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Yes, legitimate work-at-home jobs do exist

Yahoo needs 'all hands on deck' Cara Case, 25, works as a human resources representative for a small tech firm that requires her to travel. In alphabetical order, they are AlpineAccess. You've selected the U. Jim Johnson, 57, does not miss the "office politics" that are often prevalent in the workplace.

Feb 28,  · Telecommuters share tips on how to stay collaborative when working from home.

3 ways to work-at-home in 2014

Always b e accessible. But just because Collins works from home each day doesn't mean she lacks social skills. She spends her mornings writing speeches, drafting press releases, updating social media and developing marketing plans. In the afternoons, she goes out and meets with clients face-to-face. And whether she's out at a coffee shop or at home in her "cave," Collins is always accessible via Google chat.

Through social networks and other chat tools, people can screen a conversation when deciding whether it's worth their time, she explains.

But Collins says no matter what, telecommuters should always stay accessible. If your clients forget you're there, then they might forget to write your checks, too," she writes. A work-at-home mom defends Mayer. Mason enjoys the freedom that comes with working from home.

He can research new ideas and test them out at home without interruptions. Like many places, Mason and his colleagues use e-mail, teleconferences and instant messaging to stay connected. These modes of communication help co-workers keep in touch but can also be distracting.

Mason says to watch out for the "distraction creep. In order to prevent interruptions, Mason says, people must establish a regimented routine that is work-conducive by separating the personal office from the rest of the home and avoiding noisy coffee shops. Telecommuting is not for everyone; it's better suited for introverts, Mason says.

Mason suggests a person take a personality test to determine whether they're an introvert or an extrovert before making the decision to work from home. Mason says that if a person is an extrovert and enjoys social activities, loneliness will set in, and be a big challenge when telecommuting.

For extroverted people who say they would love to get out of the company office, they might have a difficult time adjusting to working from home. Jim Johnson, 57, does not miss the "office politics" that are often prevalent in the workplace.

He now works from home as a mortgage origination systems consultant. Johnson says people working from home need to earn the trust of their clients and colleagues by avoiding gossip and keeping co-workers and clients informed. Don't make rash promises you can't keep, and do everything in your power to keep those promises you make.

Johnson often corresponds with colleagues and clients using e-mail, but he knows where to draw the line. Keep communication concise and work-related, he says. To earn the trust of colleagues, Johnson emphasizes the importance of keeping a written record of all conversations and correspondence.

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Is Facebook hiring work at home employees?

Jan 30,  · If your dream job is to work from home some or all of the time, these employers might be for you. Cnn News About Facebook Work from Home, ;Game of Thrones' on AcidSign Up for Daily Insider Newsletter! From CNN Politics! Oct 09,  · CNN News Report - EASIEST WAY TO MAKE MONEY FROM HOME! EzJob4U. And how can someone not love to work with Facebook, YouTube and Twitter? 'The Day CNN Will Never Forget' John Stewart WRECKS.