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Huntington National Bank

If you don't have a fair and good manager then you don't get a raise. Great place to work, a lot of opportunity for growth, training was very hands on management was personable. They have been no help. Huntington has a long history of giving back to the community through many important causes. Advancement opportunities were guaranteed at time of hire but not followed through. July 21, I paid off my auto loan with Huntington Bank early.

Huntington Bank offers full service banking solutions for individuals, small businesses, and commercial enterprises. Home Equity Home Equity Comparison; First Mortgage Equity Loan; Home Equity Loan; Home Equity Lines of Credit Put your money to work with a fixed-rate CD. Earn % APY on a month certificate of deposit, with a.

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We at Huntington are committed to doing the right thing for our customers, colleagues, shareholders and communities. We welcome and thrive on this type of energy. Our customers know us. They feel cared for, listened to and, most of all, welcomed. Our Core Values not only represent the foundation of our company, they guide us in everything we do.

They keep everyone, at every level, focused on doing the right thing:. Huntington has a long history of giving back to the community through many important causes. But Pelotonia is something special. What we as a company can give to Pelotonia is significant. This is our way of giving back.

Management cares about their people! Opportunity for advancement and focus on colleague development. There are expectations for colleagues to be high performing which is appropriate and the company provides plenty of support in reaching their goals. I applied through college or university.

The process took a week. There were two interviewers, one was audit department manager and the other was audit team leader. They firstly introduced Huntington and what should I did if I got this job. Then they asked a few question. Last, they asked me if I had some question about the company or the job.

View All num of num Close Esc. So the next day rolls around and they call, the lady I talked to ask me my name, address, acct.

Let me compliment you Stephen S. I also asked her customer service lady I was speaking to for an identifying number and again she said NO. So I asked why my checking acct. Again I asked what it meant and again she had no answer for me, what a total waste of my time. So now today my wife and I are going to another bank to open acct. I guess this is the treatment you get after be with Huntington Bank since I was But don't feel bad. This bank will RIP you off in fees. They hold back debut transactions for days and then charge your account to putting your account in the negative to charge overdraft fees.

They have done me like this several times over the years I have been with them. I am done with place. I have been hacked 2 times within a year and rarely use my card.

I was hacked today and I get text alerts when I use my card. My phone went off showing activity and then again so I drove to the bank at the end of my street and as I went in it went off again and I showed the manager who was on his way to lunch. I even called the security number on my card in Ohio and she said the same thing. I am going to my Credit Union or Chase. Please beware of this bank. My graduating high school class has had an account at Huntington Bank for over 20 years.

Over four years ago, we switched the names on the account so that I could be a money manager for my class. I stopped in to let them know I had a new mailing address and they told me my account was closed and that the money was sent to the state of Michigan. Mind you, we have had this account for many years and we only use it every 5 years. Why, after all these years, did they close it?

Also, why didn't they reach out to my email address or cell number they had on record? The state says they don't have the funds and Huntington doesn't have it. Way to go Huntington!!! By the sound of all these reviews, it doesn't sound like they will be around much longer This bank is really slick and they will rob you! I was charged They charge an overdraft fee for each transactions. So that should equal to one transaction which is one overdraft fee. When I know for a fact I overdrafted once when I got the gas.

I paid off my auto loan with Huntington Bank early. I have been trying to get a lien release on my vehicle for almost two weeks. They have been no help. I have called several times 8 to try to get this released with no real help from any of the reps or supervisors. Each time I call they have told me that I needed to do something different. I asked to speak directly with the department and was told the lien release department would not take any calls and they would put in a request. I called back and am told that it has not been processed and I can submit another request.

I always thought banks were a service industry. I have spoken with my local bank and they have tried to help with this. Huntington, although they have been very nice and told me and my bank they would work on this Huntington has not done anything to help this process along.

The last time I spoke with them I informed them they need to look at their processes and policies. I reminded them they are only in business if people use their services.

I guess I am old school, I always thought you took care of your customers to keep their business but, I guess times have changed. As consumers who pay for services we all need to keep in mind that we have a responsibility to let service industries know if they are not meeting our needs and Huntington Bank has not meet my needs on this issue.

I paid my car off and they took money out still and won't give me it back for 5 days. It's paid for you morons. Way to start my weekend off. I will not deal with them anymore and they don't care if they keep losing customers. First it took them 3 weeks to "conditionally" refund the money that was stolen. Second, took another 2 weeks to issue a new card and when they do, they cancelled that one too stating it had been "lost".

But refused to speak to me about it because I was not him! Even though we have a joint account they stated that they could not give me information on, "his portion of the account"!!

And exactly who gave them the right to decide what is his portion and what is my portion I would like to friggin know??? This bank does NOT work for the customer at all!!!

