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ZeroChaos Ads Quality Rater Work from Home

Anyone still having trouble getting hours? I went to GlassDoor and saw soooo many ads raters complaining about the same thing. Exposure to Risk Learn More Your workers are getting misclassified, there's no centralized control, plus business and regulatory compliance is iffy at best. Zerochaos is definitely a Real Company. If it helps, I know I sent a cover letter and resume to tempjobs zerochaos. Apart from that, it looks like the job is pretty simple and that they pay on time.

Careers at ZeroChaos. Join Us. Many of our colleagues work virtually, as well, either from home offices or offices inside some of the best-known companies in the world. Start Your Search. Take a look at our current openings around the globe. Join a team of amazing, smart people and put your skills to work.

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I barely work on them now and I mostly rate in french which is faster for me as it is my first language. Have you already started rating? Yes, you can work any time and have different hours each week. You can log in multiple times a day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I applied to an open position listed on Monster. Do I try to apply through a different site like Careerbuilder?

I do not know what to do or how long to wait. I applied about a year ago through email and never heard back, but shortly after got hired by Lionbridge. Needless to say, I forgot about ZeroChaos until I saw job postings. I gave up Lionbridge a few months ago, but really trying to get in with Zerochaos this time around. Any help would be awesome! Hoping to find someone who knows if applying twice through different methods will hinder me; if so, how long do I wait to apply through a different site?

I do not understand the onboarding process at Zerochaos. After gather all my info and an offer letter signed and my start day is confirmed they dropped the offer with very unclear explanation. It is my second assignment, no change in my background, references is good what is the problem? I applied at appx 10pm one night I was written back at 3: Your resume has been reviewed and approved in response to your application for the ZeroChaos at Google Ads Quality Rater temporary position.

Zerochaos is definitely a Real Company. I have been trying for years to get on a Ad quality rater or Search Eval. But Best of Luck to you!! I know that a few people mentioned that they were fired on a moments notice without notification or cause but unfortunately that is the nature of being an AT WILL employee. Your employment can last up to a year but like most jobs it is not guaranteed.

I would still encourage people to apply and see if it works for them! From what I read when I was hired as I am newly hired, it did state that your employment will be terminated if your quality of work declines, just a note. I gave up for a while until I came across their Ads for Quality Rater position that were posted recently on CareerBuilder.

I applied and for the first time heard back very quickly! I just started this month and I am kinda nerves after all those comments. Are you guess ad quality rater for an specific language other than english? It was a long process to get hired. I am excited about starting on Monday and I hope it will be a great experience.

I an thankful to Anna for all of the great information she provides on work from home jobs! Kenya — how long after completing enrollment documents did you get your start date? I just finished everything, including the I9, and was curious how long I will have to wait. Hi Kenya , I saw your comment and was wondering if you still work for Zerochaos? I received positive feedback during my training. Is this something that happens before they terminate you? Look at ZeroChaos Introduction email the have include phone number for technical support.

Same experience on the 13th…. A whole lot of that seems to be going on. I went to GlassDoor and saw soooo many ads raters complaining about the same thing. They are extremely unresponsive, and although the pay is great, the amount of insecurity, lack of support or correspondence is not worth it.

It is frustrating and unbelievable how they conduct a business. And then to not give a rhyme or reason makes no sense. Frustrated and irate to say the very least.

For a part-time, home-based that has periods where there is no paid work to do and that has paid assignments that can end at any time ZeroChaos expects Google Ads Quality Raters to submit quite a bit of personal information before the rater even has a clue if the job is going to work out for them. Unlike Leapforce or Appen Butler Hill, ZeroChaos does not ask raters to take a test to make sure they will be able to handle the job or if they have the skills to do the job.

They jump right in with the application process. I recently received an email letting me know that I was being considered for the position of Google Ads Quality Rater position. For someone seeking a home-based job this sounds great. A week later I received a second email asking me to confirm that I was still interested in the job. I answered in the affirmative, filled out the form and sent it back. I was then sent an electronic application form to fill out. This also took quite a bit of time.

At one point I noticed that a couple of the documents I had filled out and signed had not been electronically received by their system I sent an email asking for help. Never got a response, but the forms did finally go through. I was then sent a form that I could take to the notary.

After calling several different places I finally found a notary who was willing to verify me. I came home and first checked my email to see if ZeroChaos had any more instructions or if they had communicated with me about anything else.

