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Work From Home Guide: A list of legitimate work-at-home job opportunities

Jonathan, can you tell me more about the Leapforce jobs? What to do when all your hard work gets wrecked by unexpected financial challenges. Owned by Home Depot. Also get an email with jobs recommended just for me Company with Legitimate Work At Home jobs Medpace Medpace is a contract research organization that manages the clinical trial process for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Thank you in advance!

Legitimate Work At Home jobs available on Apply to Host/Hostess, Senior Representative, Or Simply want a legitimate stay at home? Work from home. Always wants to work with Arise? You may also contact the office directly at Easily apply.

Top 25 companies hiring for part-time, work-from-home jobs

Includes paid training, paid background checks, and no hidden fees. This website only serves select metro areas. However, filling out the WOTC is strictly voluntary — not required. Unlike other sites, Zintro requires the hiring business to put the money it intends to pay a freelancer into escrow. Here are a few common warning signs to look for:. Take an inventory of your talent, add a dash of creativity to your thinking and come up with a plan that suits you. Consider teaching others how to use one.

You might also want to do computer work for college and graduate students. Try putting up flyers around your area as well as the local colleges and universities. Consider the needs of your friends and neighbors and provide a service that can save them time.

Could they use help with errands or odd jobs? Do they need pet or child care? Large corporations often contract smaller companies to provide phone and online customer service, and these smaller companies specifically hire home workers. My friend had many tasks, including helping customers order parts and find a service technician, both on the phone and online through a live chat service. The people you dealt with could have been working at home, which gives you some idea of the kind of work you might be doing.

As a Convergys agent, you take customer calls and provide other services for large corporations. The company has clients in industries like automotive, communications and media, financial services and many more. Sykes hires agents to work from home throughout the United States and Canada.

Although TeleTech offers many customer service jobs at call centers across the U. Most of their content goes on eHow. Just decide how many articles you would have to write a day to reach your goal.

They pay by Paypal every Wednesday and Friday. There is no payment threshold that you have to meet either. If you have money in your account, you will get paid. They currently have thousands of titles to choose from in the system and you can reserve up to ten at a time. They are a vendor for Google. Once you are accepted in the program you log-in to the Google interface and rate websites.

Google wants their searches to be relevant. They use human raters to rate whether the content is worthy or spam. This is a great place to earn extra income if you want to write on simple projects. They pay is much less, but the projects are easy to write on. I once wrote several word articles for someone that was creating an Extreme Sports website.

The work was fun. I simply wrote a short bio about different professional athletes. If you want more human interaction, then you might want to consider LiveOps. LiveOps is an at home call service that you dial into while in the comfort of your own home. You will have to make a weekly schedule, but you will never have to commute anywhere. All calls are inbound from people responding to infomercials and you basically take their ordering information while being logged into the LiveOps system.

Hopefully, this list will get you started thinking about ways to supplement your income. This resource is also good for Stay-at-home moms that are looking for ways to earn so money without being on a tight schedule.

There are many more work-from-home companies out there, but these are all ones I have had personal interaction with and can recommend that they are legitimate. And if you need more ideas, here are 20 more work-from-home companies for you to look into. What a wonderfully helpful post. I love the Demand Studios idea, since I enjoy posting articles anyway, but all of these are helpful. I looked at the Demand Studios website and would definitely appreciate some tips for the application. I am only familiar with textbroker but never tried them.

Having such piece of information is particularly helpful to lead people in the right direction to avoid internet scams. This is good direction. My wife lost her job just before the holidays and is investigating various situations. Even many of the regular jobs advertised fall into this category. There must be big money in that right now with so many people out of work and desperate for anything. Wow, great to see some legit websites out there.

Thank you for this post! Thank you SO much for this article! I have been applying everywhere I can think of for minimum wage jobs and having no luck. As someone newly on the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover I really wanted to find a second job and these ideas are great! Thanks for the tips and for doing the research to weed out the good from the bad. Julie — You are more then welcome.

I have a whole list of freelance sites that either pay up front or pay by revenue. Let me know if you are interested. I went 2 years with no work, then got a job for 3 months then lost it 2 weeks ago. I would be interested in additional websites and information you have on work from home jobs. I am looking to supplement my current income to give myself some breathing room and to get things back in the black. Your information would be very appreciated.

I stumbled across this on pinterest of all places. My own internet research was turning up nothing useful or beneficial. I did go to the link you provided in an early comment, and I will investigate those. Thank you so much for this post. This is just what I have been looking for, work from home opportunities from a trusted source.

I recently signed up for FlexJobs to find a job I could do from home, but so far I have found the requirements in terms of experience or specific skills to be outside of my background.

I gained even more information by reading the comments of others. Jonathan, I would like to start doing some tech writing. Most of my work history was in engineering, until I got laid off about 6 years ago. For the last 4 years I have been working at an elementary school as the tech support person. I taught some undergraduate business courses for a couple of years and my wife and I are currently teaching an ESL class for adults. I enjoy writing and have always have had positive feedback on my writing skills in college, But how do I transform all of this background into a resume for an online tech writing position?

I can write some articles to put in a portfolio, but beyond that I have nothing to show. What is the acceptable format for a resume to apply for positons at these websites you recommend? Is it vastly different than the tradtional work history, education, skills resume? Milligan, I am a 21 year old home schooled young man. Who would like some tips for the Demand Studios application process if available.

Thanks for sharing the list. My girlfriend has earned a very nice salary working with Demand Studios over the past year. Jonathan — thanks for the encouragement.

Beware of these common work-at-home scams

There are more work from home job scams than there are real work from job listings, so, job seekers need to be really careful when searching for and evaluating work at home job listings. Presume that the position is a scam unless there is compelling evidence to the contrary. If you’re having trouble getting started on your work-from-home job search, these five companies often hire work-from-home employees. Just keep an eye on them. If you want a particular type of work, ask about what you’ll be doing before accepting the job. Other websites to check out, where you may find work-from-home jobs include and Of course, you may also want to check out the well-known career sites,