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Work From Home Ads Quality Rating for ZeroChaos

Thanks for sharing your experiences with me and thank you for your guidance in regards to the form. A typical workday would include putting out large volumes of work making sure account information is correct. Your workers are getting misclassified, there's no centralized control, plus business and regulatory compliance is iffy at best. I am amazed at the changes that recent applicants have offered. I just found the whole thing frustrating and invasive. Most people seem to really like it but are kind of bummed about the maximum month work requirement. Low level management is a tight knit group that works very well together.

Careers at ZeroChaos. Join Us. Many of our colleagues work virtually, as well, either from home offices or offices inside some of the best-known companies in the world. Start Your Search. Take a look at our current openings around the globe. Join a team of amazing, smart people and put your skills to work.

536 Employee Reviews

I was enjoying working for ZeroChaos, but then without any notice I received an email saying they would be ending their contract with google. It was sad but I enjoyed my time working for them. Good gig for extra money if you stay at home.. You can get dropped for any time without any good explanation. Could be you didn't complete enough tasks or work enough hours one week or perhaps they don't think you are completing the tasks appropriately.

You have to wait for at least a couple of months to reapply if you are dropped from a project. Would've loved to work the entire contract. Was ok analyzing web results and pages. Logged in, looked at searches and deducted whether or not the results matches the inquiry. It was a super easy job for a few hours a day. A little boring, but hey, it's a work at home job. The pay was great, weekly and deposited right into my account. If I had any issues with payments, reaching a rep was easy.

I worked whenever I felt like it so long as I had the minimum amount of hours by the end of the week. Contract ended almost 6 months before it was scheduled, so I was out of a job way before I was expecting it. Bummer, but what can you do. Job was great and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Every man for themselves. Zerochaos is a very successful company. There are an array of positions available. The turn over rate is high in some departments. If you like to be to yourself and not communicate with your co-workers then this is a good place to work as this is not a team-oriented company.

I noticed that it is every man for themselves in which makes the overall morale rather uncomfortable. Work from home what more can you ask. This was a great position I could work when every I wanted.

There are no scheduled hours but you have to work at least 10 hours a week. I was able to raise my daughter and work at the same time. A regular day was 8 or so hours working with a fun team and a driven company with big ideas.

I learned the culture of international corporate affairs. Low level management is a tight knit group that works very well together. Most of the upper management staff is encouraging and fair. There are just a few managers that are very selfish and not supportive. The workplace is beautiful, accommodating and inclusive. The hardest part of the job is the campaign culture. In order to be successful you have to do a lot of campaigning in addition to putting in hard work.

Not all managers work to grow their direct reports. The most enjoyable part of the job was the facility and the team members. They really make it easy to want to work there. Great place to work. It was contract work and they were very professional. They actually found me. So their recruitment department does their job.

I really enjoyed working for them. The salary was great getting through to someone was fast. I truly enjoyed working for this company and can only say good things about my time spent as a contractor. Unfortunately, I was laid off but would welcome the opportunity to work for this company again in any capacity. Excellent Company to work for. As international Rater I have been treated with respect and great follow up. Service department gets better even when times goes by.

When you do your best and can work focused and efficient; they appreciate your work and will likely keep you longer than your normal contract time. The pay is average. Not a good company. Company sucks not a good place to work for. Have to chase sown client's and bug them while they are shopping will never work here again.

Sold cox items but did not get discount ion products. People at zero chaos were fun to work with. If you didn't know aomething they would help you with it. Everyone help each other with out criticism. If you get approved, you will be offered a contract agreement for 12 months. For that period your work performance will be monitored constantly, and if they are not satisfied, they can end the contract any time they want without a notice.

This means this is not a worldwide job opportunity. If your application is approved, you will start working for ZeroChaos as an employee. There is a chance that you be provided with some benefits after you prove yourself a reliable hard worker in a course of several months. ZeroChaos is known a legit company that pays on time.

This could be real fun for those who enjoy such kind of work. You also can gain some positive experience in a dynamic and modern environment. If you are interested, apply by going to the careers page and submit your resume. Note that ZeroChaos also announces vacant positions on Indeed , Careerbuilder , and Craigslist so you might want to check there as well.

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ZeroChaos is a global provider of workforce management solutions that help organizations achieve greater management and financial control of their workforce and talent supply chains. ZeroChaos' award-winning solutions, including its vendor-neutral Managed Services Program, enable procurement and human resources to improve . ZeroChaos occasionally advertises for work from home ads quality raters. This particular position used to be through Workforce Logic, so you might already be familiar with it. Anyway, a job like this is a great option for many people who want to work at home because it's completely non-phone, flexible work. reviews from ZeroChaos employees about ZeroChaos culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. It was a super easy job for a few hours a day. A little boring, but hey, it's a work at home job. The pay was great, weekly and deposited right into my account. If I had any issues with payments, /5().