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Proof That Working From Home Is Here To Stay: Even Yahoo Still Does It

First, you should be aware of the difference between a work at home 'opportunity' and an actual job. How can I become faster at data entry feeling nervous? Overall, she wants the company to devote itself to personalizing the Web for its users, and Mayer apparently deems working from home to be a detriment to those plans. What could be better? I want to sincerely thank Marissa Mayer and Yahoo for making it a controversy and breathing new life in to the subject. Reading between the lines, it looks like some long-distance employees will have to either relocate or resign.

Working from home: nearly six million telecommute in the US. Photograph: Alamy If you are one of the roughly six million telecommuters in the US, take comfort in the knowledge that by rolling out of bed and shuffling to your desk to start your workday, you are contributing to a wealth of environmental savings.


Sixty-seven percent of employers were allowed occasional remote work in , according to a study released that year by the nonprofit Families and Work Institute. Along with researchers at Stanford and Peking University, Bloom studied a group of workers at Ctrip, a publicly listed Chinese travel agency. Half were assigned to WFH and the rest to work in the office. The results were striking. Ctrip workers who telecommuted were much more productive than their in-office counterparts -- in part because remote workers put in more hours and took less time off, with fewer breaks and sick days.

Diebold, for its part, views its remote worker initiative as a success because it was able to up its game around hiring. Still, the company has a ways to go -- Mattes came on board around the same time that several company executives left the firm in a bribery scandal.

It's still too early to call this a slam-dunk turnaround. Bloom told HuffPost that remote work helps the environment because workers travel less. It is an economic boost as well, he said, because it helps parents and older workers who might want to cut back on commute times and be closer to family. While the flexibility to work from home has clear and obvious benefits for workers, workers lose if this flexibility is ineffectively managed, said Kenneth Matos, senior director of research at the Families and Work Institute.

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I want to sincerely thank Marissa Mayer and Yahoo for making it a controversy and breathing new life in to the subject. I know it turned out to be a tempest in a teapot, but it did make us rationally evaluate it again like the way Mark Craemer did in the Seattle PI in his piece Telecommuting: When Does it Make Sense?

The place for nonprofits, charities, and libraries. The Media Frenzy I remember it well. Not That Much of a Telecommuting Ban Amidst all the sound and fury it became clear that the famous Yahoo telecommuting ban affected just full-time home workers, around out of 12, Yahoo employees or 1. Enables telecommuting through scheduled and impromptu audio and web conferences Provide online training to staff, volunteers, or other users Collaborate with employees across several different locations Participants using iPads can download the free ReadyTalk Mobile for iPad app to join conferences and access other features.

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Let’s bring back the Sabbath as a radical act against the always-on economy

Mar 18,  · Sales were up a little in , to $ billion from $ billion the prior year, but the company's stock hasn't really budged since Mattes arrived. It's still too early to call this a slam-dunk turnaround. Bloom told HuffPost that remote work helps the environment because workers travel less. Yahoo Says That Killing Working From Home Is Turning Out Perfectly After receiving tons of heat for taking away workers’ remote privileges, Yahoo now says that things are working just as planned: engagement and productivity are up. USA News did one called Yahoo's work from home ban puzzles business leaders. The Washington Post talked about Yahoo’s perplexing work-from-home ban. The New .