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Best (Legit) Work From Home Jobs for Dads

Building a business on Etsy is a great way for stay at home parents to make extra money. You can event start a blog on parenting and tell people how it feels to be a single dad and how they can handle things better. There are tons of skills that lend themselves to freelancing, such as:. Freelancing using skills you already have is a great way to make money while staying home with your kids. Schools are always looking for teachers to fill these positions without having to overwork their classroom teachers. Then below are the top 20 small business ideas for stay at home dads.

Our guide to the best legit work at home jobs for dads that actually PAY you something decent. We list 22 work from home jobs that may bring in a part or full time income.

Top 20 Small Business ideas for Stay-at-Home Dads in 2018

The price usually depends on magazines you are writing for, but you will still be able to get good money for your hard work. Just like data entry jobs, you can find many companies requiring you to give your feedback to help them improve their products and services.

These jobs are quite easily available, but there are scams too. All you have to do is work with students in Korea, Japan, France, and other non-English speaking countries and help them hone their English speaking skills.

You can start a chat online or communicate over the phone to teach students how to make professional small talk and convey their message properly. You can work with many online companies that require you to make how-to videos and upload them on different channels.

You can even make money by uploading interesting videos on YouTube and join their partner program to earn money. Senior medical writers are enjoying an impressive demand these days. You can earn up to , through these jobs. Software development can help single-dads make enough money to raise their kids without having to face any financial issue. Your job may require you to design, develop, and run software programs, manage a team of software engineers, oversee related projects, debug software, and troubleshoot technical issues.

You will be responsible for operational and financial audits for clients and companies. Your job responsibilities may include planning, leading, and executing internal audits. You will also have to document audit-related info and work with stakeholders to help them understand the impact of the audit. Information technology is the most popular sector when it comes to finding the best work-from-home jobs.

Singe dads with knowledge of coding and designing can find many online web designing and development jobs. You may have to create new websites, modify templates, update codes, and give usability reviews. To build websites from the ground up, you should have ample knowledge of CSS, and html. You will also have to write code from scratch. Knowledge about search engine optimization is important because it determines how visible a site will be in search engines, which will have an impact on its success.

Many web designers make in excess of , a year. If you are good at selling things, you can put your skills to use and sell stuff online. If you know how to make words talk loudly, you can always find more than enough opportunities online to earn money. One simple way is to write for content mills, which are platforms where clients can come and request specific articles on different topics. Content mills sometimes do not offer high rates, but they can promise a consistent stream of work.

The more you write, the higher the chances of you making more money. Along the lines of writing for the content mill in 21, the difference is that you go must go to online job portals such as freelancer.

Many of the jobs are specifically to write articles for websites. There is a huge demand for such content and as long as you are a competent writer i. If you build up a list of clients, you can even turn this into a FULL time job as well. The fact of the matter is that it definitely makes sense to start a work-from-home job when you are a single dad and do not want anyone else to take care of your kids while you are out trying to earn some money.

You can teach a few classes a week at your local YMCA or fitness center to bring in extra money. In many areas you can keep as many as children without a license. Be sure to research your local daycare laws so you do everything right. Less and less people know how to sew these days.

If you have that skill in your bag of tricks, there are plenty of people who need you! Depending on your skill level, there are plenty of things you can do, like:. If you have a background in education, there are plenty of ways to make money without having to spend your day in a classroom. As a virtual teacher online, you can teach any level from kindergarten up to college. Schools are always looking for teachers to fill these positions without having to overwork their classroom teachers.

Tutoring is also a lucrative way to make money as a stay at home mom or dad. My wife Angie has been using this little side hustle for years to make extra spending money, buy furniture, and remodel our kitchen! A lot of stay at home parents get into multilevel marketing also called Direct Sales. There are dozens of direct sales opportunities available selling anything from cosmetics to fitness products. Many of them require an upfront investment to get started. Angie did multilevel sales for several years when our kids were small.

It was an ideal way for her to work from home, make new friends, and learn her way around her new hometown! There are lots of scam websites out there so you have to be careful when choosing this business idea. Make sure you do your due diligence before you decide to register on any paid surveys platform. Sports Prediction and Betting-: Another convenient way to make money from home is by sports prediction and betting. There are several websites which offer such services and let you win huge sums of money if you can correctly predict the outcome of a game or football match.

You could start a home-based accounting service , supporting individuals and businesses with taxation , payroll services , fraud investigation, financial management and internal control. This is another business you could do easily online.

It involves converting recorded audio speech into written script. You can offer your services in the legal or medical industry. Men are very great with kids and could also tap into the opportunity of starting a baby-sitting or nanny service.

A lot of companies are converting all their hard copy data into soft copies; this leaves room for people to make money by offering data entry services to such companies. You could also think of writing and publishing your own books for sale.

Again, if you cannot write it yourself, you can employ ghost writers, share your ideas with them and have them put it into writing for you. You could also start a tutoring business , you could help kids prepare for the new school year during summer or help them get better at subjects troubling them at school You could even register on online tutoring companies. Event planning is on the list of suitable business ideas for stay at home dads. You could start from helping friends plan events for free and gradually increase your client base through referrals and networking.

You could also start a virtual assistance service , helping clients with secretarial and clerical services from the comfort of your home using your computer and access to the internet.

Work From Home Jobs You Can Start Now

Here at FlexJobs, we are honoring all the dads out there with positions that allow them to work at home from anywhere in the United States. Many professional fathers are seeking positions that allow them to have more flexible hours and give them the opportunity to be at home with their families more. Get a list of the best jobs for stay-at-home moms and dads. The best jobs for stay-at-home parents fit in your busy schedule and use skills you have. Jennifer and Steve made the decision a couple of years ago that Jenn would work as a professional for a local company and Steve would be the full-time, caregiving stay-at-home dad. But while Steve loves this opportunity to raise their two young children, he misses a little .