I WILL be pulling my money out and going elsewhere post-haste!! I urge ya'll to do the same!!! After spending an hour on the phone, talking to a customer service spokesperson; she in turn contacted 3 others. No deal was reached. Their competition in the money market category all are 1.

A take it or leave it attitude. The communication process for new business ie: I cannot understand how they keep money from going out. Never been through so many hoops! This place is ridiculous. Slow, They ask for the same things two three times. I honestly believe these people do not communicate within the business. Huntington Bank should focus more on customer service. I am only giving one star because I have to.

After 15 years of being a loyal customer both personally and for our small business, we had an employee steal from us. The person is currently being prosecuted, has a he used the atm so there is undeniable proof of every transaction. Huntington has considered the charges were approved and refused to look into it. We will be transferring banks. I suggest you do the same. They constantly allow these charges knowing I do not have the money to pay. I will change as soon as I can. Deposited an old forgotten check with Huntington.

Was assured by mgr. A week later, received a copy of the check, and was advised amount was withdrawn from my account. Tried to call the number of the form, and surprised it was for Chase Bank. Went to branch, the mgr is off today.

I have dealt here for 15 years and like the personnel, but can't figure this one. They have my check, told me no problem, then deduct the amount of the check from my account. Seems shady to me. I paid off my car loan with a cashier's check on June 29, Today is July 6 and Huntington Bank has still not released the lien on my vehicle. They are keeping me from being able to sell my car.

I am thinking about filing a lawsuit. Do not get a car loan from this company. I have been banking with the Huntington National Bank since I am sad to say this is the first time I will have to bank without them.

I have moved to the West Coast where they are not yet here. I believe in a honest word and handshake is your bond. The HNB is just that bank. In all of my dealings banking, loans, credit cards, mortgage and whatever else they offer is worth having. I miss my bank and hope that they acquire something out here. I will be their first customer. Thank you HNB for some very good years.

I hope someone from HNB sees this as they deserve a standing ovation for their honest work helping people trust in banking. The pens were a great idea!!! I made a monthly car payment and then another separate payment for principal only. I had requested a receipt for the extra principal payment. I never received it. I then called and asked them to send me a receipt and they refused to do so. I have NO proof they put the principal only payment to my account.

Customer service person was very short and rude to me. I feel this was a very simple request on my part but Huntington would not send or email me a receipt. They have no idea where my money went.

I would never recommend this bank to anyone. If there were options to give -0 stars I would give it. I have been trying to cancel my escrow for 3 months. I began the process back in early April. The first excuse of the bank is that I had not had my mortgage open longer than 1 year. After 1 year, which was 10 days later, they said that they will re-review it which I believe they did not without me calling in again. Next request was to fax in a letter requesting it, and once I requested it via fax then they would mail me papers to fill out in order to cancel.

After completing that, the problem became there was a small balance of This amount was then paid, and then I again expected the escrow to canceled. The problem then became the auto debit was automatically canceled due to the escrow cancellation request so, the monthly payment including an incorrectly analyzed escrow payment needed to be made in order to cancel the escrow. Needless to type the escrow is still not canceled, and they want me to overpay almost twice the mortgage principal and interest payment in order to cancel my escrow.

The customer services and mortgage department related to the escrow analyzing is awful. The mortgage department has displayed incompetence, unprofessionalism, disorganization and rudeness throughout this entire incomprehensible madness. I have this bank for my car loan. I call them every month on time and provide my routing and account number. It took one minute to take it all out of my account though! I am a single working mother and they did nothing to help me! Banks are suppose to be helpful and have good customer service.

I don't recommend this bank to anyone! No way to go back! I called Huntington, killed my card, I ordered another one AND filed a complaint over the phone for fraud. Of course I wanted my money back that had been stolen! I went into a local Huntington branch, spoke with a manager, showing him the bottles I received Three days later, I get a letter saying the transactions appear to be legit!

I am pursuing further actions. Obviously NO consumer fraud protection at Huntington!!!

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What type of bank is Huntington? The type that’s never happy with the status quo. The type where an innovative mind is a job requirement. Sound good? Let’s get started. we’re committed to “always getting better”. At work, at home and in our communities, we’re constantly finding ways to grow. Where will this inspiration take you? The Huntington National Bank is an Equal Housing Lender and Member FDIC. ®, Huntington®, Huntington® and todojuegos.gae.® are federally registered service marks of Huntington Bancshares Incorporated. Thank you for your interest in learning more about us. Founded in as The Huntington National Bank, today Huntington Bancshares Incorporated still operates from the same Columbus, Ohio founding location in the heart of the Midwest. “Enthusiastically work and succeed together.”.