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5 Jobs That Let You Put Your English Major to Use

So what would you do? Social Media Evaluator Lionbridge Technologies reviews. Customer Service Representative salaries in Remote Learn more about working at Telelanguage Telelanguage questions about work, benefits, interviews and hiring process: The work we did was a little repetitive, so it could be hard to come up with dozens of fresh ideas for the same topic day in and day out. How do you get a content marketer gig? These positions are mainly part-time and are used as a source of supplementary income for graduate students. These can be branding agencies, graphic design agencies, viral marketing agencies, or PR firms.

Work from home and assist millions of LEP (Limited English Proficiency) needing language service across the glob. Easily apply. Be the first to see new English jobs in Remote. My email: Also get an email with jobs recommended just for me. Company with English jobs. PRA Health Sciences.

Pre-Professional Undergraduate Programs

Plus, governments and universities are typically slow moving and have little expertise in social media. So take advantage of this opportunity. Brand strategists typically work in marketing agencies, helping to guide big brands forward in their markets. The job involves overseeing the promotion and development of different brand products. This is a fun, creative role and involves strategic thinking and marketing talent.

You need to have an understanding of marketing to be a brand manager. However, many English Majors have found jobs working for big brands. Governments require in-house writers and communication specialists to do things like write press releases, develop key messaging, and write speeches for government officials.

I know one writer, a published author, who works as a Communications Officer. He has a BA in English and seems to earn a comfortable middle-class wage.

Look for temporary positions in your local government as these are a great way to start moving up in the government. Great pay and government connections—what more could you want? Yes, English majors can be editors. If helping to create a best-selling book appeals to you then editing might be a good choice. There is also a lot of editing work in education. Luckily, in editing, university degrees are required.

It covers all you need to know about getting that first editing job. This is an easy fit for English majors. Want to break into freelance editing? You, sir, are in luck. English majors can work in publishing. In fact, creativity, and attention to detail are highly desired skills in publishing and English majors find work in this industry every year. Getting your foot in the door? There are about a zillion articles online about breaking into publishing.

Non-profits require communication specialists and many English majors build careers working for non-profits. And yes, you will be paid. Positions vary by the size of the organization. For example, large non-profits like the American Cancer Society or World Wildlife Federation are basically giant corporations with million-dollar operating budgets.

There are different roles and divisions within them. Smaller non-profits require communication help with press strategies, fundraising, donor retention, and enlisting the help of volunteers. This is because most non-profits are under-funded and under-staffed, making them easy places to get your first resume item. Grants and proposals are an essential part of winning new business and keeping money flowing through the door for most companies and non-profits.

Humanities BAs, MAs, and PhDs in English have strong research skills, an aptitude for analysis, and the stomach for digging through dense content, making grant and proposal writing an easy fit.

While vast sums of money are usually at stake, most positions prefer some experience. However, graduate students in English have usually written and won grants during the course of their degree and so you should leverage this. Also, smaller non-profits will gladly let you write a grant or two for them, which can help land larger jobs. Even if you do not remain in this job for your entire career, the ability to win new business and money is always a valuable and highly employable skill.

As the manager or director of corporate communications, your job would be to oversee teams that write newsletters, email campaigns, reports, press releases, articles, web content, and other communication pieces. And to break in? Start with an internship or entry-level job in a communications department.

This can be a great job for an English PhD, although advanced degrees are not necessary. Most successful companies have some sort of in-house marketing department. These jobs are pretty cushy, I hear. Tasks include writing press releases, coming up with ideas to get the company press coverage, writing brochures and whitepapers, planning and executing ideas to generate leads and sales, working on product launches, and other marketing-related tasks.

Look for temporary positions to start. Or start in an administrative role and then apply internally. Humanities majors find jobs in advertising every year. Creative advertising involves writing second commercial scripts, taglines, copy for print ads, coming up with ideas for product launches, and other creative ways to market products. All that matters in this industry is the ability to come up with strong ideas.

