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An Expat’s Guide to Finding Work in Thailand

Perhaps the high-end hotels might be worth a try too. Jul 06, at 1: I have a girlfriend who is from Koh Chang originally there and would like to settle in. Jan 28, at 2: Since this is one of the best sites for teaching jobs, you might as well create an account. Personally I would avoid unemployed women and those who are not financially independent.

All Work at Home jobs in Thailand on, the search engine for jobs in Thailand.

A Final Word on Working in Thailand

Potential for untold losses. Duration 5h Free cancellation. USD 40 per adult. Duration 11h Free cancellation. USD 25 per adult. Duration 2h Free cancellation. USD per traveler. Duration 2h 30m Free cancellation. Bangkok is a great city to visit, blessed with a very high level of safety compared to any other country in the world. Riding a tuk-tuk is more of an experience rather than a practical way to get around. We try to provide free information that is as up-to-date and accurate as possible.

However, if you are planning to travel it's a good idea to double check specific dates and information to avoid surprises. Most Booked Hotels Rating From. Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok 4. Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit 4. Grande Centre Point Hotel Terminal 21 4. Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn 4. Dusit Thani Bangkok 4. Amari Watergate Bangkok 4. Riva Surya Bangkok 4. Mercure Bangkok Siam 4. The Peninsula Bangkok 4. Hotel Industry The hotel industry is second only to teaching as a way for foreigners to live and work in Bangkok.

Scuba Diving Instructor For some people, wearing a shirt and tie is no longer an option. Start Your Own Whether it is an IT services company or a speciality bar and restaurant, there are plenty of opportunities to set up your own business in Bangkok. Best Hotels in Bangkok.

Tours You May Like. Top 5 Hotels in Chinatown. Enter your stay dates to see prices and availability. I don't know my dates. There are thousands of expats living and working in Thailand. Information on what they do is scarce though, because most are too busy to be writing about it online. But I bet my bottom dollar they fall into one of the categories listed above. Last Updated on August 24, Sep 13, at 5: Hello, My name is John. I am seriously interested in relocating to Thailand.

I am an experienced communications lineman and telecom teck.. I have OSHA 30 cert. Where can I search for job opportunities. Sep 13, at 4: Hello I desire to work in Thailand and wish to even take an internship in one of any enterprises in accounts.

Can i t be possible. Please I need your advice, which will be highly appreciated. Sep 09, at 3: Sep 10, at 4: An American friend got a paid internship at a Bangkok-based travel magazine. It seemed like kind of a shady deal to avoid getting her a work permit. When she started to voice her concerns about her being the one who would get blacklisted the mag let her go.

Make sure whatever you do is on the up and up. Sep 10, at I work as a life coach Guidance Counselor here in the Philippines and I am planning to work in Thailand. What are my chances to work in Thailand? Sep 04, at 9: That said, perhaps it might be something the middle-upper classes might go for.

You would need to set up a company though — which is a bit of a hassle. Sep 04, at 5: I have traveled to Thailand on many occasions and it would be absolutely ideal if there is a possibility of a real estate job either in Koh Samui or Koh Phangan or surrounds. I have over 14 years experience, run my own company and employ 4 sales agents as well as a rental agent.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Sep 03, at 6: Have a look into some of the bigger firms like CBRE. With your experience, there could be a good opening. Have the laws been recently changed regarding construction work in thailand, iv read bricklayers carpdnters etc can now work in the kingdom? Sep 02, at 7: One of these changes was as follows: So it seems that yes, foreign nationals can now be employed in these areas.

However, the pay would be so low I doubt it would be worthwhile for any Western foreign national to be employed in such a position. You can read the press release here: Sep 03, at I am a senior professor of Psychology and would like to work in Thai University.

What is my possibility to get a job as senior professor in Thai University? Sep 01, at 9: I am seeking jobs in this domain. Aug 31, at Hello I really would love to know whether experienced gym instructors or personal trainers can easily get a job in thailand.

Aug 29, at 8: To all those people who wonder why, it is because Thais are Nationalistic rather than Xenophobic. Get used to it. They have enough to deal with. Aug 28, at 5: Look at the Africans they let in, all they do is deal drugs. Sep 04, at 3: That was 2 years ago now i live in my country but still wishing to work and live in Thailand because it is easier also for my wife. Aug 23, at 3: Aug 21, at 5: There are thousands of people of colour working in Thailand.

There are people from Africa and other parts of Asia, all of varying skin tones. My son who is 21 wishes to work in the hospitality industry. He is experienced in all areas of bar and restaurant work. He is holidaying for a month over December and January and would like the know the likelihood of work then and in the future.

