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A Man Came Home from Work One Night

He marveled as they walked to their lunch appointments or waved at friends, unencumbered by anything like the terror that had begun to creep into his mind that he might actually be found guilty. Michael is led away from the courthouse following his guilty verdict. Although no physical evidence tied him to the crime, he was charged with first-degree murder. Hearing nothing, she looked around the house. You cannot imagine what it is like to lose your wife the way I did, then to be falsely accused and convicted of this terrible crime.

Title - A Man Came Home From Work One Night Contributors - Sheila Stewart Reporters - Maurice Fleming Summary - In this song a man comes home from work and finds his daughter hanging dead from a beam in her room. He cuts her down and finds words written on her breast, wishing that she was a maid [virgin] again, that her baby was .

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A Man Came Home From Work One Night

Oct 23,  · can anyone plse help me IM looking for a very old song called either "the *****s lament or " a *****s lament I know some of the words which go like this " A man came home from work one night to find his house without a light " bla bla bla another line from the song is " so dig my grave and dig it deep and place white lillies at my feet. Apr 15,  · An old man staggered home one night and found his house without a light And as he went upstairs to bed, a sudden thought came to his head. He went into his daughter’s room and found her hanging from a beam. Here's the full list of all the songs on the internet containing the lyrics: 'a man came home from work one night'.