How to get your first job in advertising? And be ready to show an agency some cool ideas. Not planning birthday parties for the drunken wives of the Beverly Hills, but working on high-profile events such as product launches or political campaigns.

This job requires communication, social intelligence, attention to detail, and strong creative abilities. Event planning is big business and always requires smart, new talent.

To break into this industry? You will have to work from the ground-up. Actually, I have no idea. But send some emails to prominent companies and find out.

Industries like this typically hire more on personality than the subject you studied in school. So if it sounds like fun to you, then go for it. If you are an English major, then you probably deep down want to be a writer. Many English majors end up writing Hollywood scripts, working in broadcast, or working at radio stations. Be a good writer and have great writing samples. If you write 15 minutes a day, you are going to become a good writer. Boutique agencies are small companies that typically do world-class work for big brands.

They often have a specialist product. These can be branding agencies, graphic design agencies, viral marketing agencies, or PR firms. They are creative places with bright people working there. Thunderdog, for example, is a L. They also sell their own limited edition books and toys. LaunchRock is a small marketing agency that helps tech start-ups with their pre-launch hype. Boutique agencies are cool. They hire for skill—not for the degree you have. So while your English degree can help you get the job, these places are more looking for creativity, technical skill in the area they work in, and the right attitude to fit their unique culture.

To get a job at a boutique agency, simply write an email and sell yourself to the boss. Make sure you research their agency, though. And make sure that you have the skills that they are looking for. Universities do not properly educate their grads about how to land that job outside of academy with a humanities degree.

Over the course of 18 weeks Days , the ebook takes you through the necessary lessons, shows you what to avoid, and teaches you how to turn your humanities degree into a profitable skill-set.

Six years ago, I left a PhD scholarship in the humanities and found myself mowing lawns. This blog recorded each step as I went from being overeducated and underemployed to finding a career I love. Publishing and education are good ways to make supplementary income by working for literary magazines or book publishers and teaching writing.

Most creative writers get their start by publishing in periodicals; by doing so, one can build a reputation that can make one more marketable to book publishers and agents. When submitting full-length manuscripts for publication, it helps to submit by various means such as sending out the book oneself, through a literary agent, and to first time author contests.

A few universities, such as University of Wisconsin at Madison, offer postgraduate fellowships that give authors time to write, publicity, and teaching experience. Some authors make a substantial income by applying for artist grants through independent, local, state, and national agencies.

Copywriting is essentially a type of advertising that promotes a person, product, business, or idea. As a copywriter, one creates headlines, direct mail, slogans, commercial scripts, and press releases. Many writers work as freelancers, but companies also hire writers for fulltime positions. Those who are interested in jobs in technical writing should be well-rounded students with strong research skills who have an ability to communicate and write clearly, and who may be a double major in a specialized field such as Sustainability Studies, Criminal Justice, or the natural sciences.

Like in creative writing, technical writers may consider teaching and publishing. In the field of science writing, one can either be a science journalist or a science public information officer.

Journalists and public information officers often work with one another; the public information officers sometimes analyze and provide research for journalists. There are many graduate programs that train writers specifically in specialized fields, but some writers start out as regular journalists and crossover into an area of specialization. English majors are well-rounded and well versed in the art of research and analysis, so many students go on to pursue careers in information.

Getting work experience during undergraduate studies makes students more marketable to future employers and graduate MLS programs. MLS graduates go on to work in museums, galleries, public libraries, college libraries, school libraries, web databases, and for publishing companies.

Many universities, companies, and independent organizations hire former English students as researchers. An assistant usually works under a fulltime faculty member. These positions are mainly part-time and are used as a source of supplementary income for graduate students. While these positions are not long-term careers, they help fund education and projects of both graduates and postgraduates.

Jobs in media are often comparable to jobs in writing and publication, as various forms of media have to be written, edited, and produced.