Aug 21, at Bar and restaurant work generally professions reserved for Thai nationals, and generally low paid local wages. It is quite a hassle for a bar or restaurant owner to employ a foreign national because they have to apply for a work permit for that person and justify the reason for employing a foreign national and not a Thai national. Hotels are a little different. There are Western nationals working in the hospitality industry in high level management positions, and I have seen Western restaurant managers in Bangkok, but it is unusual to see a Westerner working as a waiter or waitress or bartender in an average bar or restaurant — unless they own it or are a family member of the owner.

To be honest, if I was your son or just enjoy holidaying for a month and doing some travelling. If he wants to continue doing that at a later date, he should probably consider getting a TEFL certificate and teaching English in Thailand. Aug 21, at 4: Would it be hard for me to get work over there with in the rail industry?

Aug 12, at Aug 13, at 4: Why is it that entrepreneurs are not given long term visa,s. I am presently in South Africa and I am looking to emigrate with my wife who is a Montessori teacher and a qualified swimming instructor. I own four retail businesses at the moment and my speciality is business start ups. I have owned hotels and boarding houses , convenience stores , hair salons and now I finance small business in South Africa with a unique work to own concept which I developed and am now practicing he in South Africa but I would like to expand to Thailand.

Is it possible to get permanent residence as I do not want to invest in a country only to be told to pack and leave after a period. Aug 10, at 5: Thailand is VERY restrictive on immigration but it is possible.

The last time I looked you were required to have five years residency via other visas and you must demonstrate fluency in Thai.

They do wish to encourage investment though. There used to be an IB visa which was a renewable 1 year visa. They also have the Elite Visa which can give you a an extendable 1-year stay with validity of five, ten or twenty years. Since you have a working business model in place it may be worthwhile to talk to whatever trade representative is available at the local consulate or embassy.

Thailand is a business environment that functions on relationships and finding someone with a barrel full of skid grease would be of immense help. Aug 10, at Good Day — please help with advice as I am looking to get a transfer from my company to work in Bangkok and I work for a MNC heading up thier key account team and I own a condo in Bangkok — how do I get a 20 year visa? Is there such a visa and my friend is an electronics engineer , should he look for work in Bangkok?

How would we get retirement visas as we are currently 49 and own three properties in South Africa — please help on what we should do. What are my prospects for getting a teaching job in Thailand? Aug 08, at Very good, I would say.

See this post here: Aug 10, at 4: I am a personal support worker which means I look after the elderly. I have experience with people with disabilities. I live in Canada could I move there and work with the elderly. Aug 06, at Most elderly people are cared for by their families rich families hire a carer — always a Thai national , and those in hospitals and hospices are cared for by nurses, which is a profession reserved for Thai nationals under labour law — and is quite poorly paid anyway.

Aug 06, at 3: I have bachelor degree in Elementary education. Is there possibilty for me to teach in Thailand? Aug 04, at It might still help to have the TEFL though because it is specifically teaching English as a foreign language. You have good prospects for getting a job in an international school. Aug 04, at 5: I m a basketball coach. Aug 03, at 3: We are trying to find information about working in our profession in Thailand. Could someone please point us in the right direction?

Jul 28, at 5: Medicine seems to have been left off the prohibited list. Jul 29, at 5: By working in Thailand, do you get a local salary or expat salary? If local salary, life will be no different from the masses in Thailand and defeats the purpose of getting a job in Thailand in the first place. Jul 25, at You will get an expat salary. Even foreign teachers working in state schools are paid on average 3x more than their Thai counterparts.

Jul 25, at 4: I am a paraprofessional , I have experience working with kids in school ,is there a way I could find a job like that over there. Jul 13, at 5: No mention is made in this article of the fact that BY LAW in Thailand, there are many professions in which foreigners are not allowed to take employment. I certainly do not have to list them; a cursory internet search will reveal them as plain as daylight.

An absolutely ridiculous state of affairs. Could you imagine any first world country actually listing professions in which non-citizens of that country cannot take up employment? Jul 09, at 2: It has been discussed extensively in other comments, and is mentioned in other related posts on the site. In answer to your question: Jul 09, at 6: Have a look at http: My friend applied and got an IT support position via them. Jul 06, at 1: I have been working as a News Cameraman and editor for the past 16 years.

Are there any opportunities for someone with my experience to work in Thailand, either in News, video production, photography or even teaching media? Jul 05, at 6: Hi my name is ebeb.