I explained what I was trying to do and my reference said that she would respond to their questions as soon as she had the time. I responded to the ZeroChaos reference email saying that I would do my best to get in touch with a couple of professional references and ask that they contact ZeroChaos as soon as possible.

I then scanned, attached and emailed the notarized eligibility and verification form to the specialist. By this point I have had enough. Am I applying for a part-time home-based job that may or may not pay every week or that may or may not last a year or am I applying to be work as a Secret Service Agent? Applying for outside-the-home brick-and-mortar jobs is not this difficult.

I immediately responded to that request saying that I was withdrawing my application for the Google Ads Quality Rater position, explained why and asked them to please delete my application information. I had given them all of my most private pertinent information not knowing for certain what exactly the job involved and whether or not I was going to be able to keep the job for even a week. That is a LOT of hoops to jump through. I had no clue the application process was quite that involved.

Thank you Anna to bring it on. I had same feelings when after apply to ZeroChaos in November , I was running back and force to provide and confirm and confirm what I had provided in in April ! Other red flag for me was: Other suspicions fact, ZeroChaos do not want hire you after second term. Even get approved to second term is almost impossible. From our side it looks logical that then longer your work then more experienced you are.

So your professional performance would benefit the company more effectively. But it seems not the case for ZeroChaos. Thank you so much for your review. On to the next one…. ZeroChaos is a legitimate home-based opportunity, if you can deal with the way they do things.

There are people who love working for them and, according to other reviews; there are people who feel otherwise. If it works out for other people then I congratulate them and I hope they get what they need out of it. It might be an especially good opportunity for those who have worked for Appen Butler Hill, Leapforce, etc. I just found the whole thing frustrating and invasive. I felt like I doing a lot of leg work and handing over every nugget of personal information without really knowing what I was getting into.

Any reputable employer requires background checks and references. Is it safe to give your SSN no. It seems like a good job too. I applied through their ad that was on google. It said you had to email your resume as an attachment. I havent received any type of response. Just playing the waiting game. When they say college degree what do they mean exactly? Do they mean like you graduated from a 4 year university?

If you completed a one year course at a business collge does that count? I re-apply 3 weeks after working for them for 1 year. How was the second experience? Did they ask for all the info notarized documents, etc as well? How long did they take to get back to you after re-applying?

Obviously it was a great experience. Payment always on-time, the job itself was not very difficult, and they were very professional -both ZeroChaos and the Google staff-. I want to be back at ZeroChaos!

Do they usually accept you back after the 3 month break? I also worked for ZeroChaos for my one year term, waited my three months and reapplied. I got a response stating that the process is more vigorous for the second term and that it could take up to a year to be reinstated at the job.

My initial contact was a phone call, that lasted approximately 20 minutes. Everyone is very professional yet personable too. I loved this job also. I am still anticipating my call back for ZeroChaos. They also do provide retirement after a certain amount of time with them, not sure how long though.

You can opt in or out of this retirement plan. All I was told was to check the job boards like Career Builder. Looking at the earlier posts, looks like they want the resume attached as a text possibly in an email.

Do you know if that is still the case and if so, who would I send the resume to? I sent the email from the job posting and it bounced back as undeliverable. I sent it to temporaryjobs google. Did I read something wrong? Thanks in advance for any help! I was thrilled when I was initially hired by the company that was then known as Workforce Logic in I served out my entire first year, went well, reviews were always positive, things were great.

In July of this year, I was informed that I was up for a second term if I wanted. Around a week ago, they sent out an e-mail about task shortages. By this time, I had been working for them for 5 or 6 weeks. A day or so ago, I log on and see that I have been fired. I started last August and then got a notice in February that I had to submit my work within 24 hours with assignment being over. Short notice really stunk. There were periods of task shortage with my project too. The initial paperwork after being accepted for the job was a bear — many forms.

They are wanting people to just email it to them. Looks like they may not want it attached as a file. I applied in mid-July and got a prompt response with further instructions. I completed all of the requested information. The work is fairly easy, as the instructions of what should be done is given to you for each task.

I like that I can log in when it is convenient for me and I do enjoy rating the tasks. Genese, You may be one of the ones I be in deliberation with, since we started a week after each other.. I absolutely love it also. Very easy work, very easy money. Well I applied on July 2nd. It also stated that I will be added on a wait list for the next available opening which would be in the next two months but no later than the end of September. I started working for them on Aug 4, after applying on July 2, I was really blessed that it moved so quickly for me.

