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These Are the Best Part-Time Jobs You Can Do From Home

Even the most complicated trips can be arranged successfully at the click of a button. Share Pin it Tweet Share Email. A legitimate job opportunity is based on your experience, interests and background and should not cost you money. Check out the following companies for job availability. The list that follows consists of established employers and legitimate open or recently open positions on FlexJobs, for a look at the best opportunities now in the part-time, work-from-home market. This will save you time and you will be able to cut meetings to a minimum. Event planners must have excellent organizing skills and attention to detail.

It's not the most glorious job on this list, but it is one of the most in-demand opportunities for work-from-home employees. You can try for a .

2. Voice Actor

You can also agree to answer questions online for a price. Help lawyers decide whether or not to accept a case or give feedback on case issues before they go to trial. Online jurors function much like traditional live mock juries or focus groups except that the e-jurors participate online. Online jury participation allows for a greater number of participants on each case, giving lawyers the type of feedback normally associated with large and expensive focus group research, but at a much lower cost.

Check out the companies below for possible opportunities as an online juror. Mystery shopping opportunities have been around for some time, but the Internet has made finding them a lot easier. Mystery shoppers get paid to eat at restaurants, shop at stores and try out services. They then report back on the level of service and cleanliness to help improve the experience for future customers. Research companies that hire mystery shoppers look for reliable, articulate, detail-oriented people to become mystery shoppers.

In addition to the cash, mystery shoppers often receive free goods and services. To learn more about mystery shopping and its opportunities, check out the companies below. Can you teach math, science or social studies to fourth grade through college level students? If you can, then being an online tutor could be for you.

You must be able to convey key information to a student through online instruction, rather than face-to-face. You must know your subject and some online tutoring companies require that you have a college degree and have been educated in North America. Maintaining databases and ensuring validity of data is also required in most of the cases. Statistical analysis is a very broad field and you should work towards specializing in particular types of data.

It will add great value if you specialize in marketing, health, economics, or engineering data. This kind of work requires proper training, and in many cases, the employers require you to have formal college training as well.

Infographics are becoming more and more of a powerful tool to visualize detailed information. These days, no one really seems to have time to go through web articles thoroughly, scanning through each and every detail. The demand for software engineers has been ever increasing. And freelance software engineering opportunities are aplenty in the market. Virtually all businesses want to have a website and app of their own.

Add to that the ever present demand for desktop applications, and the future of software engineers looks very bright. If you have sufficient skills and experience under your belt, you do not even need to have a college degree to succeed in this field. Working as a home-based travel agent can be very exciting. However, you do need to understand travel well. The internet has brought lots of changes to the traditional travel agent business. Even the most complicated trips can be arranged successfully at the click of a button.

Common clients are financial corporations, retailers, charities, universities, and general businesses. There are plenty of freelance writing opportunities available out there. You can write both for printed as well as online publishing media. With the growth of internet, online writing opportunities have always been on the rise. Writing opportunities spread over multiple disciplines, from health, education, and career counselling to sports, music, and politics.

The demand for freelance graphic designers is also increasing day by day. Graphic designers are constantly wanted by corporations, advertisement agencies, newspapers, retailers, and websites.

You need expensive resources in animation software, as well as computer hardware to be able to create swift animation. However, once you start getting clients, your initial investments will make far greater returns. All the above average salaries have been taken from Indeed. Freelance writer Read full profile. How on earth do you get out of that spiral? Many people never sit down and look at how to work smarter, rather than harder and even longer hours.

Easier said than done? Well, no actually, because there are a few simple rules that can really help you to manage time better. For example, when setting up a top priority task, you need to switch off the phone and ignore your email first. You can find a list of the most common ones here.

To determine pay ranges for each job, FlexJobs incorporated salary data from Payscale. The list that follows consists of established employers and legitimate open or recently open positions on FlexJobs, for a look at the best opportunities now in the part-time, work-from-home market. Of course, as with any job, applicants for these gigs should thoroughly vet any company before signing on.

Writer Hourly rate from Payscale: Writers with specialized knowledge can use their expertise to write columns, blog, and perform other regular work. One company hiring such writers is About. In April , About was hiring guides writers with professional background or expertise in a subject for celebrity gossip, dairy-free cooking, and Virginia Beach and Norfolk.

Technical, grant, and curriculum writing, advertised on the education website Schmoop , calls for more experience and training. Hourly rate from Payscale:

Customer Service Representative

Feb 26,  · HuffPost MultiCultural/HPMG News. NEWS US News World News Business Environment Health Social Justice 10 jobs you can do from home. 1 / Call center and customer service representative. Find out how to make money without ever leaving your house with these telecommuting job opportunities and work from home jobs. and a can-do attitude. and if you're one . Watch video · A good part-time job that you can do from home and still make money? Sounds like a come-on from an Internet scammer. But such gigs do, in fact, exist. When online telecommuting jobs resource.