Im in the Phillipines now. I have plan to work in thailand. I hope you can help me about the legal process. Jul 01, at 9: This post applies to teaching, but the rules for working in Thailand are the same. If you have any questions you can ask them in the comments section under that post. Jul 03, at 3: Jun 30, at 9: Jun 30, at 8: Jun 19, at 7: May 31, at 8: Hi everyone this gonna be my 2.

So i have money to start with someone a business and i have nearly 10 years experience of hospitality i am professional bartender cocktail mixer i am really up for anything what ever if somebody know anything please help thank you.

May 18, at My first piece of advice would be to keep that money in your bank account, and save it for a rainy day. You are young and in a brilliant position to move to Thailand for a while, do some travelling in Thailand and to surrounding countries, and enjoy yourself for a year or so. The last thing you want to do is put all your eggs in one basket by moving to one area straight away and setting up a business.

The large majority of businesses set up by foreign nationals in Thailand fail within the first year. It is very difficult to make a successful business, particularly if you are not familiar with how business is done in Thailand and the cultural elements surrounding living and working in Thailand. There are also plenty of people, both Thai and foreign nationals, who will be willing to take your offer of money to set up a business or invest in some kind of business or scheme.

Please take time out to read the many horror stories plastered all over the Internet, which should serve as some warning to you. My advice would be to save some money up to allow you to live for at least six months in Thailand without having to worry about working, live in a few places, travel around, learn the language, get to know the culture and the way of life and then after that six months start thinking about making some decisions, if you want to.

At that six-month point you might choose to start teaching to earn an income, or perhaps doing some work online somehow, if you have skills in that area that you can apply. There are other job opportunities too, so keep your ear to the ground.

Simply living in Thailand will throw up opportunities for you anyway, because you will meet other expats who are working and may have their own businesses.

I know it is exciting, I remember when I jumped ship from my home country and started a new life here. But what you should know that many people in your position end up returning home after a year or two with no money and feeling very bitter about the experience.

May 21, at 4: Wow your reply was helpful to me too. Jun 11, at Now i am live in Thailand with my family. Jun 22, at 5: I am a quality control specialist with over 10 years experience in the oil and gas industry. Looking for any work so I can live my dream in Thailand with my wonderful Thai lady. Will be making my second trip to Thailand soon July I know its a long shot but you never know until you try.

May 13, at 6: I have 2 years experience and can speak English,french,Arabic. May 05, at Living in Perth Australia doing courier work in and around the metro areas My plan is to marry my girlfriend who lives in Bangkok next year. Looking to start importation business from Bangkok and supply around the world and back to Australia. This will take some planning to set contacts etc I am 60 years old and have been learning Thai for one year and enjoying the experience very much, this will help me in my business and into the future.

May 01, at 1: How are your plans coming along for your business? Also your wedding plans — how are they going? Are you having much input? Jul 15, at So I will throw my situation out for public discussion. Recovering from a divorce. I had heard how beautiful Thai women are…true. But I am now corresponding responsibly and in a very gentlemanly manner with 4 wonderful Thai women.

Also, any specific additional concerns from anyone who has done this…gone down this path-road??? Apr 30, at 3: My only comment would be to go cautiously. You have just been through a divorce and the last thing you want is to land up in another bad situation.

Before getting into a committed relationship with a Thai woman you should spend time understanding the culture and how relationships function within that culture. Personally I would avoid unemployed women and those who are not financially independent.

Be careful of women who are simply seeking a man to provide for their family, as these situations are generally where the horror stories arise from. Date a woman for at least 2 years before living together or making a bigger commitment.

Apr 30, at 4: Well I am not argue you wrong …but.. Great chance you lose last money left for divorce.. Specialy when I see old men with young girl.. You bloody dam dambo to believe a young girl will love old men? She will love your money.. Bare this in mind! May 11, at 9: May 17, at 4: There is no much difference between women all over the globe: If those women are not educated, financially independent and sincere, then they are gold diggers, and you should be cautious.

S because of many reasons, among them is the fact that women in the U. S are just more independent and stronger, and are looking for a serious equal relationship. You should, however, ask yourself why you are attracted to women from overseas and not from your local town. The grass far away is not greener. If you are a victim of some kind you will attract to yourself bad women, no matter where you live.

May 28, at 3: Regardless their cultural heritage and Background the common denominator is the same….. Jun 27, at 1: I have ten year of experience in hospitality and some capital. Looking to invest in a hostel with a business partner. Or even a job to get me in the country and set up. Apr 23, at 9: Would love to do the same been here in London for the past 17years need a change have family in Asia with good contacts in both Bangkok and Singapore been to Thailand many times and still love it my background is Pub business.

