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Legit Work-from-Home Websites - and the Scams

The following are good places to start: This book goes into depth about 12 different ways that you can earn a full-time income from home without having to work 40 hours a week. The small town of Wenatchee, Washington, is at the center of a virtual gold rush — whether residents like it or not. Thank you for the information I was about to answer one of those ads. Walmart worker uses break to paint nails for woman with disability. Then you will be required to place the same ad you answered and get others to sign up as well and receive a small percentage as your commission. Trump's Wild Ride" Play Video.

The Truth About: Work From Home Mailing Letters. Pin. Share. Tweet +1. Stumble. Share. Have you ever heard of jobs advertising positions for work from home mailing letters? The legit positions that require you to mail letters from home are harder to find, but if you know what to look for you have a better chance of finding one.

Stuffing Envelopes

I will be looking into your link for the Legit at home jobs. Thank you for the information, it was very helpful to me. Hi Stephanie, it depend son what your interests and skills are. There are many work-from-home jobs available Here is a post that lists out several high-paying online jobs that moms can do: Hello my name is Renea and I can tell you that I have also done some investigating myself over the years and everything that I have tried for these work at home dose cost money from Herbalife, Avon and Mary Kay, are all legitimate but you do have to invest money.

It is not a job it is more like a business. In starting any business you have to invest money there is no way around it and to be able to make it work you have to work hard at it. You will not get rich from it but you can make some money at it depending on if you have good people skills and you have to have a good clientele. In need of income. Please give me the opportunity to show my work epics. Im realy desperate for a part time for stuffing envelopes this Friday I will sand a company 40dolar for processing and handling his name is hezel pepper good he claim 87dolar to start up waht can I do.

This was one of the last options I was considering and to think that people are messing with others like this is a darn shame. Anyway, thank you for the heads up and have a great day! Does it resonate with you? Are you excited about it? Would you share it and recommend it to others even if there was no way for you to get paid for doing it? That means for every people that purchase the product, of them are still buying at least every quarter a year later.

If your product is not that good, you will struggle to effectively make money. If you worked hard this year sell your product to people and only 13 of them are still purchasing the product a year later, you have a major uphill climb to make up that income!!

So much better to have of them purchasing every quarter- that builds solid foundational residual income that will last as long as the product is awesome. Have they previously been shut down by the FTC? There may be a pattern here, and your hard work and reputation could be compromised if you proceed with that company.

What is the tone of the founders? Are they all about the money? Is there charity just an arm? Or are they sincerely interested in making the world a better place?

Be sure their objectives resonate with yours. If you are a charitable person who sees problems in the world and wants to do something about it, you might be turned off by founders who are buying up islands and always talking about the money.

If YOU are turned off by that, chances are the people who are ready to listen to you will be turned off by it too. Better to align with a company whose founders share your same values, and whose reports on what they are doing make you feel proud to be a part of it. How many people are breaking new ranks each year? What are the average earnings of each rank? How long have they been in business?

Is their trajectory sustainable? Are they a debt free company? If they are carrying debt, do they have something like a facility to show for it? How long are they carrying the note? If they are privately held you cannot look this up, but if they are making good and sound financial decisions, they will be announcing that to you because they know that you want to know.

If they are publicly held, they are owned by the shareholders, and therefore are not in control of their company, including product, compensation plan, and etc. They have to keep growing their stock price in order to stay out of trouble with the SEC. If the company you are looking at passes your research, you have found a wonderful way to make money from home not all from home!

You will likely have to meet with people to teach classes, and give demonstrations at some point! If you are passionate about the product, that will be a blessing to you as well. It takes time to succeed in Network Marketing, but if you have a good product and are willing to look for places to share, anyone can do it. She had been given a sample of the product and found that it made a profound difference in her mood and levels of anxious feelings she was experiencing.

Because of this experience, she wanted to buy more of the product, and because she wanted to buy it, she saw a market for it as well. She knew there were others who struggled with mood and anxious feelings, and she wanted to help.

So she created a network by going to the local YMCA and asking if she could set up a table and offer some free classes. They allowed her to do that and in a relatively short amount of time, her financial life changed significantly.

She now travels around the world teaching about her product and continues to bless others with the product AND the business opportunity. Or are the products? I am very interested in stuffing envelopes, I have a very bad back, So working a reg, job is not going to happen for me.

This would be good, Please send me some info on how i could get started and what is the going rate of pay. Hi I have a lot of health issues and need unskilled work that I would do from home.

I hope you can point me in a good direction? Thanks for your site. Hi Angela, Checkout this post https: I hope that helps. Check out this post for real work from home jobs: Thank you for the information I was about to answer one of those ads. Im retired and need a income my SS in not making it. It is mind boggling how many people on this thread, after being presented with evidence as to envelope stuffing being a scam, then proceed to say they are interested in doing it.

Absolutely blows my mind!!! No wonder scammers continue to make millions a year defrauding job-seekers!

With the dawn of the internet, it really took off, with the U. Postal Service identifying it as the 1 scam. Postal Service has stated they do not know of anyone who paid into an envelope stuffing scheme to ever make any money.

The only person making any money are the scammer themselves! The state of New Jersey and FTC shut down Lord Preston and Maxwell Gates Enterprises in , after they had scammed 7 million dollars from tens of thousands of envelope stuffing job seekers.

Tens of thousands of people were scammed for millions. All were people looking to work from home. Most did not receive anything back. Those that did received flyers to be mailed to others around the U. In other words, to keep the scam cycle going. Those that did send out the flyers paid for the postage out of their own pocket with the promise they would be reimbursed.

