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15 Best Work From Home Jobs for Retirees

You can start from scratch or use an online platform like Rover, where you can post your profile. You might take care of purchasing office supplies and processing the payroll. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. Business Consultant Just because you've retired from your main career doesn't mean you no longer have any valuable business knowledge. To work as a transcriptionist, you need to be very detail-oriented and accurate with punctuation, grammar and spelling. Online Juror The nitty-gritty: By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

15 part-time jobs for retirees. D.C.-area career counselor Anne Headley knows a retiree who Pampered Chef and Amway often recruit retirees because the work can be done from home and sales.

Looking For More Legit Work at Home Jobs?

Companies like Online Verdict and Jury Test let you know when there's a case that's ready for your review. Working as a graphic designer makes the list of jobs for people over 50 because you can easily do it from home. If you have a computer and graphic design software, you can create logos and images for companies and organizations.

It can be hard to find a full-time job in graphic design because most companies have only sporadic needs. You can use online platforms to get projects, however. For example, DesignCrowd offers contests where the winner gets paid the prize money and freelance jobs where the client selects a specific designer to work with. If you thought surfing the web was a complete waste of time, you're in for a surprise. Some companies, including Lionbridge, will hire you to evaluate websites and search engine results.

To qualify, you need access to a computer and internet connection. Positions are typically part time and pay hourly. You can make a second career out of editing other people's work before it gets published. Companies like Cactus Global hire people to work from home as full-time editors.

The requirements vary depending on what category of writing you want to edit. For example, to join Cactus Global's medical reviewing team, you need at least three years of experience in the industry. If you are bilingual or fluent in multiple languages, add translator to the list of jobs for retirees.

You'll need to demonstrate your fluency, such as by passing a proficiency test. If you prefer to work on your own schedule, sign up with a company like VerbalizeIt, where you can opt-in to translation jobs that suit your preferences and get paid per job.

Sometimes, you'll need other skills for particular jobs. For example, Telelanguage posted an opening for a translator to work from home with medical professionals who have limited English proficiency. The job required some medical experience.

If you really want to run with this job, it could provide great pay opportunities and other perks. If you have previous experience working in insurance adjusting, you could parlay that experience into a full-time job that you can do from your house. For example, a Cottingham and Butler Claims Services job posting sought senior workers comp claims adjusters with prior experience. Workers receive an allowance to pay for their home offices, equipment and tech support, plus covered business expenses.

That's certainly a good way to give your income a boost. The last option on the list of best jobs for retirees is working in development and fundraising for a nonprofit. Some nonprofits allow their fundraising directors to work remotely as long as they can accomplish all the job duties. These duties include organizing fundraising events, such as a telethon or gala, writing grant applications, maintaining donor relations and reaching out to new donors.

This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. How many billions did the billionaires add this year? Hold your horses, Olly: Tech fails that ruined people's lives. Virtual Assistant You don't have to come into the office to help busy people with their smaller tasks anymore. The Occupational Outlook Handbook, linked to below, can educate you about the training, education and earning potential of hundreds of different jobs.

There are so many worthy causes in the world and not nearly enough people to serve at them: If interesting work and vitality are more important to you than income, volunteering may be the right and most rewarding option. You might be surprised by the range of companies with jobs for seniors.

For this program, AARP partnered with employers who want the experience and leadership of older Americans. The type of jobs you choose after retirement will likely be at least somewhat determined by your financial needs.

Do you know what your financial needs are? Twenty years from now? The NewRetirement retirement calculator is an easy to use but highly detailed resource that lets you create your own retirement plan and keep it updated. You can input different income and expense levels for various time periods. Create a detailed plan, try different scenarios and achieve a secure future!

Send this to a friend. Login Find Expert Advice. Should I Buy an Annuity? Do I Need a Financial Advisor? Is a Reverse Mortgage Right for Me? All calculators and more in one comprehensive system. Editorial Team June 14, Many people consider a phased retirement as a way to stay busy while they ease into retired life.

The NewRetirement Planner can help you understand if you should consider working in retirement. NewRetirement podcast on Work and Jobs over Average Retirement Income How Do You Compare? Most Popular Most Recent. Jobs for Seniors — How to Find Them. The subjects in demand are the core curriculum: Foreign language specialties are also seeing an uptick.

The appropriate tutor the firm has more than 3, on board connects to the student inside the secure online classroom. The student and tutor can chat using instant messaging, draw problems on an interactive whiteboard, share a file to review essays and papers, and browse resources on the web together. With individual accounts, sessions are saved so that students and parents can review them at any time. Course levels range from elementary school through 12th grade and the first year of college, but tutors also can help adults returning to school or searching for a job.

For general information about tutoring, visit the American Tutoring Association or National Tutoring Association websites. Or you might opt to tutor on your own. You'll probably forgo the bells and whistles of the interactive whiteboard, but you can easily set up chat sessions and send files back and forth with your students. And you can develop an ongoing relationship that provides steady work. Teacher certification is preferred but not required.

Professional experience opens doors. That means whizzes at chemistry, algebra and physics need apply. In general, with a tutoring company, you take an online exam in the subject you wish to teach. If you pass, you will be given a mock session with an online tutor. Then you must pass a third-party background check and final exam. More than one subject is encouraged. Your computer must have high-speed internet access and be able to run the classroom software provided. You don't have to be a professional scribe to find work in this arena.

You do need a clear grasp of sentence and paragraph construction, spelling, grammar and punctuation. If you have expertise in a particular field or genre, that's all the better for opening doors. For more general writing gigs, you might reach out to local associations and organizations, community newsletters and other regional publications. Ask if they need an extra hand on an assignment basis for online and print articles, brochures and press releases.

Freelance writers and editors typically set their own schedules based on deadlines. Pay for writers and editors varies widely, depending on type of writing, location and experience.

Few jobs are billed by the hour, though, and instead freelancers are often paid by project, word count or even number of visitors to an online article. No formal training is required. For newsier publications, a grasp of the Associated Press Stylebook or the Chicago Manual of Style might be necessary.

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Brian Smith Jackie Booley is a work-at-home customer service agent for a call center service in Florida.

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Work-from-home “jobs” for boomers, seniors and retirees include full-time or part-time jobs, freelance and consulting jobs, and temporary or seasonal work. According to data analyzed by the home-based job search service FlexJobs, th e top 10 work from home jobs are as follows. Work-at-Home Employment Opportunities for Retirees. Can you recommend some popular work at home jobs for retirees? I'm interested in earning a little extra cash, but would also like to stay at. Are you a retiree who still wants or needs to work? Have you considered working from home? Is your search for a work-at-home job becoming more frustrating by the hour?