Apr 25, at 3: I just returbed from Thailand and i cant wait to go back because my girlfriend. I am 26 years old,speaking english and german lenguage. Next to work i maybe can open some bar in Hua Hin or somewhere. If someone can help me will be great. Apr 21, at 6: Hi stefan are you going to open a bar? Apr 25, at 1: Looking for a change and want to relocate anywhere in Thailand. I am having 7 years of experience and multi tasking.

Good communication and strong leadership skills. I am having 2 years of work visa in Thailand and basically belong to India.

Please let me know ASAP if you find any good opportunity. Apr 21, at 3: Hi am Lyazid just landed in Thailand few months ago got married too, living near by hat yai too, looking for a job to settle here in hat yai if you can help I will be grateful,. May 17, at 3: Hello i am looking for job if anyone can help i would be appreciate i have been working in hospitality nearly 10 years my main part is to do cocktails and work as bartender i am able to run bar,bars as well. I can speak English Fluently.

To be fair i just came back from holidays Thailand is beautiful people are so friendly different environment really impressive.

So if somebody find me interesting would give me a go or just know any opportunity please let me know. Apr 14, at 4: They lead with the promise of a work visa. Apr 12, at 8: May 07, at 5: I was reading an article in the Bangkok Post the other day which I thought put the employment system in Thailand in pretty good illumination.

Apr 11, at 9: So that still comes in at under 10, per month even with the proposed Baht per day rate. In many instances that wage would be supporting a family of three or more, though in rural areas we have to take into account the fact that most people do not pay rent because they live in a family home without a mortgage. Not that this justifies this wage, but it is a saving for many. That said, there are no doubt a few million people in Bangkok who are earning under 10, baht and still paying Baht or more in rent per month.

And that is true, if you are a single person. But for a family this is really difficult, and it is a day-to-day existence without the prospect of being able to save money for your children or your own retirement. Apr 11, at 5: Apr 09, at Companies like Appsynth, Appsflyer, even Facebook have offices in Thailand — so you do some research on companies in this area who operate a Thai office you can send off your CV to them with a cover letter regarding any possible vacancies.

Apr 10, at 7: Apr 08, at 2: Generally this work is reserved for Thai nationals. The only foreign nationals you see in bars and restaurants tend to be owners, though in up scale businesses they may employ our foreign manager if the clientele requires that. As I have said before in reply to other comments on this subject, there is the potential of work in the high end chain hotels which operate throughout the world and throughout the Southeast Asian territories in countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong.

But the job openings will be quite rare and these are opportunities you probably have to go after and contact the big brands directly. Someone might be looking for a foreign manager to run their bar or restaurant for them. Apr 09, at 6: Would Thailand offer me a steady life. Apr 04, at 7: I want an help in Thailand for job and skill opportunity, i will be grateful for helping out.

Apr 02, at 8: You are not helpless and will find your opportunity in Nigeria. Apr 14, at Hi I have retired after having served as a police officer for 30 years at the rank of Inspector in the UK. Is there anything for me in Thailand? Apr 01, at Apr 03, at 5: Apr 13, at Since then I have specialized in public service reform using digital technology and have worked in risk and portfolio management for an australian government department.

I guess academic jobs are few and far between — but I wonder about setting a private school for teaching social sciences for those looking to gain entry to western unis.

Apr 01, at 6: I work as the lecturer of applied physics with PhD at the Uni in the UK with the expertise in material science and ultra high vacuum technology …. Is it good background to find some job there and what would you suggest as the first step. Thanks a lot and Happy Easter. Mar 30, at 5: There are opportunities to teach at universities.

I knew a Dr in Bangkok who did some further education at a University, and was then invited to be a lecturer in oncology.

However, I am not sure how common these opportunities are, and whether they are found more so through knowing the right people. The best place to start would be to research universities that offer bachelors, postgraduate and PhD courses in your subject of expertise, and then contact them to see if they employ foreign national teachers and whether they have any openings. In terms of being an electrician, this is a job that is protected for Thai nationals under the Thai labour law.

Mar 30, at 4: What would you recommend to me as a way to use my work experience to gain employment and residence in Thailand. Mar 29, at 8: There would be very few opportunities in the security field.

There are some private security companies who would look for specialist expertise, perhaps ex army officers or those with high level security training. You might do well to Google and research this area. The commercial security companies employ anyone who will do the job, as you will see from the security guards sitting outside apartment blocks and in shopping malls.