NO ONE is going to pay you to sit on your backside and put pieces of folded paper into envelopes. If a company has mass mailings, they are going to buy an envelope stuffing machine for a few hundred dollars that can fold, stuff, address and put postage on the envelopes at a rate of thousands per hour.

They are going to do this and SAVE money on postage by getting a bulk mail discount. If a company has seasonal needs for mass envelope stuffing, they are going to either use a local business like Kinkos to do the job OR, they are going to call up a staffing agency and have a temps sent over for minimum wage.

Just how valid do you think a promise to return your money is going to be, when you are dealing with a scam artist? Go to yahoo or google and do a search on envelope stuffing scam. While you are at, do a search on common internet scams so that you can learn to identify all the other common types of scams going on.

If you read the post it outlines that this is a scam — nothing more. There are a bunch of wah jobs listed here: I am a senior with a sick husband, need to make money from home. Please let me know what would be a good work from home job. I am not very computer savvy, need something simple. Hi Kathy, You can check out this list for ideas.

I need stay at home mom job preferable stuffing envelopes and i cant afford a starter fee ease help i been out of work for 3 yrs due to health issiez and i cant get my disability i been trying even with a,laeter its hard and i have an 11 yr old grandson i have custody of and i neex money fast i have bills,and christmas,too so pmease help with info fhanks. Stuffing envelopes is a scam as outlined in this post. You can find real work from home opportunities here — http: Hello I just really want to know is there any real envelope stuffing jobs anywhere or is this all a big rip off.

I cannot believe that there are so many stupid and lazy people out there. Alexa, thank you for clearing up the info on this SCAM. They actually deserve to lose their money.

Hell, I feel like scamming them myself. I could make a fortune just off the idiots who have already replied to this one article.

I should be a millionaire in a week. It is good to here that job at home for as a mother. I have an extraordinary franchise in the financial services industry with minimal investment and with a high rating from BBB and Forbes. Contact me for more information. Your email address will not be published. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer Kicking low income to the curb.

Comments They have machines that fold paper!? How do I go about stuffing envelopes at home. What do I have to do get a startup kits for stuffing envelopes from home work. Yes interested in mailing out ads.

Please send me more information about stuffing envelopes at home please. Please refer to above article. I would like to stuff envelopes and make money at home. Do u have a list of real honest companies that do at home stuffing enveloes. Will you give me the name of a company or where to go to apply for a mail stuffing job.

I like to fold envelope and send them out what do I need to do to get started. So stuffing envelopes u can make money. Could u help me find a company that envelopes stuffing please. Iadisabled and could really use the cash any name u can suggest. What do I have to do to get started on stuffing envelopes. Please send information on how to get started. Is these a scam or not but do they send you the eveoples and you stuff them. Please read the article. This is not a job! Yes I am interested so please send me information on how to get started!

I have no income I need a income how do I get started. I never heard of the chain letter thing. But this definitely sounds like something similar! Anyway hope all is well! Please read the post. Stuffing envelopes is a pyramid scheme. Really wish we could get a rey. What is a good job for moms at home???? What would you suggest for a good make money from home job? I am extremely interested. I could be wrong, though. Are there any legit MLM companies you would recommend?

You get paid only if the people on the mailing list fall victim to the same scheme as you. The FTC reports that it is rare for anyone to actually get paid. According to the United States Postal Service, reshipping is a relatively new scheme. By partaking in a reshipping job scam, you unknowingly help a criminal commit fraud. Criminals buy expensive merchandise online using stolen credit cards. Now you come in as the middleman. The stolen merchandise is sent to people paid to repackage and ship the merchandise to them.

The scam will generally require you to send the goods to other countries. Avoid responding to any advertisements seeking "reshippers. The idea of getting paid to glue and assemble may seem like a fun and easy way to make some extra cash.

Companies claim to pay you for making simple crafts. When you sign up with a craft-assembling company, you pay a fee and they send you a sample craft and the necessary supplies to re-create the item. The scam takes place when you mail back the assembled crafts. Out of the hundreds or so you may complete, the majority are rejected for not meeting their specifications or quality standards. Instead of paying to assemble crafts, you can create your own crafts and sell them over the web.

There are many Internet venues that allow you to advertise, promote and sell your handmade items from your home. Direct sales companies build a team of sales representatives using multi-level marketing techniques. These types of jobs require you to sell products and encourage others to join the team and begin selling products as well. There are many well-known and reputable companies that allow you to make commission off the sale of their products.

You can market the products via outbound marketing, which can include mailing catalogs, flyers and brochures to potential customers. The Direct Selling Association publishes a list of the largest direct sales companies each year. Some categories include wellness, clothing, personal care and energy. If you are looking for a legitimate business opportunity that allows you to get paid for mailing stuff, start a business. For example, you can start a greeting card mailing service. Although you are not guaranteed to make money, there are never any guarantees when it comes to starting a business.

Let’s Be Smart

Mail our sales brochures and receive your payments before you mail them. Here is your chance to Earn Extra Money working at home by becoming an active participant in . Are There Any Legitimate Work From Home Mailing Jobs? Legitimate Work From Home Mailing Jobs Traditional Jobs. You are “mailing” the products to Amazon, so technically it's a mail at home job in some way. However, you are not paid per item shipped to Amazon. When searching for a stay-at-home job, it is sometimes a challenge to distinguish the legitimate jobs from the scams. Most jobs looking for people to mail letters or other items are actually just scams. There are many mail-related jobs, but fortunately you can learn from the mistakes that others.