort testers do not wear glasses. When I stepped away from my desk throughout the day, I kept the headsets on to see if and when connectivity suffered. To test battery life, I streamed music continuously for at least eight hours with each headset to see if it could last for a full workday. The test script included language to test sibilance S sounds and plosives P sounds. The first set of calls captured outgoing voice quality when calling from a quiet office with little to no background noise.

The second set of calls captured outgoing voice quality when calling from an office with constant background noises—conversations and other sounds—simulated with a speaker and Coffitivity. A panel of Wirecutter staffers evaluated the audio quality of the resulting voicemail recordings.

To test incoming audio quality, I listened to music and podcasts with each headset, focusing on clarity, sound signature which sound frequencies are emphasized or if all sounds are equally balanced , and volume.

The Plantronics Voyager Focus UC offers the best all-around performance and comfort of the headsets we tested. Despite being a bit heavier than some other headsets, all of our testers said the Voyager Focus was the most comfortable to wear for long periods, thanks to its plush, memory-foam earpads covered in soft leatherette, its not-too-tight clamping force, and the suspended headband cushion that exerts little pressure on the top of the head.

Music and podcasts sound crisp and clear, and callers sound good as well, with intonations coming through clearly. While most of the headsets we tested have just one microphone, the Voyager Focus UC has three to capture your voice and filter out other noises before they make it to the other end of the line.

In our tests in a quiet office, outgoing audio was clear, and in a noisier office environment, much of the background noise was eliminated. You can pair with a smartphone at the same time. Plantronics claims a range of up to 30 feet with devices like laptops and phones. In wearing it around my home office, I experienced short drop-outs in music playback when I wandered two rooms away, but I never dropped a call.

It lights up in solid blue when the headset is connected, switching to a slow flash purple for music, blue for a call when the audio connection is active. The Focus UC implements controls and button placement much better than any of the other models we tried. In contrast, the power button for the Sennheiser models we tested is built into the fascia of the outside of the right earcup and offers very little tactile feedback, so it was hard to know when it was activated; this same button also manages the Bluetooth pairing mode and was far too easy to trigger when trying to turn the headset on or off.

Ease of adjusting the volume of the Voyager Focus is also better than with many of the other headsets: You just rotate the outer ring of the left earcup if you wear it with the microphone on the right side forward or backward.

This dial controls the volume of your computer or smartphone directly. It rotates degrees, which means you can wear the headset with the mic on the right or left side and still position it next to your mouth. In addition to the Bluetooth dongle, the Voyager Focus UC comes with a charging stand and a carrying case. The charging stand connects to your computer via USB—or to any USB charger —and offers a convenient place to hold the headset on your desk while keeping its battery topped off.

And finally, as indicated by the UC in its name, the Voyager Focus is Unified Communications-compatible, so it will work with the most popular UC platforms. But it offers the best combination of features compared to everything else. It is likewise UC-compatible. Like the Voyager Focus, the Evolve 65 can connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone and your computer at the same time like the Focus, it comes with a pre-paired Bluetooth dongle for your computer , but does not connect to a landline.

However, the Evolve offers one additional connectivity option the Voyager Focus does not: The Evolve 65 lacks a dedicated mute button, requiring you to press and hold the volume down button for a couple of seconds to mute and unmute a call, which is a hassle but not a dealbreaker.

The most noticeable missing feature, though, is active noise cancellation: The Evolve comes with a carrying case, but it does not come with a charging stand—which is fine, since you can still use the Evolve while charging.

But the costs half as much as the Voyager Focus UC. It may not be comfortable to wear for hours at a time, either, since the earpiece sits inside your ear, and its earhook design can interfere with glasses or long hair.

The is much smaller than the headsets we tested for this guide, so you can stick it in your pocket, but that also means it has a smaller battery. In our tests, the lasted 5 hours and 45 minutes on a charge, so you may need to pause your call schedule and recharge on call-heavy days. A big improvement is the addition of active noise cancelling, which makes the Evolve 75 more closely match the features of the Plantronics Voyager Focus UC. Its earcups are well-padded, but the headband has no padding.

Though the headset is light just over 2. This is the only model we tested that connects to a landline in addition to a mobile phone and computer. Sennheiser MB Pro 2: This headset manages all connections through its base. It can connect to a landline and your computer, but it has no means to connect to a mobile phone. It has excellent battery life and the headset itself is light at just under 3 ounces, but music playback is painfully tinny. Now wireless home headsets have ignited a new interest, with technology allowing us to work from home and stream our favorite music.

Also available are great sounding, affordable headphones for walking, running, and working out. When considering wireless home headsets, compatibility and comfort are key. Wearing styles will vary from over-the-ear to headband models. You may want to consider a convertible headset, which gives you multiple wearing styles to help you find a perfect fit for all-day wearing.

Also for business, you will find wireless home headsets that will plug into your computer's USB port for use with softphones. With this application, you download a computer program that looks and acts like a desk phone and connects back to your office. Using your internet connection, this VoIP solution makes your presence seem as if you were in the office. You take calls and answer calls in the same way, but from the convenience of your home. With dual-ear, high-fidelity speakers, you will find yourself immersed in sound quality like never before.

Many models even let you jump to mobile calls while using the same headset for dual purposes.


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