These jobs are very low paid and not open to foreign nationals. You would be better off to get that TEFL. Check out my guide to TEFL courses here: I am a graduate teacher of biology and geography, master degree entry. Can you give me any insight, or information, where I can find schools to teach?

Yes, I would focus on teaching, because it is my vocation, and my major is in education. I am a non-native English speaker from Europe. Mar 29, at 5: It depends where you want to live. Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Samui, even the far north and north-eastern provinces have opportunities; there are teachers teaching all over Thailand, both centrally and deep into the far corners of the country.

If you look on my job board you will often see agencies and companies advertising teaching jobs there: Good afternoon, I am Mexican and have over 5 years in hospitality experience, at the moment I work at sea but I would love to find a job in Thailand. My major is International Business and Trade in which I also have experience, although I would rather stay in the hospitality industry.

Do you have any advise? Mar 26, at 1: Hospitality is a difficult industry to get into and is generally is quiet low paid, even for Thai nationals. In fact, sometimes take jobs on cruise ships abroad because it pays more money. I know one woman whose daughter is working for an American cruise ship company and currently based in America, because you can earn so much more than you would in Thailand in the hospitality industry. And you have the added bonus of learning better English and gaining experience of working for a foreign company.

Send in your CV with a cover letter explaining your aspirations for a job and see what they come back with. It may be the case that they are looking for staff in other countries in the surrounding region such as Singapore or Hong Kong. Mar 26, at 4: I would love the opportunity to work in Thailand.

However not to sure what role would better suit my skill set as I happy to continue professionally as a pharmacist abroad or something else related.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Mar 24, at 3: Hi Bridget, I have never seen a foreign national working as pharmacist in Thailand, so I presume this is our position reserved for Thai nationals under Thai labour laws. Mar 26, at 5: I work in property and checked out the CBRE website, there are loads of jobs but only for Thai people… Perhaps this should be removed from the list?

Mar 23, at 9: Hi Gina, there are not that many positions for foreign nationals within this company, but they do come up occasionally. Many years ago I interviewed there myself, in Bangkok. A friend of mine also used to work for the Phuket branch.

With this type of company you have to be proactive. There may not be an opening available at the moment, but if you approach the company and give them your CV and a cover letter, they will put you on file and consider you for future openings. When I was first interested in working for this company, my friend gave the details of the branch manager in Koh Samui and I phoned her up and she invited me to come in for a chat about possible future position.

There was no job available at the time, but making the contact with her and a good impression left me in good stead for any position that might come up in the future. I eventually moved to Bangkok, and sometime after was contacted by the company to go in and interview in their Bangkok branch — because I had met with the branch manager in Koh Samui and she had recommended me. But the point is that I opened the door and went along out of courtesy and interest to see what might be available for me.

These big companies are always looking for really good people, despite whether they have a job opening not. They have numerous new projects every year, and this means that new positions, and need to be filled. Our success is built… on constant innovation and people who strive for excellence. Working at Henkel is much more than just a job. Customer Development Manager Vet Channel. Medical Key Account Manager. Summary The Incumbent will… people innovative solutions for healthier lives and happier homes , through our brands like Nurofen, Strepsils, Mucinex, Dettol….

Colgate sells its products in over … Initiative skill Are you interested in working for Colgate-Palmolive? Nokia Global Services… within account. Provides technical leadership for staff and work teams or task forces, particularly on emerging areas within specialised…. Share… -starter and be able to work independently and follow direction with proven skill in organization, work planning, attention to….

Legal and Compliance Manager. Allianz Worldwide Partners — Bangkok. Demonstrated ability to work under pressure including the ability to achieve outcomes, prioritise work , meet…. Regional, East Asia Working Details: Permanent role, from 9 to 6pm, Monday…. Destination Manager India based. Ongoing collaboration and market knowledge sharing with the home office in Berlin Your profile: Grow with a large degree of freedom.

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Find freelance Thai work on Upwork. 39 Thai online jobs are available. Skip to main content. Upwork Close navigation. Submit search Switch search source to be further discussed. Must be based in Thailand, Bangkok please ask any questions to clarify about the project. price is 15USD/ words for text to translate, compilation fee separate. 12 Lucrative Jobs for Foreigners Seeking Work in Thailand. You can even do research on home turf before you make your final move. particularly on islands like Samui and Phuket and in downtown Bangkok. These jobs are usually handed to relocating friends/ family of the owner, but if you've got good experience then it's worth going in and. Still, if you are thinking of relocating to Thailand or just curious to know what kinds of jobs are available to foreigners, here is the most popular ways to escape your humdrum life back home and come to .