Some English majors prefer to explore careers that are untraditionally associated with English studies, but they certainly utilize their training in communication, research, and editing. This field, for the most part, requires substantial knowledge in computer software, programming language, and design. Creative writers and creative thinkers are suited for this industry, as careers in the industry involve writing, editing, and both print and online design. Marketers and advertisers can work directly for employers like advertising agencies, marketing firms, television networks, publishers, and software designers, creating print, online, radio and television ads; promotional brochures, and other kinds of marketing materials.

People who work in public relations can either work for various organizations or companies such as hospitals and schools, as well as firms that take on many clients and companies looking to improve their image and marketability. There are many different jobs in the industry, some of them are well suited to English majors. Since writers are able to organize and develop ideas, film editing and directing are possibilities.

English majors are able to communicate and speak well, so a job as a television presenter may also be possible.

Television presenters present information and opinions, introduce people and elements of the show, and interview guests. English students interested in career opportunities in government should consider taking courses in Political Science.

Careers in government are appealing because they often come with benefits such as pension plans, good salaries, and health plans. Like most jobs suited for English majors, it is important to be able to communicate well, research, and analyze.

Those who enter careers in the federal government usually come from experience at the state and local level. Pumpkin-decorating, giant cookies, caramel apples, and posing in Movember mustaches—just your average day at a San Francisco start-up. Where does a curriculum developer work? In my case, I worked in the head office of a conversational English school in Tokyo, but other curriculum developers might work at educational publishing companies.

What does a curriculum developer do? Research and consult with linguistics experts, write textbooks, podcast scripts, web content, at-home study guides, and a variety of other learning materials. Once a month, we would go to one of our schools to film our video podcasts. That was a lot of fun since it involved a hair and makeup artist, film and production crew, lots of bright lights, and the chance to meet different people.

I enjoyed the variety of projects that I worked on and the podcasts were definitely a highlight. And even though I was writing at work every day, I still had the creativity and energy to pursue freelance writing projects on the side. Some of the work could be a little tedious like writing quizzes or difficult like writing high-level business textbooks.

How do you get a curriculum developer gig? Since I had recently completed an MA in Translation and Professional Language Skills, some of the management thought I might be a good fit for their curriculum development department. They contacted me and invited me in for an interview.

For example, we often got requests from TV channels for native English speakers. Filming the video podcasts was one of my favorite aspects of my curriculum developer position. Where does a content marketer work? In my case, at AfterCollege! Content marketing is becoming more and more common, so content marketers work in a variety of industries and companies these days. In general, content marketers create things like blog posts, videos, podcasts, and e-books.

In my case, I manage the AfterCollege Blog for job-seekers and the Employer Blog for companies looking to improve their university recruiting efforts. I plan our editorial calendar, write and edit content, and oversee our social media presence with a lot of help from editorial assistant extraordinaire Kellen McKillop!

I research, write, and edit articles, coordinate with freelancers, and look at blog analytics to plan future content.

I love creating content to help college students and recent grads with the job search I get really excited about the idea that what I am putting my time and energy into is something that can help others. Worrying about whether enough people are reading our blog and trying to figure out how to get the word out there!

How do you get a content marketer gig? My former manager, Teresa asked applicants to write a sample blog post. She liked mine, so she asked me to do a phone interview, then invited me in for an in-person interview. One is to start your own blog. The second is to spend a lot of time following other companies and individuals.

English majors very often seek out careers in publishing, public relations, advertising, media, or teaching. Occupations to be considered are copywriter, columnist, commentator, critic, editor, production assistant, public relations representative, reporter, correspondent, technical writer . So for all those English majors out there (or anyone who dreams of writing on a daily basis), here’s a quick rundown of five writing jobs, what they involve, and how to get them. This is by no means a complete list; it just covers my personal experience with each of these positions. Work from Home (in any Lionbridge approved state). Be the first to see new jobs in Work at Home. My email: Also get an email with jobs recommended just for me. Company with Work at Home jobs. Landi English. Become an online English teacher for kids. We are looking for talented online ESL teachers. Jobs. Salaries (61).