I have heard that it can take anywhere from months to hear from or actually start working for this company. It actually took roughly two months before I received notification that my resume was received, accepted, and I was placed on a waiting list. Two more months later, they contacted me again and the hiring process continued. I have a B. Otherwise it makes no sense why those who are qualified never hear anything back. The first few sentences of the job description on this page tell you exactly where to send your resume — https: Hi, I will like to find out if you know of any company that will hire pople to work from the country Serbia it is one of my friends he speaks flunent english and write english.

I got a thank you for applying return email but have heard nothing further. I so hope that I hear back from them. This sounds like an unbelievably good opportunity. If I do not hear from them does anyone have any suggestions as to how soon I should reapply?

I have worked for other rating companies and this feels wayyyyyyy better. I am more relaxed and focused. The instructions are simple to follow. The weekly pay and the fact that you are an employee is the icing to the cake. The only con is that it is a very difficult position to get. I applied over an over again for more than a year before I was considered.

Another downside is it ends after a year but you have the option to re-apply after 90 days. I have applied x and absolutely cannot get a response from them. I meet all the requirements and follow the application instructions exactly and still nothing. I happen to have one too. As soon as i found out about them, I applied and received a response a few days later.

Does anyone know if they use the same process and software? I was with Appen Hill and hated it. The software was horrible and always crashed. I was able to apply through the email provided on the google page that pulls up. I currently work for Lionbridge, would this be a conflict with them or no?

But I think they have a way. I do think that if you stopped working for Lionbridge you could work for them, but not work both at the same time. Direct deposit straight into your bank account promptly on Fri mornings. Nice pay stubs that you can print out for your records. I currently work for this company and absolutely love it!! Unfortunately my contact ends in July and I have to wait 90 days to reapply but definitely will! I liked reviewing websites and giving feedback. The work hours were flexible and though it was not well paid, I had wished to continue the assignments.

The worst part of the job was seeing the contact end. Terrible management and organization. Management was difficult to work with as there was little communication flowing from the executives down to the analyst. Analyst were blamed for everything that went wrong even if they had no direct involvement or, in my case, acted on the instruction of my manager.

Terrible place to work. Log in from home computer. Start rating some times thousands of advertisements per day. If you need to take a break, you must log off. Then continue for work. Extremely boring and repetitive tasks. No physical activity while working. Fun place to work. Hour lunch break, good pay, opportunity to volunteer. Outbound sales and training new agents to develop their skills in the customer service arena, selling cox products at retail stores, interacting with people all day and having fun!

This company is constantly showing growth. Great company to work for. Its ever evolving to get itself at the forefront of Technology and industry excellence. Comparatively relaxed family environment. Enterprise business with small business culture and feel. Growing pains from doubling its size more than twice within a relatively short period of time. Spent 9 years as an employee but was laid off due to the loss of the IBM account.

Great management, great people. Highly recommend working there if you can,. Nice job but program ended early. I was enjoying working for ZeroChaos, but then without any notice I received an email saying they would be ending their contract with google. After reviewing the ad you will have to provide feedback to Google. All in all, you will have to examine different ads, scanning texts for errors, analyzing images, web pages, and so on.

All you will need is a fast computer and secure, top-speed, and private Internet connection. If you are curious about what this position is all about, you can apply by submitting your resume and cover letter.

Take into account a few questions you need to answer in your cover letter along with the resume:. If they accept your resume, they will send you a test. If you pass it, you will be offered the job. Note that the ads quality rater position is temporary.

If you get approved, you will be offered a contract agreement for 12 months. For that period your work performance will be monitored constantly, and if they are not satisfied, they can end the contract any time they want without a notice.

This means this is not a worldwide job opportunity. If your application is approved, you will start working for ZeroChaos as an employee. There is a chance that you be provided with some benefits after you prove yourself a reliable hard worker in a course of several months. ZeroChaos is known a legit company that pays on time.

This could be real fun for those who enjoy such kind of work.

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ZeroChaos occasionally advertises for work from home ads quality raters. This particular position used to be through Workforce Logic, so you might already be familiar with it. Anyway, a job like this is a great option for many people who want to work at home because it's completely non-phone, flexible work. ZeroChaos is a global provider of workforce management solutions that help organizations achieve greater management and financial control of their workforce and talent supply chains. ZeroChaos' award-winning solutions, including its vendor-neutral Managed Services Program, enable procurement and human resources to improve . Jan 10,  · This thread is going to be the number one source for all things ZeroChaos rating, for up to date information, tips, hints etc.. If you have any questions, concerns or insights discuss them here, blessings!